Registrar's report :  14 Members  present, Marilyn Whiteside and 6 guest speakers

     Wayne   Rotary District events  Mar. 7 and Mar. 26, 2014

  Sergeant-At-Arms:  Don
     Clarence -  Great trip to Whistler with Family
      Pam  - no twins yet for her daughter - expected Apr. 1st
      Marilyn  - glad to be joining us
      Harry  had to go to Saskatoon 
     Jeanette - Was to NYC  ( again!!)  and has two boys from Peru with her
    Chas  had a short family visit to Florida
    Roger  - a good trip to San Diego   and recited how the government stimulus  works  ???
     Many members very enthused with Canada at the Olympics

Program :  Drew  introduced some of the recipients of our Community Service  Donations:

    1.  Lisa Heuving-  Grimsby Life Centre  -  Their workload is expanding to over 250 cases per year. 

    2. Sara Belanger  F.O.R.T.  - Their programs  ( and needs )  continue to expand  to over 500 students and 6,000 visits per year
 They have added a Smithville centre and are expanding into Caister Centre.

   3.  Chris O'Hoski - Grimsby Art Gallery  - They have added Art in the Schools and have over 2500 pieces of art in the Gallery

   4. Gail Polsky  & Bev. Reimer - Community Care of West Niagara  - Their needs continue

   5.  Werner Unger - Special Olympics - They have some 60 athletes in bowling, curling, Snow shoes, Soccer and athletics and they compete locally, provincially and nationally.

  6 Amanda Black  - McNally House Hospice   They are funded provincially for 60 % of the     $ 500,000 annual budget and the rest is donations

    *  All these folks  are very enthusiastic about their organizations  and  are very appreciative of our support.  They all could use extra volunteers as well. 

    *   Theses are great choices for our Club to support.    Thanks Drew for your selections as  Community Service Director.

Future Programs
   Feb. 27- Pam Haire  Classification Talk, Board meeting to follow               
Coming events :   
   May 1-  Paul Harris Fellowship Awards Night please book your seat via our Club site.