There was no regular meeting as the Rotary Club attended the First Annual Pasta Dinner put on by the Board of Directors of West Niagara Second Stage Housing.
Thirteen members and 4 spouses attended the Second Stage Housing Pasta Dinner.
Two Students, Alexa Bousfield and Natalia Piasek, from Blessed Trinity Secondary School also attended . They are working on a school project related to Not-For-Profit organizations and selected Rotary for their paper. Alexa and Natalia had a lively discussion with a number of Rotarians about why they became a member of Rotary.
The annual charity Pumpkin sale held in partnership with Coles Florist and Garden Centre raised $5,000. for the Canadian Cancer Society. The cheque was presented to Joyce Harrison of the Canadian Cancer Society on December 4th by Dave and Harry Devries with Jim Howden representing Rotary.
The Rotary Christmas Dinner with spouses is December 11th at the Casablanca Inn. Please ensure that you let Jim M know if you are attending.