Jim Howden recorded the December 18,2014 meeting
President Bob opened the meeting.
Registrars Report:
Rotarian Jeanette reported that 18 Rotarians present plus 2 quests, Jon Ogryzlo and Helen Armstrong from Niagara College.
Happy Bucks was handled by Rotarian Don.
Drew - happy to be back from the Scottish curling trip.
Marty- Had a happy time in Mexico
Jim M- Under pressure to finish Christmas shopping
Jeanette- Taking Friday off work for Christmas shopping and to celebrate mother's birthday
Gerry- Finished Christmas shopping
Sandy, Wrapping finished
Charles- Gerry looking after their dog while they are away
Donald- 2015 looks good for Ontario
Grant- Thanked Jim H for the success of the Fantasy of Trees
Other Members- Best wishes for a happy Christmas
President Bob noted that January 8th,2014 meeting is general assembly and nominating meeting. Wayne has lined up full slate of officers with only one position remaining to be filled.
61st Rotary CanAm Curling Bonspiel commences Thursday Morning, January 15th at Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, Kingston Ontario. Skips look after arrangements for their team. Grimsby Rotary is expected to send 8 or 9 curlers which will affect attendance at the Jan 15th meeting. Jim M will reschedule speaker.
Jim H briefed meeting on the success of the Fantasy of Trees event with net proceeds after expenses expected to be in the range of $10,000. Jim thanked all members for their contribution.
Charles introduced Jon Ogryzlo, Dean, International Partnerships and Helen Armstrong, Gifts Officer, Foundation & Alumni Relations both of Niagara College. Jon outlined the work that the impressive work that the College has been doing with respect to both inbound and outbound International students. Their focus now is to look at the world as a community and prepare students to be "world ready". Niagara College has 10,000 full time students including 500 international students. Over the next 5 years they expect to grow International Students enrollment to 2,400 students as there is considerable demand and the number of students leaving high school in the Niagara Region and in Ontario will be on sharp decline. Niagara College and International students bring considerable economic benefits to the Niagara Region. International Students pay about $11,400 per year for tuition as compared to $2,400 for a student from Canada. Students from Niagara Region get first priority on course selection and International students only get enrolled if there is openings in the course.
By comparison only 60 students from Niagara College go offshore to study and work abroad. Study and working aboard expands students views, their experience and greatly enhances their employment options. The programs offered by Niagara College include International Field Studies, Semester Exchanges and Internship and Co-Op programs. The goal is to increase students going abroad to 10% of full time students or 1,000 students within 5 years. Some of the barriers students face is reluctance of family; fear as they have never traveled, teaching faculty needs to be encouraging, and finance as these trips typically cost between $1,000 to $3,500  which the students must cover from their own resources.
Jon asked that we consider supporting their Study Work Abroad Fund which assists students with the cost of these trips. The online website is www.niagaracollege.ca/giving
Grant thanked the speakers.
Next Meeting: The next meeting is Jan 8th,2015. Please check Roster for duties.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2015.