President Bob opened the meeting.



Registrars report;

Rotarian Roger reported that there were 18 Rotarians present at the meeting, exchange students Jo Ann and Gabo, and guests Arlene High and Rubert Ray from the Niagara West Adult Learning Centre.


Happy Bucks:

Clarence – happy for a week of good weather for sports.

Marty – went to Niagara Falls for anniversary.

Bill – enjoyed a reunion of 1990 tour mates for golf and a cruise.

Charles – happy to be a new father-in-law.

Sandy – happy to have two new exchange students attending the meeting .

Wayne – attended a jazz festival in Lewiston.

Jim H. – visited the Finger Lakes region last week.

Shirley – impressed with the 100 plaques at the Ukrainian Church.

Al – enjoyed July at the cottage and fly fishing in Montana recently.

Kathryn – happy to be here.

Mike – happy for tennis friend Barry who won seniors tournament.

Roger – enjoyed cottage and a Newfoundland trip and also won the cow plop draw.

Pamela – would like to have a cow plop win as well.

Dick and Marshall – happy as usual.

Grant – celebrating 42nd anniversary this week.

Bob M. – entertained Stokes seeds and hosted a wedding in the past week. Also took his 4 and 6 year old grand children to the CNE.

Sharon – glad to have son home from a summer on the west coast.



President Bob reminded us of a Board of Directors meeting next week.


The Rotary District 7090 Bash is being held on Oct. 25 – 26 and President Bob would like to see a number of us attend.




The Art Festival duty roster is currently with Community Living to be filled in and will be circulated next week. The big need is for Friday afternoon set up and Sunday afternoon clean up.


A Club Assembly is to be held on Sept. 11th with the focus on new fund raising projects. Bring your ideas and plans!!


President Bob was delighted with the District Governors visit and his focus on the District.



Our guests Arlene High and Rubert Ray gave us an overview of the operation of the N.W. Adult Learning Centre. They operate out of the Howard House in Beamsville which was built in 1803 and sold to the town of Lincoln in 1988. As well they operate out of the old library in Grimsby and have clients from Grimsby to Smithville and Jordan.

They help learners to access their learning needs and provide tutoring in a wide range of topics to develop literacy and employable skills.

Their focus is on Read, Learn and Grow!!

A survey in 2010 indicated the in Ontario 4 of every 10 people do not have adequate literacy skills.

Rubert gave us a personal testimonial on how the Centre has helped him and he has established a web site called “Rubert’s leap in learning”.


Duties and Upcoming Meetings:

Please refer to the Club Runner.


Clarence McCloskey