Bill Hughes was Grapevine editor for April 9, 2015
GRAPEVINE   - Rotary Club of Grimsby     April 9, 2015
President Bob chaired the meeting.
Jim Howden reported 14 Rotarians plus our exchange student Joanne and guest speaker  Commander Shawn Dowd 
       Bob requested that members complete the duty roster for our newest fundraiser. It was sent to members via regular e-mail.  
         Next week  -  April 16th - Bill & Elaine report on their trip to China.  This is a spouses night .  Be sure to let Sandy know of your and and  guests attendance before Wednesday.
   April 23rd  -   Paul Harris Awards Night.  
Sergeant-At-Arms    Jim H.
    Jim - reported that Canada is # 6 in the best countries in which to live.
    Joanne - apologized for her gym clothes  no key to house
    Marshall - anxious to watch the Masters on TV
    Clarence - reports that Jim Merritt is doing OK   and Thomas is recovering from his surgery.
   Chas -  going to Dundas School of Art  this Saturday 
    Grant  - won 2 championships this week in curling
    Jeanette -  Her son missed getting into Yale 
                       The Netherlands provides free room and board for university students who help in seniors and nursing homes
    Linda L.  curling is done & thanked Judy Polstra for advice on curling technique
    Marty  - needs 3 TVs  to watch, golf, curling and baseball this weekend
    Sharon  - enjoyed Easter with Family and curling season has ended
     Alan introduced District Commander Shawn Dowd  who is head of the Grimsby detachment ( 8th District) of the Niagara Regional Police.
     Shawn was born in Niagara Falls and joined the military - air force - before becomes part of the NRP for 28 years. He has moved up the ranks from patrol officer to criminal investigation, to staff Sergeant in the Court to Grimsby  over a year ago.
     The Grimsby District covers Grimsby, West Lincoln and Lincoln  an area of 907 Square kilometers  - the largest in Niagara.   They have over 15,000 calls yearly and some 300 - 400 arrests.    They deal with traffic tickets, drugs ( heroin is in Grimsby,too),  fires , domestic disputes, break and enters, car thefts, etc.  Some of these are not local criminals.   The most \common car thefts are GM products  which may be easier to steal and are common vehicles.
   Grant thanked our speaker for his informative presentation with our usual polio plus donation.