Rotary  Motto  for 2013 -2014  -  ENGAGE  ROTARY - CHANGE LIVES  
 Registrar's report :   Don reported  19 members present

     Wayne   Rotary District Assembly  -   Sat. May  3rd   This is a good seminar for those who want ( and need ? ) to learn more about Rotary and your area of interest in it.
                        Contact Roger  for car pooling.
     Don    Adopt-a-Road     Sat. May 10th    The highlight of the year !!
Sandy  -  Paul Harris Awards Night    70 - 80 people expected

Sergeant-At-Arms:  Will Woods

     Clarence - Had 2 tendons in his hand stripped  successfully
     Roger  - The Cherry Blossoms in Washington are spectacular
     Bill   -    Great trip to Scotland for Rotary Curling; enjoyed Tenerife; and successful cataract surgery this AM
     Chas  - Enjoyed a Niagara College function
     Marty - His rotator cuff is NOT torn - so he can golf ( and complain of the pain  ?? )
    Sharon and Jeanette   Glad to have a 4 day weekend   
    Sandy  Peter's check up was perfect; an earthquake in Nicaragua; Grandson will not make the Olympics in tumbling ?
    Gerry,  Jim M. and Marshall   - Golf is finally starting
    Mike  -  something about a volumunizing shampoo  ?
   Thomas  - Elated that his granddaughter is Grimsby's Junior Citizen of the Year    CONGRATULATIONS 
    Wayne - enjoyed Aberdeen; visit with relatives in England;  Severe turbulence  ( he says over the Miramichi - great salmon fishing river)
     Don   - Hosting 8 family members and 3 dogs for Easter
    Will  - Happy to be back AND remembered  -  (Welcome back  Will)  
Program :
      Jim Merritt introduced charter member and Master Gardener Bob Martin
     Bob spoke on gardening  and gave us so much great information that your poor scribe could not record it all.
       Bob's primary business is vegetables  for 200 plus Loblaws stores and lots of independents, too.   He relly enjoys Kids Gardening .
     Pest control is now primarily by bugs- specific nematodes, wasps, etc, for individual insects - aphids, thrips, white flies, etc.    He noted that approval for these "bugs" is as strict as for chemicals - He also noted that any chemicals used MUST break down to inert substances within 24 hours  to be approved for use.     Canada has the strictest laws for chemicals in hte World so foods grown in Canada are the safest in the world.    BUY CANADIAN !!
      To have an Organic designation - the grower has to be approved by a private company  - not the government .  Organic farming is not a perfect science.
       GMO's  - No vegetables in Ontario are GMO modified - only grains.  Bob cited that some rice has been modified  by GMO to add Vitamin D  and thus save thousands if not millions of kids from death.   A lot of work is now modifying plants to grow  chemotherapy drugs such as Receptin
for cancers which would cut the cost of the drug tremendously.    Most of our crops have been hybridized years and years of selection and thousands and thousands of specimens. GMO speeds that process greatly.
       24- D   - for weed control  - there is NO evidence that  24-D has any toxicity to mammals.
      The trend with smaller lots and balconies  and most vegetables can easily be grown in pots and containers.      Raised beds in the gardens saves a lot of work too.   Weeding weekly is the most efficient way to control weeds and gives pests less places to live.

    Harry thanked Bob for his information.