Grapevine recorded and entered by Jim Howden
President Elect Clarence Chaired the meeting.
Marshall reported that 23 Rotarians, 9 spouses, and 4 quests were present including our out bound student Laura Friesen, her parents and our inbound student Joanne.
Jeanette advised that she was looking for Host families starting Jan, 2016.
Catherine mentioned that Trinity United Church is having Beef Roast on May 9th.
Rotary community garage to be held at the Mountainview, Lakemount parking lot on June 13th. Rotarians selected "Rags" as the name of the fund raiser.
The University Women's book sale was being held at the Seniors Center on April 18th. Rotarians were encouraged to donate and buy books.
The District 7090 Conference being held in Ellicottville, NY being held on October 23rd to 25th is now open for on-line registeration.  Rooms may be booked at The Inn at Holiday Valley and the Tamarack Club.( 800-323-0020)
Paul Harris dinner is next Thursday at the Luna Gardens.
Sergeant-At-Arms -Jim H
Notable comments;
Alan visited with Jim M and reported Jim to be in good spirits.
Linda L - Mother gardening at 92.
Bill- Enjoyed Niagara College seafood gala fund raiser. Charles was Chairman of event.
Tomas- Grandson , 6ft plus, invited to hockey camps.
Dick, Celebrating 60th wedding by attending Rotary Meeting with wife Keitha. They were warmly congratulated.
Grant- Glad to be gardening again.
Gerry- Out golfing
Jeanette- Happy to introduce out bound student and parents
Catherine- Has new role so moved offices
Donald- Has medical issue. Hurts to laugh.
Michael- Had visit from daughter and potential son-in-law.
Sandy- Thanked Shirley for arranging site for garage sale
Grant introduced Rotarian Bill and wife Elaine who he has known for a very long time both thorough Rotary and Curling. Bill and Elaine spook about their recent trip to China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia including boat cruise on the Yangtze River.  Bill mentioned that the normal retirement age for women is 50 and for men 55 in China  They than go on to baby sit for grandchildren. Also, the national bird is the construction crane which was certainly evident in many of the photographs. Bill and Elaine presented reviewed photographs from the numerous places they visited in China including Confucius Temple, Lana Pavilion,Temple of Heaven , Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao's Mausoleum, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terra Cotta, Xian walled city, Three Gorges and others.
Charles thanked Bill and Elaine for their very interesting presentation.
Paul Harris Award
Bill used the this occasion to present a Paul Harris award to his wife Elaine. Both their sons were in attendance at this point. Bill noted that it was the support Elaine that allowed him to be an active Rotarian during the time their sons were growing up which included 2 terms of being President of the club. Bill also noted Elaine give up her career to raise their 2 sons as he was busy many nights with Rotary activities and also as an active member of the curling club.Elaine continues to be active volunteer at  Rotary events. Rotarians, spouses and quests joined Bill in congratulating Elaine on the honor of being the recipient of a Paul Harris award.