(Grapevine – April 10, 2014)


Acting President Bob Martin opened the meeting.

Invocation - Thomas

Registrars report;

There were 18 Rotarians present at the meeting.


Happy Bucks:

Jeanette – her son was shot with a rubber bullet while covering a protest in Montreal. 

Don – looking forward to watching the Masters on TV this week.

Drew – now that curling is over he is anxious to golf.

Dick –enjoyed Scotland and in a good banker’s fashion, found things very expensive.

Clarence –enjoyed Florida and waiting for the ice to melt in the back yard.

Marty – happy to watch the Masters.

Mike – had a good business meeting in Montreal last week.

Sandy –glad that basketball is over.

Jim M. –something about a locked door.

Grant –will be glad that hockey will be over.

Thomas –sad that Jim Flaherty passed and glad to register 17 year old car for $90..

Bob M. – thanked Jeanette and Jerry for filling in for him the past 2 weeks.

Donna – the University Women’s book sale is ton Saturday.

Roger – going to Washington to see the cherry blossoms.

Sharon – surprised at the amount of dust on the Red Hill expressway.

Marilyn – just happy to be here.

Jim H. – was in NOTL to see “Arms And The Man” and recommends!



Drew reported that there are 46 registered to attend the Paul Harris evening.

The Board will meet next week.

Jim H. has prepared a new roster list.






Our guest speaker was Gail Fones representing “Buy a Net” who came to us from Winnipeg by way of Skype.

Gail is a retired nurse who is dedication her time to promote and implement the mosquito net program in Uganda. She lived there for 6 months in 2005 and knows firsthand the impact of Malaria on the population.

Their work through community leaders to promote the use of sleeping nets and other health related issues has reduced the impact of malaria by 90% since 2008.

Malaria is the leading cause of death, especially to the young and mothers and, if untreated, can kill a child in 24 hours and an adult in 36 to 48 hours. It is a parasite that first affects the liver and then travels to all other organs.

There are 700,00 malaria attacks per year and account for 70% of all clinical visits.

The cost of a net and education is $5.00 and the average income is $1.00 per day.

The objective of the “Buy A Net” program is prevention, control and treatment.


Gail was thanked by Drew who monitored the computer hook-up and a cheque for $500.00 will be forwarded to her organization.