Richard Ring a past rotarian has updated knowledge of Polio and the fight to end it permanently.
Polio resurgent. Finish the job..Editorial May 10 From To lettertoed@thest Date Mon 04:11 While the World Health Organization declares polio a public health emergency, as Afghanistan ,Nigaria and Pakistan remain endemic polio countries , another organization started its efforts to help back in 1979.That was the year that a team was first sent to the Philippines to immunize some 100 children in a a Manila barrio. Since then ,Rotary has helped in immunizing over 2 billion children,has raised over $1.2 billion and continues its 35 year quest towards its number 1 goal, ;the total eradication of polio. It has been helped by, among many others, the Gates Foundation,which has rewarded reaching ambitious fund raising goals with generous matching plus contributions. As thousands gather June1-4 in Sydney Australia for the Rotary International convention , Rotarians from all over the world will live up to their "End Polio now" motto, by participating in several events for that specific purpose. Again the Gates Foundation continues to generously support its efforts with an agreement in effect up to 2018. When we see the Rotary symbol and are aware of much good work done locally, lets recognize this 35 year long international effort,through often very challenging conditions. And perhaps consider helping out while hoping that victory is claimed before 2018. Richard Ring , Grimsby,On Disclosure..I was a Rotarian for many years . Recall being part of raising funds in Toronto, on Vancouver Island, in Guatemala,Sweden and lastly Grimsby. Each time ,victory seemed so tantalizingly close.

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