Sandy's report at Club Assembly FYI

Club Assembly – September 19th

-email from Drew July 13th (sent to him by Pamela Haire at newsnow) – Grimsby Rotary won newsnow’s first place “Diamond Award” for Service Club in our Best in The West.

Foundation – our club’s foundation goal for 2013/2014 is $2800 – Bill Hughes and Roger Bradley are our club’s representatives. I am passing the Rotary International Annual Report around – if you want copies of any of the photos/articles, please put your name on the post-it note provided with the page number and the article you want copied.

Polio Plus – our club’s polio plus goal for 2013/2014 is $1500. – this will be accomplished through the money we make in selling pumpkins at Coles in October.  An update on the Rotary/Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation partner to boost polio - endgame support – the Gates Foundation will match two-to-one, up to US $35 million per year, every dollar Rotary commits to reduce the funding shortfall for polio eradication through 2018.  If this is fully matched the value of this new partnership with Rotary is more than $500 million.  In an email received on September 10th, “Rotary approves US$500,000 emergency grant for Somalia”.  Rotary approved a US$500,000 rapid response grant to the World Health Organization to address a recent polio outbreak in Somalia.  The grant covers operational costs including those for human resources, training and transportation of health workers to help immunize children under 10 in all accessible areas of the country. The governments of the United Kingdom and Japan have announced financial commitments of US$15.3 million and US$1.3 million, respectively, to fund emergency immunization campaigns in the Horn of Africa, where polio has afflicted children in Kenya and Ethiopia as well as Somalia.

Loving Arms Guatemala – Bio Sand Water Filters – our club’s budget for this project for 2013/2014 is $1500. – families in the village of Corrales received their filters and are happy to finally have clean, safe drinking water for their families.  They received a workshop to learn about the function of the filters and proper storage of the water.  They were also provided with a “bucket kit” consisting of two new, clean buckets, worm medicine, tooth brushes and vitamins.  The program has also had success as families work together and were all part of its construction.  Their role was not only construction but to provide some of the materials for the manufacture of the filter.  This has meant that families feel a strong sense of belonging and responsibility and will be more apt to take proper care of their filters.

Operation Nicaragua – this is a new project this year and our club’s budget for 2013/2014 is $1000. – Suzy Campbell will be speaking to our club on October 17th – this is the fourth annual trip this group has made to Masaya – some of the projects already completed are a school, a library and an outside kitchen with fenced-in vegetable garden.  More to come on the 17th of October.

Oomama – our club’s budget for 2013/2014 is $500.  Last year one of our President Jeanette Murphy’s centre of attention was bullying.  So last year we were one of the  sponsors  of an event “The Bully, The Bullied and the Bystander”.  The keynote speaker was Barbara Coloroso, a bestselling author and internationally recognized speaker/consultant on parenting, teaching, bullying, grieving, non-violent conflict resolutions and restorative justice.  This group also works hand-in-hand with the Stephen Lewis Foundation in the 700 grassroot projects in sub Saharan Africa.

Buy-A-Net – our club’s budget for 2013/2014 is $500.  Last year we supported the “$350 Bucks, NET-A-VILLAGE”, Save a village” campaign.  This project supplies long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets in sub-Saharan Africa.  Despite the many successes, malaria is still killing nearly 1 million people every year,  mostly children under five years old.  Countries such as Eritrea, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania and Sao Tome and Principe have seen reductions in malaria cases and deaths of up to 50 per cent.

Sleeping Children Around The World – our club’s budget for 2013/2014 is $500.  Last year this club was able to support the distribution of 14 complete bed kits.  This project was started by Margaret and Murray Dryden years ago and is now continuing on through their son, Dave Dryden who spoke to our club in February.  SCAW is operated by volunteers from the processing of donations to the distribution of bedkits.  SCAW neither receives nor requests funds from any level of government.   All administrative costs are covered by a legacy account set up by the founder Murray Dryden.  That way SCAW can guarantee that 100% of all monies received goes directly to  the assembling and distribution of the bedkits.

Paul Harris Fellowship Recognition – Each year our club has a committee that chooses a member from our Club and a person from the public sector that they feel deserve the Paul Harris Fellowship Award.   Last year’s recipients were Dorothy Turcotte and our own Allan Goddard.  The dinner and recognition evening was held last year at Casablanca in April and was attended by 83 people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Paul Harris Society is named after the founder of Rotary International.  The society recognizes friends of the The Rotary Foundation who annually contribute US $1000. or more to the Annual Programs Fund, Polio Plus and other approved Foundation grant activities.