Posted by Jim Howden                                                                                                                                                                       Ian Riseley, President of Rotary International, asked each of the 85,000 Rotary Clubs to considering planting one tree for each of 1.2 million members worldwide for World Earth day.  Rotary Club of Grimsby joined with other local Rotary Clubs to plant Breadfruit Trees in underdeveloped countries with an expected 500 trees to be planted.  Our Clubs 35 trees will be planted in Haiti  being one of the poorest countries and where an effort is underway to restore the agricultural sector.  Rotary has partnered with The Trees That Feed Foundation and the cost was $15 US per tree.
Breadfruit trees is one of the highest yielding food plants with a single tree producing up to 200 or more grapefruit-sized fruit and is a staple food in many tropical regions.
This is a wonderful project as these trees will improve the environment while providing food for a local population in a very poor country.