Jun 19, 2024 7:30 AM
Felicia Saucier from Movement Mortgage

Felicia Saucier is a seasoned Certified Mortgage Advisor based in New Hampshire,
dedicated to transforming the landscape of retirement funding in America. Felicia
specializes in innovative financial solutions, including Reverse Mortgages, which she
champions as a flexible and strategic option for retirees seeking to maximize their
financial independence.

A staunch advocate for veterans, Felicia is committed to promoting the acceptance of
VA loans in the real estate market. Her efforts ensure that veterans receive the benefits
they deserve, recognizing their service and providing them with advantageous home
financing options.

Felicia also offers specialized support for individuals navigating the complexities of
divorce, guiding them through the mortgage process and helping determine the
retention of the marital home. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her a
trusted advisor during these challenging transitions.

Alongside her professional achievements, Felicia is a devoted wife to Geoffrey Saucier,
her partner of over 25 years, and a proud mother to two beautiful daughters. She is an
active community leader, serving on the board of directors at Light of Life Ministries and
founding the 100 People Who Care Central NH Giving Circle, which supports New
Hampshire-based nonprofits.

Additionally, Felicia is an Ambassador for FirstHome IQ, a non-profit organization
dedicated to improving financial literacy and empowering first-time homebuyers. This
role underscores her commitment to educating and supporting individuals in achieving
their homeownership dreams.

Felicia is also a passionate gluten-free baker and cook, a skill she has honed for over 20
years. As a proud native of New Hampshire, she enjoys blending her love for her
community with her professional services, making a significant impact on the lives of her
clients and neighbors.