Club Meeting No 1830 11th March


At our dinner meeting at the Goody on Wednesday March 11th in a capacity room full of current and former members, those in attendance were treated to a very colourful presentation by past member Graeme Kennelly. Graeme recalled his days as a Hyde Park Rotary member and offered humorous  analogy between his past days at the door with Alan Moss where they were likened to the Muppetts Characters Waldorf and Staedtler.

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Club Meeting No 1828 12th February

More Than Rates, Roads and Rubbish

At our last meeting on the twelfth of February, the lucky few members who were in attendance were treated to a wealth of knowledge about our Unley community by the eternally youthful looking councillor Michael Rabbitt. (no relation to Peter or Jack)!
A locally born native, Michael  left the area for only a short period, returning for the duration of his life in 1972 and finally settling in Millswood.
He is a father,  grandfather, husband for 50 years and the proud owner of a Dalmatian dog named Denver (named after the late singer, John).
Having been involved in the finance sector for 46 years, Michael retired in 2010 and was elected to the Unley council in 2014.
At that time the council comprised of one woman and twelve men, but Michael was extremely happy to inform us that the new recently elected council introduced seven new members, the balance now being eight women and five men.
Councillors are expected to put in ten hours a week, with many working at least twenty.
The council is comprised of the Mayor and twelve ward councillors,  two for each ward.
As a member of the” Save our Streets” group Michael felt a great deal could be accomplished by joining council.
He spoke to us in a very informative fashion alluding to several projects close to him and sharing his knowledge about the projects that Unley have accomplished or are planning to achieve in the forseeable future.
Of particular interest, was the Centennial Park Cemetery café project, a new development which will offer a place of refreshments for those visiting their loved ones.  Along with this , Michel spoke of a behind the scenes tour that is available for the adventurous at heart who  have the courage to visit the crematorium.
Sworn to secrecy, Michael spoke of wayward and tardy rate payers, some more than three years in arrears and of tree loppings in Hyde Park.
It was interesting to know that the city of Unley has four community centres, one museum, two libraries, a community bus service and a swimming centre.
Add to the above a men’s shed, a Buddies at breakfast group and other varied activities and forums for both youth and the elderly, the council is providing very functional services to its community.
Gala events such as the Tour down Under, the Gourmet Gala event and the French themed gourmet event, add to the cacophony of delightful experiences offered to the palates of an appreciative public accustomed to fine dining and good wines. King William Rd , although recently renovated and re paved also offers delicacies which would easily convince the diner they were in a cosmopolitan street of Paris or Italy.( let’s forget however the lack of parking since the re vamp)
Unley council has 250 paid employees and many volunteers and a very highly paid CEO.
The council is comprised of the Mayor and twelve ward councillors, two for each ward.
Michael mentioned that some of the council’s future plans include upgrade of both Unley and Goodwood ovals owing to a two million dollar grant offered by the previous Labour state government.
Proposed five storey apartment blocks proposed for Unley Rd were not passed by council but overridden by Local Planning act.
By the end of the evening this resident of Mitcham council  was left a little envious of those lucky “Unleyites"who are governed by such a progressive group.
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Club Meeting No 1826 15th January

Walk Round Australia

                        BROTHERHOOD AND BLISTERS 1969
Last week our guest speaker was no other than our illustrious President Gerry Greenway, who spoke very eloquently to his captive audience about the Apex walk around Australia which he formulated and coordinated in 1969.
Gerry was 34 years young and a member of the Blackwood Apex club when, participating in a local walkathon, his overactive mind started working overtime and he decided that it would be a novel idea to extend his walking ambitions beyond our borders.
At that time he hadn’t decided the why or wherefores of this rash decision, but it was destined to become a major money spinner for Apex and its eventual charity,Autism Australia.
The path to any brilliant scheme must come with the approval of both zone and National conventions and much to Gerry’s great relief his ambitious idea was approved.
Local sponsors were quickly procured, namely Claridge Motors, BP and the National Bank who donated $2,000 towards a prize for the person who could guess closest to the total distance covered at the end of the walk.
Claridge motors donated a fully fitted out sedan and BP donated the fuel.
Gerry reminded us that these were the days before computers and mobile phones and every single walk in all of the States had to have map references and local coordinators with whom he liased by trunk calls and copious plane flights using a map and pins from his mother’s sewing box.
Nine months of planning went into this ground breaking event and at all stages the weather was also a major consideration.
It was decided that the walk would proceed in a clockwise direction from SA to WA,  eventually passing through each state with many local mini walks on the way, ensuring that as many local Apex clubs as possible could participate. Highway 1 was the major arterial route it would follow.
Support was rallied by the RAA, a bus company and local airlines.
Barry Ford, a banker from Perth, volunteered to participate the whole way which assisted enormously in the overall communication of information to all participants.
Here in Adelaide, Robin Millhouse, a local politician, and also the Lord Mayor supported the cause and local TV coverage was solicited.
The East coast of Australia was the most densely populated section of the walk, so in NSW QLD and VIC many minor road networks evolved so as many small clubs as possible could be included.
 In the NT, one of our Hyde Park Rotary stalwarts, namely Neville Highett, our incoming president, walked with other Tennant Creek locals and on this occasion, he provided us with several colourful anecdotes of his experiences and those of several of his fellow walkers. Gruesome tales of pigs, donkeys, bones and death added to our interest in the evenings presentation steadfastly ensuring no one could comfortably finish their meals.
All in all with combined input from both Gerry and Neville we were left mesmerized by how one man’s crazy imagination and vision conceived in simpler times and with rudimentary communications, could result in such a wonderful result for such a worthy cause.
The sum of $120,000 was raised which in present times would add up to roughly $1,000000.
A total of 9,380 miles or 15,097 km were covered and the Topic of Autism had now presented itself to everyday Australians and would result in more research, more staffing and wider public awareness into the future.
Well done Gerry you crazy visionary for having the courage and fortitude to follow through on your dreams and never being afraid to “give it a go".
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Christmas comes to Hyde Park

                                               FESTIVITY, FRIVOLITY, FOOD, FUN AND FRIENDSHIP
Carols, calories, quiz and cuisine. All the elements needed for a successful soiree were present in spades on Saturday evening December 14th when our club members gathered together with partners in tow for a happy night of fellowship and fun.
With all the members providing delicious contributions to the table, no one went hungry and the bar provided ample beverages with which to wash them down.
Everyone joined in to the Christmas spirit, carols were sung, stories shared and conversations flowed as freely as the wine that washed them down.
The grand master of quiz games namely President Gerry Greenway, provided an impromptu brain stretching quiz whilst Ros and Peter Griffiths had us guessing over sweet delights.
The lucky door prize was won by Ann McIntyre and husband Iain returned to his past role of leading the carols. Iain also  succeeded in winning the quiz and money man Alan Moss guessed the coins.
A very successful end to another year of fellowship and service to the community. May there be many more to come.
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Club Meeting No 1825 December 11th

Travels to Cuba and beyond

This week we were treated to an interesting travelogue by Chris Edwards who undertook a journey from Florida to Cuba and then on to Columbia.
After a confusing start Chris and his wife finally departed on their holiday and arrived in Florida and began their adventure exploring the wetlands. They saw examples of American wildlife including alligators and bird life such as bald eagles. Moving on they visited Disneyland in Daytona and also saw what is billed as the world’s most famous beach (they were not convinced) before visiting a gun shop which was more like a huge supermarket.
It is not possible to go direct to Cuba from the US and so they boarded a small cruise ship and sailed to Nassau in the Bahamas and then on to Cuba.
Cuba has a chequered history. It was invaded by the Spanish in 1492 and after 400 years of Spanish dominance Cuba was eventually put under American control following the Spanish American war in 1898. Cuba gained Independence in 1902 but 40 years later in 1952 Dictator Fulgencio Batista gained control with American backing. In 1958 he was overthrown after a Revolution and this heralded the first appearance of Fidel Castro as Prime Minister.
At this point the US imposed an embargo on arms to Cuba followed in 1960 by all goods except food and medicine. In 1962 the embargo was extended and included food and medicine. These embargos were placed to make life so miserable for the Cubans that they would overthrow the Castro lead Government. Obama eased travel restrictions to Cuba but Trump put them back. There are a lot of exiled Cuban expats in Florida and their vote is critical and they want the embargos to continue.
In 1976 Fidel Castro who had formed the Communist Party in Cuba with the help of Che Geuvara became President until ill health forced him to resign in 2008.
Chris showed us slides of places of interest in Cuban cities that they visited. The capital Havana is a vibrant city with friendly and very musical people. The Embargo has caused many buildings to be in a state of disrepair. There are many interesting buildings, churches and revolution squares in all the places they went. The transport everywhere is old as evidenced by many old cars and even horse drawn transport.
Cuba needs tourism as its only exports are cigars and sugar. Its economy is weak and relations with Washington are deteriorating. The new President is Miguel Diaz-Canel and the Secretary of the Communist Party is Rual Castro. Being a Communist State Cuba has full employment.
After visiting Cuba they went on to Columbia and then Panama before returning to Australia via the United States.
A most interesting and informative evening and after many questions Peter Griffiths gave the Vote of Thanks and presented Chris with a bottle of wine.
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Club Meeting No 1823 November 13

Sky High Tales

This week at the joint meeting of the Hyde Park and Adelaide Parks Rotary Clubs at the Naval and Military club, we were taken to “New Heights" when the guest speaker, Wing Commander Darren Jones, presented his tales of life in the Australian air force.
Wing Commander Jones is the “Commander Officer”of the Wide Area Space Surveillance Unit RAAF Edinborough SA.
Having convinced his parents at the tender age of sixteen to let him follow his dreams of becoming a fighter pilot, he began his career in Laverton, Victoria. Not all of those who joined the air force would go on to be pilots and many of his fellow recruits consisted of carpenters, plumbers, radiographers and other skilled apprentices.
The young recruits were given milk and cookies every night to help them grow. In the early days there were at least 800 female staff including nurses and 2,000, 19-20 year olds in electronics.
Shenanigans between the female and male staff ensued and although the quarters were separated by an oval, “Special Cuddles" were often obtained in the dark of night.
A move to Sale Victoria and Edinborough in SA followed and tales of ejection situations and the importance of communications reminded us of the vulnerability we all face each day.
When in East Sale we heard how Ansett airlines folded and how many of our military aircraft were used to  fill the void.  G Suits, and life support maneuvers were described in detail with one colourful  story about search and rescue operations involving vomit to catch fish in desperate situations.
Wing Commander Jones then continued to take us to new heights  speaking about topics such as the Air Force evolution since 1987, exciting search and rescue situations, Military crashes and their causes and culminating in a picture of our new Air Force which is highly reliant on cyber space and skilled IT personnel.
Having been re posted every three years, he found himself in San Antonio Texas working with US soldiers many of whom worked in Silicone Valley, where they were working on building firewalls for cyber warfare and hacking into the servers of enemy systems.
They worked on jammers, incendiary devices and satellites and scanners that could detect enemy missile launchers and detect signs of offensive cyber warfare.
Australia’s borders are monitored by satellites and are covered by a “Cone of Protection"
Commander Jones was a very interesting speaker who kept us not the edges of our seats and gave us a very intimate insight into the workings of our defence forces and the invaluable role they play in defending and protecting our culture and way of life each day.
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Open Garden

EURILLA (former Bonython residence)

After several weeks of planning and lingering doubts about the weather and just how many people would turn up all was revealed on Sunday the 27th of October at our first ever Open Garden Fund Raising Event. It was a very successful day and almost 300 enthusiasts roamed the magnificent gardens of Eurilla.
The weather was kind to us for most of the day and those of us who experienced the early mist and drizzle felt it actually added to the ambience of the surroundings. Later in the day the sun came out and it ended up being a glorious Spring day.
Eurilla was built in 1884 for Sir William and Lady Milne and was sold to Sir Lavington Bonython in 1917 and was used as a Summer residence by the family for the next seventy years. It was then purchased by the current owners.
The Ash Wednesday bush fires in 1983 all but destroyed the majority of the garden and the house itself suffered tremendous damage causing the removal of the upper storey. Only the tower and the bottom two floors remained until 2007 when the top storey was rebuilt. The current owners have lovingly restored the property and have embarked upon a substantial replanting of the garden.
Thanks go to the current  owners and the many members of the Hyde Park Rotary Club and friends who helped make this a very successful and enjoyable Fund Raising Event to help the homeless in Adelaide. Thanks also to the CWA who provided a delicious Devonshire Tea - a perfect compliment to a beautiful garden experience.
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Club Meeting No 1821 October 9

Roman Coins

This week our guest speaker was numismatic, Dennis Nettleton, a collector with a special interest in Roman coins.
In summary:
Dennis told us that his interest in coin collecting started whilst still a youth when his father gave him some WW1 Coins. He found them fascinating and his interest continued to include coins from England's Queen Elizabeth 1 and some of the early Kings.
As he continued Dennis took us for an exciting look at the early Roman times which spanned over 600 years and were presided over by many, many Caesers. Each Caesar that ruled, albeit for either a miniscule term or one more lengthy, deemed a coin be minted in their honour. The Romans were expanding their Empire and each battle also resulted in minted coins. The currency of those times was the Denarius.
Originally coins were pure silver but as the coffers were draining, alloys such as tin nickel and lead were also added. Metals were taken to each battle site so coins could be made to signify the date of each battle. They were moulded in the trunks of trees with the inscriptions being etched in reverse so as to appear in a readable form when finished.
The metals were mainly sourced from India. At the beginning of the Roman Empire the coins were 98%  silver but only 2% by the end.
As the Roman soldiers were sent off to battle they were paid in advance, often they would bury their coffers under a tree or bridge, never to return, hence the number of caches being discovered today in modern England.
Dennis sparked our interest with colourful tales of Caesar battles and corruption, and of the ultimate downfall of the Empire.
Dennis showed us his favourite coins,  a cartwheel twopence from the reign of King George 111 dated 1797 and one made by the first steam driven coin press. A coin that opened to reveal further small coins inside it also sparked our interest . One tiny coin was minted in 1591. We were also shown a Victorian ½ farthing and sheets of interesting collection items.
We could have listened to Dennis for hours and we certainly left the table that evening a lot more knowledgeable than when we arrived.
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BBQ Ladies

Another successful BBQ at Bunnings

Norma and Lyn enjoying a well earned rest at our 4th of October BBQ
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50th Unley Business Breakfast

50th Unley Business Breakfast

On Tuesday the 1st of October 2019 the 50th Unley Business Breakfast was held at the Unley Town Hall. The Guest Speaker was Phil Sims the CEO of Robern Menz.
Robern Menz is an iconic South Australian 4th generation family owned business and the name behind Fruchocs and Violet Crumble brands. It is also SA’s largest confectioner. Phil presented the Robern Menz story from humble beginnings back in the late nineteenth century up to the present day.
The Business Breakfast had its beginnings as an initiative of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park during the Presidential Year of Margaret Blake with the original purpose of addressing club membership.
Margaret together with then Secretary Ian Stewart and Jim Handley liaised with the City of Unley and the Inner Southern Business Enterprise Centre, and the concept of a bi-monthly Business Breakfast was born with the intention of providing a Business Networking platform for the traders and businesses of the Unley precinct.
More than 80 people attended the event proving once again that Hyde Park Rotary Club continues to leave its mark amongst the Unley Community. Many thanks to Jim and Rob Handley, Andrew Sullivan and Margaret Blake for their help in setting up and assisting at the breakfast.
A very successful event.
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Club Meeting No 1820 September 25

Famous International Cricketers I NEARLY Knew

This week’s meeting featured an interesting talk by Graham Ottens, a self confessed cricket tragic who played for many years with the Grange Cricket Club. His full time occupation was in the teaching profession in SA and Victoria including 18 years as a Principal.
He grew up on the family farm on the eastern Eyre Peninsula where he developed his lifetime love of cricket. In his cricketing career he travelled extensively and met many people in the cricket world including a number of famous international cricketers he NEARLY got to know.
Graham started his talk by explaining  that every cricketer who played for Australia was issued with a number and he then went on to give us stories of some of these elite sportsmen that he came across in his travels and the circumstances in which he met them.
Some of these together with their sometimes (in his own words) tenuous connections are listed below.
David Hookes- Australian Batsman. Met him in 1968 when David was playing as a junior at the Grange Cricket Club.
Ian Chappel - Former Australian Cricket Captain. Lived in the same street in Netley.
Kevin Wright -Australian Player and Victorian Wicket Keeper. Met at the indoor nets at Lords.
Neil Hawke - SA and Australian Cricketer and SANFL Footballer. Taught with his brother.
Paul Sheahan - Victorian and Australian Cricketer. Met him whilst Principal of Geelong College.
Terry Jenner -West Australian and Australian Cricketer. Met him playing a game for Grange CC.
Eric Freeman - SA Cricketer and SANFL Footballer. A look-alike. Several times mistaken for him.
Trevor Laughlin -Victorian Allrounder. Met at indoor nets at Lords.
Len Darling - SA and Australian Cricketer. Employed him as Turf Curator at Immanuel College.
Sir Donald Bradman - SA and Australian Batsman. Presented SACA Coaching Certificate to Graham.
Barry Richards - South African Cricketer. He ran a coaching clinic at Immanuel College.
Graham kept us entertained with his obvious love of all things cricket and acted as a quiz master along the way. The star pupil was Hyde Park Rotary Club member Mike McAuliffe who knew EVERYTHING and more about cricket than all of us!
A great evening’s entertainment. Peter Griffiths thanked Graham on behalf of the club and presented him with a bottle of wine.
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Club Meeting No 1819 September 11

Trip Round Sri Lanka

This week we were treated to a conducted tour and a brief history of Sri Lanka by Matt Harding.
He started off by explaining that the first humans had arrived in Sri Lanka 2 million years ago and that Sri Lanka was about the size of Tasmania with roughly the population of Australia. It is a very lush island with very high rainfall and as a consequence all insect and animal life is big.
Northern Indians arrived in 500 BC and formed the basis of the Sinhalese people and they brought with them the Buddist faith. The Tamils arrived 200 years later from Southern India bringing the Hindu religion with them. They were followed by the Arabs later who brought Islam to the Island.
The Portugese arrived in AD 1500 lured by the spice trade and they were followed in 1600 by the Dutch and in 1800 by the British who were also attracted to the spice trade. The Sinhalese rule the Island and do not tolerate the Tamil uprising and there now exists an uneasy truce between the two populations.
Some interesting facts about the island emerged including the situation of the Indian elephant which is an endangered species and is estimated to kill between 80 and 100 people a year.
Tea is Sri Lanka’s major export at $1.5 billion annually and the 2nd major export is textiles.
Sri Lanka gained independence from the British in 1947 and formed a Republic in 1972. There has been tension between the Sinhalese and the Tamils ever since.
Matt gave us an interesting tour of the island by way of some excellent pictures which were taken by his wife who is a professional photographer. A most enjoyable and colourful evening resulted and Bernie Boxer thanked Matt on behalf of the club and presented him with a bottle of red wine.
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Club Meeting No 1818 August 21

District Governor visit

This week District Governor Tim Klar and his partner Bronwyn were our guest speakers at the Goodwood Hotel.
Prior to the Club Meeting the Board met with DG Tim in order to conduct a briefing session on the Club goals and plans for the new Rotary Year. The DG was able to meet the new Board and help us fine tune these objectives and bring us up to date with the current Rotary initiatives and guidelines.
After a short break for dinner DG Tim gave us an interesting and thoughtful overview of the vision that District 9520 has for the 2019 -2020 Rotary Year.
Bronwyn then took over the proceedings and gave us an equally entertaining and informative talk about the history and current activities of Shelter Box - a major Rotary project that helps people in need all over the world in times of natural disaster. This is a project that the Hyde Park Rotary Club supports.
President Gerry thanked DG Tim and Bronwyn for bringing us up to date on important District and Rotary International matters.
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Club Meeting No 1817 July 24

Public Image of Rotary

At our last meeting our guest speaker was Regional Rotary Foundation member and former 9520 District Governor Sam Camporeale who is a current member of the Rotary club of Mitcham and whose wife Lee is past president of that club.
Sam told us that he joined Rotary for the simple reason that he wanted to be a part of helping his local community and that he remains a member because of his belief that in today's world, the things that Rotary does is even more critical – developing  Peace Scholars, improving health, providing clean water are just some essential needs of our international communities.
Sam would like to enhance the public image of ROTARY and offered several suggestions as to how this might be accomplished.
Sam found himself asking three basic questions.
1  Why is it important?
2  What tools can we use to help us ?
3  What is the public image Rotary projects that people believe to be true?
Sam believes we should go by the heading of "People of Action" and there is a need to increase public awareness of our beneficent  intentions and help people realize that there is more to Rotary than fundraising. We need to gain the public's trust and retain our credibility.
Coke cans were used as an example of how one particular brand labelled with the same logo can still produce four different products? An analogy of the Rotary logo which although the same in most ways can be embellished with personal creativity to best showcase a club’s strengths and individuality.
To sum it up Sam suggests that our "Plan of Success" should include the right team selection, a well thought out budget, good training and the use of branding such as banners, impactive videos and updated club merchandising. At present 60% of people polled don’t recognise the Rotary wheel and assume that only older people join Rotary.
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Club Meeting No 1816 July 10

Travelogue From The Holy Lands

The Adventures of Robert Handley OAM.
At our meeting we were given a wonderful journey to the Middle East through the colourful and enthusiastic words of Club member Robert Handley as he spoke of his recent holiday to Jordan and Israel, giving us a kaleidoscope of colourful imagery talking about the old silk trail, the archaeological digs at Pella, the Roman ruins of Jerash and the Dead Sea scrolls.
He spoke of nomadic Arabs who settled in cities, of the Romans who built dams and aqueducts, of delicious meals, spices, of desert dunes and the highly salty Dead Sea.
Robert also took us to the Golan heights, Asana, Petra and spoke of the citizens of the Gaza strip who have no hope of a future.
Robert’s adventures were led by professor Bob Stone who was able to guide the adventurous group through the wonderment of our ancient past, satisfying Robert's deep thirst for history which in turn gave we enthusiastic listeners an insight into biblical facts and current issues and perhaps reasons which connect the two.
Robert was enamoured by Petra and they walked through the valley to the Treasury which had been hidden from the world  for thousands of years.It was riddled with holes made by attempts of robbers to steal its hidden riches.
By the end of Robert's talk we were left craving for more and  finished the evening  more educated about areas we seldom tend to put on the top of the list when planning vacations.
Thank you Robert. We look forward to hearing more of your story in the future.
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Club Meeting No 1815 June 26

Presidential Changeover Night

A Night to Remember
Back at our old stomping ground, the Hyde Park Tavern  our evening  began with Andrew Sullivan welcoming members, partners,  past members, visitors and the District Governor Kim Harvey.
Bernie Boxer offered the “Welcome to Country “ and Andrew proposed a toast to Australia.
Congratulations were offered to Robert Handley for his recent OAM .
District Governor Kim then spoke to the club members and partners about the current promotion of ROTARY awareness and the connect meetings with the Eastwood Rotary club.
She spoke of the success of the end to polio campaign and the few remaining countries, eg Afghanistan and Pakistan that are still affected due to civil unrest.
District Governor Kim also spoke of the new district 9510 and how Rotary connects the world. She also made mention of our charities, namely the Salvation Army, Royal Flying doctor and Second Chances. Also, our affiliation with Scotch College connecting the next generation.
President Gerry then thanked the club for their ongoing support and recognised previous members   and the incoming president of the Eastwood Rotary club Don Will.
The ceremonies continued with Andrew Sullivan introducing the outgoing President Gerry to his “Successor” Gerry.
Gerry continued the formalities by thanking outgoing secretary Alan Moss for his hard work and continued support over many years and of his strong aptitude for Cryptic crosswords.
Membership was next mentioned, the club now having 20 members and the disappointment of the resignation of Geoff Hudson. Numbers have remained the same however with Judy Greenway joining the club.
Proceedings then went into fun and nostalgia mode with Alan's many slides bringing back memories for many of us of the fun times and wonderful friends and experiences we have shared together throughout the years. It was delightful seeing the smiles on so many faces as we shared conviviality and fellowship.
Memories of a gathering on the Buffalo, Angus and his choristers, Sandy’s handover at the Pagoda, the” Two Rangas” and the Pit Stop Checks for men’s health awareness all reminded us of the ongoing importance of comradery and  service.
President Gerry was then gob smacked by the announcement by D G Kim that he was the recipient of a Paul Harris Fellowship. He was for once in his life temporarily stuck for words and embraced the experience  for the great honour that it was.
This was a wonderful meeting of friends and fellow club members ending the service year on a high note full of optimism for the future of our club.
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Club Meeting 12 June

How To Stay Healthy And Be A Rotarian At 100

Guest Speaker Dr Rob Ruston-Smith
The good doctor gave us an entertaining insight into keeping fit and healthy.   
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Combined Club Meeting 27 February

Posted by Neville Highett on Mar 01, 2019

Chook McCoy on grapes and wine.

Combined Meeting - Hyde Park and Adelaide Parks Rotary Clubs
 A good roll up of members from both clubs met upstairs in the Hyde Park Tavern who enjoyed a night of fellowship and a presentation by guest speaker Chook McCoy. After 
leaving Adelaide and as a member of Brookvale Rotary Club Chook participated in a number of Variety Bashes raising over $400,000.
On his return to Adelaide he attempted to grow almonds in the McLaren Vale area.  However, the Corellas thought that the almonds were food for them so the venture was not successful.
Needing to find a cash flow to live he ventured into tourism and established Chooks Passenger Transport and Chook’s Little Winery Tours.
This has been a very successful business and been recognised with SA Tourism awards and has received the Trott Trophy as a tourist ambassador..
The members then had the opportunity to try three wines different wines. As Chook said ‘good wine needs good grapes’ and McLaren Vale has the soil and weather conditions to produce great grapes.
An interesting feature of the Grenache presented was that the addition of ice does not change the flavour.
A great night enjoyed by all present.
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The Bunnings BBQ Story

Posted by Geoff Hudson on Jan 13, 2019
The Hyde Park Rotary Club was serving sausages last Friday, and although it was a hot day, and slow in the morning, it was another successful fund-raising activity that will contribute to the coffers for donation to worthy projects through the year.
The following article was on the back page of this weekend's Financial Review and I thought it would be of interest to members.
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Christmas 2018

Posted by Geoff Hudson on Dec 13, 2018

 Sharing  the Joy of Christmas

A wonderful night of celebration for Christmas 2018 and a successful calendar year of the Hyde Park Rotary Club was held at the Handly House with Rob and Erica going all out (see photo) with the help of Rotarians and partners. Rotarians brought along non-perishable foodstuffs to donate to FoodBank who do a wonderful job providing meals for those in need based mainly on food rescued from supermarkets
A wonderful meal with starters in the garden (see photo) was followed by a festive feast of baked, glazed ham, chicken, smoked fish, baked potatoes with sour cream and a fantastic array of salads. It really was a long table event with 26 enjoying al fresco dining and lively conversation. The usual 3 for $5 raffle and two "lollies in the jar" competitions were held with winners including Cecile Moss, Barbara Boxer Libby Savis and Mike McAuliffe who won both lolly jars with the same number guessed. He graciously passed one in and Peter Griffiths was also in the mix.
The choice of deserts was truly amazing with the centrepiece being a croquembouche (French: "something that crunches in the mouth"), a cone of profiteroles filled with creme anglaise and decorated with toffee and strawberries. There was also a rich chocolate cake, a fruit cake and a large bowl of strawberries and cherries. All delicious.
President Gerry thanked all those for their contributions and particularly Rob and Erica for their hard work and making their house available. He noted that membership had been stable over the last 6 months and hoped that it could be increased in the next 6 months
The twelfth of December is a very special day in the RCHP with three of our members/partners celebrating their birthday, and there was a rousing rendition of the birthday song in celebration. The three with birthdays are on the left- Peter Barbara and Sam. My research shows that in any group of 23 people there is a 50% probability that two will have common birthdays, and this rises to 99.9% with just 70 people. Now what is the probability of three people in a group of 23? Anyone like to calculate that.
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RYLA Thebarton Senior College

RYLA Recipient Hassanatou Bah Presents

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership program coordinated by Rotary Clubs around the globe. Each year, thousands of young people participate in this program. Young people ages 13–30 are sponsored by Rotary Clubs to attend the event run by the club's district committee.
This year Hassanatou Bah, a student from Thebarton Senior College participated in the award and came to the Rotary Club of Hyde Park to make a presentation on her experiences. She was accompanied by two other students and teacher Nick Antoniades.
The photograph shows Hassanatou with her certificate and Nick, Bernie and President Gerry.
The presentation by Hassanatou was remarkable. She started by having us all participate in a "laughing" exercise with each person in the room in turn giving a "ha" in increasing numbers. A great loosener before she expressed the great value that she had gained from her RYLA experience in the key aspects of leadership, values and goal setting. She enthusiastically explained that she had loved every aspect of RYLA and how it had left her feeling positive about the future. It was only later that Hassanatou explained that prior to RYLA that she had great difficulty talking to groups, and often would laugh nervously. This time she had us do the laughing!
Nick expressed his thanks to the Club and indicated that Hassanatou would appreciate the opportunity to help out in a future fund raising activity to provide some support in thanks for her memorable experience as a RYLA Awardee.
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Fantastic French Feast Update

The Fantastic French Feast Fundraiser hosted by the McIntyres late November raised $700 which was a great result.
This was topped up from Rotary funds to total of $1000 which was donated to the drought fund.
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Fund Raising for Drought Relief

Posted by Geoff Hudson on Nov 26, 2018

Fantastic French Feast

Ann and Iain McIntyre excelled themselves by opening their house the more than 20 Rotary members and partners for a spectacular French themed lunch to raise funds for drought relief. The meal was a five course gastronomic treat as per the menu below. Some how I missed the L'Amuse Bouche but went straight to the seasonal asparagus with a dressing of strawberry mayonnaise. Sounds a bit strange- tastes delicious.
There was a choice of mains, chicken thigh fillets in a Madagascan green pepper sauce and/or slow cooked lamb with caramelised onion and red wine, and a great choice of vegetables, potatoes, beans, carrots and cauliflower all done in French style. And then there were the deserts! An amazing choice of deserts including many classics from Larousse Gastronomic! And then there was a selection of cheeses and "fancies" with tea and coffee.
The drought in Eastern and Central Australia has been rolling on for several years but reached crisis point this year and our farmers and there animals have been doing it tough. This event was a fund raiser providing financial assistance to allow support for these farmers and feed for their animals. Thanks to Ann and Iain for their generous support of this event.

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Donations in Kind

Posted by Geoff Hudson on Nov 15, 2018

RAH Surplus Equipment Finds a Home

Annual General Meetings of The Rotary Club of Hyde Park and the Rotary Club of Hyde Park Charitable Trust Inc. were held on Wednesday 14th following the prior distribution of Minutes and Reports. Peter Griffiths was elected as Treasurer for 2019/20 while discussions to fill the positions of President and Secretary are in progress. The Charitable Trust Management Committee for 2018/19 was elected and comprised Peter Griffiths, Theo Kruys, Sandy Matz, Roger Thomas, Mike McAuliffe and Miles Harper with Gerry Greenway ex-officio as President of the Rotary Club.
The guest speaker for the meeting Dave Cockshell, Chair of the Donations in Kind Program was introduced by Sandy Matz and gave a most informative and interesting presentation on the Royal Adelaide Hospital Project. This is one of the largest single Rotary projects in SA and involved the identification and delivery of the surplus equipment that resulted from the relocation of the RAH to its new site. The total replacement value of the bio-equipment is estimated to be $7m and non bio-medical equipment $5.6m.
Many thousands of requests for equipment were received from developing country agencies and of the 65 interested parties, 28 remain, including 13 from Africa, 6 from Asia, 2 from the SW Pacific, 1 from the Kazakstan and one from Tasmania. To date, 19 projects have been completed or are in progress. Dave was delighted to be present in Fiji for the arrival, unpacking and installation of the equipment that went to the Sigatoka Hospital on the south coast of Viti Levu west of Suva. The equipment will contribute to the hospital facilities and the management of patients.
Peter Griffiths thanked Dave for his interesting and stimulating presentation.
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La Tombola Restaurant

Posted by Sandra Matz on Nov 13, 2018

Buon Cibo

Fifteen members and partners enjoyed an excellent meal and companionship at La Tombola Restaurant, Unley Road on Wednesday 7th November as part of the scheduled first Wednesday social meeting.
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Judy Greenway and Rotary Health

Posted by Gerry Greenway and Alan Moss on Nov 02, 2018

Travels with Judy and Gold Award

Last night our Guest Speaker was Judy Greenway who gave a very colourful insight into her experiences in Lake Jackson, Texas, Taipei and Bangkok in all of which she spent four years. When she was 8 years old her mother strongly advised her to take up tennis which she said would stand her in good stead to make friends if she ever lived in the country. This proved to be excellent advice although neither of them had any idea what travels would actually transpire!
With a great Texan drawl Judy related how on arrival in Lake Jackson she was met by a neighbour with an apple pie and an offer of babysitting (although her two children were yet to arrive then!). There were frequent community shrimp boils and clambakes followed by pecan pies in the town square and the locals were very friendly indeed. A Sherrif with  two guns, a 10 gallon hat and a rifle in a pick up proved a daunting experience when taking her driving licence. In Texas tornadoes and hurricanes were a way of life. It was a dry county and Fosters and Mateus Rose had to be smuggled over the border.
Four years later in 1986 Judy and her family moved to Taipei, Taiwan where the Airport was heavily guarded and there was a strong military presence everywhere. The President had just died and one funereal type tune was played continuously on radio and TV for three days. Snakes proliferated and Judy had one slide over her feet and found another in her swimming pool. There was an earthquake on her second day there. A local tourist spot was Sun Moon Lake and a terrible tragedy occurred when one evening on a crowded boat almost everyone moved to one side to see the sun set and it sank, drowning 84 people including entire families from BP who worked there.
The last stop was Bangkok where the traffic was incredibly congested and it took Judy 2 hours to travel 7 kms to play bridge and cars often had portaloos in them! She lived for four months in the Bangkok Hilton (no, not that one!) whilst her home was being built and on occasion there was a major road crash nearby necessitating everyone in the Hotel to immediately evacuate, including many hookers. Prices were a great deal cheaper then Taipei an this was her favourite stay.
In both Taipei and Bangkok business deals often included a local girl for the night and an extraordinary 85% of marriages were broken due to this.
Judy finished by saying that her next postings would have been Holland, Argentina and Oman but they were to be for another wife and another life and her best years were yet to come.
We were pleased to have present at our meeting Barbara Wheatcroft who is the Chairperson of the District Australian Rotary Health Committee. The reason for her visit was to present Peter Griffiths with a Gold Award for his ongoing generous support for ARH. Pictured here is Peter receiving his award from Barbara.
Judy Greenway and Rotary Health Gerry Greenway and Alan Moss 2018-11-01 13:30:00Z 0

The Vogue Duo in Performance

Posted by Alan Moss on Oct 30, 2018

A Night of Music for ShelterBox

On Saturday the 27th of October the club held a magnificent event at the Unley Primary School Sports Hall featuring the musical talents of Antonio and Kate Villano who perform as the Vogue Duo.
The event was organised as a fund raiser for ShelterBox Australia, a Rotary Project which provides emergency aid for the victims of natural disasters overseas where immediate help is not otherwise available.
We were fortunate to have present on the night Mike Greenslade the CEO of ShelterBox Australia and also our District Governor Elect Tim Klar. A ShelterBox was on display in the hall and Mike gave us all a brief overview of the history of the project.
During the interval in the show a large number of those present took the opportunity to have a closer inspection of the ShelterBox and its contents. 
The main part of the night was the superb performance of the Vogue Duo who took us all on a very relaxed and pleasant musical journey. The second half of the show included musical requests from the floor and we were all impressed by their ability to perform almost everything requested. This part of the evening produced some amazing scenes on the dance floor and several Rotarians  gave virtuoso performances. No doubt the Deep Heat and other remedies made an appearance on Sunday.
Thanks go to the many members of the club who made this event such an enjoyable and worthwhile evening. Particular mention should be made of President Gerry who put in many hours behind the scenes getting the event up and running and the ever reliable Colleen, Lyn and Margaret who organised the raffle and door prizes.
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The Great Debate

Posted by Geoff Hudson on Oct 26, 2018

Lost in a Photo Finish

The annual Great Debate between the Rotary Clubs of Unley and Hyde Park was held on Wednesday 24th October at the Damien on Fisher Street and drew a crowd of about 45 members and guests. Presidents Trevor McGuirk and Gerry Greenway shared the announcements and reminders and then we got down to the serious business of the Debate- "Should South Australia host the Commonwealth Games" with Hyde Park taking the negative. Each team of three speakers was allowed 3 minutes to present with a warning at 2.5 minutes.
Peter Griffiths chaired the debate and was official time keeper, but sadly this did not give us sufficient edge to take off the gold medal.
Tony Houey was the adjudicator and was eminently qualified for the job as he chairs the schools debating competition that involves 264 schools.
Valery Bonython lead off for the affirmative and was followed by Graham Beckett and Stephen Baker. The Hyde Park team was lead by Neville Highett, with Miles Harper and Geoff Hudson. Despite the best efforts of the negative side, we lost by 3 points in a tight competition. All speakers were given high praise by the adjudicator (that's his job), and suggested that Rotary should debate in front of school students.
Hyde Park did not come away completely empty handed as Alan won a box of chocolates in the raffle, not that I got any! [Correction: Alan won a bar of chocolate!]
A good time was had by all in a very convivial atmosphere.
Thanks to Sandy for the photos.
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Travelling with a Difference

Posted by Geoff Hudson on Sep 13, 2018

Experience Myanmar

Ian Stanford has worked in the travel industry for over 40 years and has merged this experience with his Rotary membership into a philosophy of travel-See the sights, get to know the people and their culture and make a difference.
Last Wednesday he and his partner Joan made a presentation on their experiences travelling in Myanmar. Despite recent issues, this ancient country offers the traveller a wonderful experience if you can get off the beaten track to meet and eat with the local people, hear their stories and experience their culture. It is essential that you have a great tour guide to ensure access to more personal situations.
Ian illustrated the "Making a Difference" by demonstrating an English language teaching method that has had great success in face-to-face teaching. In the future, it would be made available on line and asked for volunteers to assist in teaching. Ian is firmly of the belief that learning English is the quickest way out of poverty. 
A tour to St Judes and other places in Tanzania is in the planning stages and Ian is keen to involve Rotarians so that "Making a Difference" can be an integral part of activities. Past President, Rob Handley, thanked Ian and Joan and presented them with a Clare riesling.
Contact Details:,
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Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

Posted by Geoff Hudson on Jul 13, 2018

Chilly start to BBQ

The troops were on hand in the crisp morning air on Friday the 13th for the Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser, but as the hot plate was fired up and the sun began to shine, it turned out to be a beautiful day. I shudder to think just how many sausages Rotary clubs in Australia have cooked. Some say, if they were put end to end, they would reach to the moon and back.
It was a slow start to the day as usual, but by mid-morning the pace had picked up and the pressure started to build. It is safe to say that under Rob's direction, the production rate now closely matches the sale rate which ensures a quality product.
The morning shift comprised Mike McCauliffe, Rob Handly, Peter Griffiths, Geoff Hudson and President Gerry. Yoshi Ikeda came along with his wife Masa and their son and daughter, and that was really pleasant to have their company in the morning.
With the change of shift at 12.30 pm  Alan Moss, Allen Stanley, Jill Highett, Lyn Pomery and Andrew Sullivan took over, although Rob Handley continued cooking for a while being replace during the afternoon by Allen Stanley and Andrew Sullivan. Jill Highett and Lyn Pomery served the hungry hordes in a highly efficient manner, while Alan Moss was kept busy at the cash box.
The afternoon was very busy and mid afternoon, and Rob Handly was the runner to get more sausages and bread. Sales continued until 4 pm and we were still serving whilst packing up and had just 2 cooked sausages left. Treasurer Peter Griffiths arrived at 4 pm and retreated to the counting house with the assistance of Alan Moss to count the money.
Thanks to all those who helped with particular honourable mentions to Gerry, Andrew, Rob and Erica Handley  for all the hard work before and after the event.
Masa and son and daughter helpers
Peter and Gerry deal out the snags.
Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser Geoff Hudson 2018-07-12 14:30:00Z 0

Yalari Indigenous Scholarships

Posted by Geoff Hudson on Jul 12, 2018

Scotch College Closes the Gap

Abhra Bhattacharjee, Director of Philanthropy and External Relations, Scotch College Adelaide is thanked by Club Treasurer Peter Griffiths for his presentation on Scotch College Adelaide's program for indigenous students in partnership with Yalari, a not-for-profit organisation offering scholarships to indigenous children.
Since 2005 Yalari has been offering secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for indigenous children from regional and remote communities. Scotch College joined the Yalari Program in 2008 and has graduated 12 students to date, and has the objective of having at least two students at every secondary level, in any given year.
To be eligible for one of Yalari's fifty Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Scholarships, the applicant must be an indigenous child from a regional, rural or remote community in Australia who is entering year 7. Following application, students go through a rigorous process by Yalari, and short-listed candidates are interviewed in their own home with their family. Following this, students are interviewed by their selected school. Successful students travel, tuition and boarding costs are funded by the school, Yalari and ABSTUDY.
Abhra spoke about the value of the program not only to the indigenous students, but to their classmates as well, who gained a much better appreciation of the culture and issues of Australia's first people. There are 187 Yalari Scholars nationally, and 313 past graduates have gone on to tertiary study at universities, TAFE and colleges.
The talk generated numerous questions from the floor and was appreciated by all. Peter Griffiths proposed a vote of thanks.
Yalari Indigenous Scholarships Geoff Hudson 2018-07-11 14:30:00Z 0

Change Over Dinner June 2018

A Celebratory Night for the Change Over

A lively group of 26 members and partners/guests had dinner at the Hyde Park Tavern to witness the hand over of the Presidency of the Club from Rob Handley to Gerry Greenway and the announcement of the new Board, and to hear from Tim Klar, Assistant Governor and District Governor Elect.
 President Rob welcomed members and special guests and and thanked them from attending the evening that he considered one of the highlights of the years activities. He thanked those on the board who had provided excellent assistance throughout the year, and farewelled retiring member Allan Stanley for his service to the club, in particular with respect to communications via the web.
Tim Klar responded to our toast on behalf of Rotary International and gave a spirited presentation on Rotary and its founding fathers and an update on the changing Rotary scene around the world where overall numbers are being maintained with declining membership in first world countries being balanced by growth elsewhere.
Tim then went on to announce Andrew Sullivan as the Paul Harris Fellow and presented him with a certificate ad pin in recognition of his years of service with the club.  Andrew was Club President for the 2014/2015 year and has held positions of Vice President, Secretary, Fundraising Director and Programmer.
Outgoing President Rob then officially handed over the Presidency for 2018/19 to Gerry Greenway and anointed him with the Presidential Medal. Gerry thanked Rob for his service and went on to outline that the structure of meetings for the coming year would be following the tone set by Rob. The new board was introduced as follows:
President : Gerry Greenway
Vice Presidents : Robert Handley
                              Andrew Sullivan
Secretary:  Alan Moss
Treasurer: Peter Griffiths
Club Service: Robert Handley
Community Service: Margaret Blake
International: Rodger Thomas
New Generations: Bernie Boxer
Projects: Andrew Sullivan

Outgoing President Rob inducts new President Gerry Greenway into the Presidency with Tim Klar, Andrew Sullivan and others watching on.


Tim Klar affixes the Paul Harris Medal to Andrew Sullivan's lapel.


A relaxed moment at the Presidential table. Gerry making the most of it before the year starts


Member Yoshi Ikeda, his wife Masa and father Mark (retired member) enjoy the event.

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Mtg 1777 - 1st Mortgage Investing

Investment in Mortgage

Guest speaker at Meeting 1777 of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park was Club member, Gerry Greenway. Stressing that he was NOT touting for business, Gerry gave us an incite into the interesting world of 1st mortgage investment.
After selling real estate for over 40 years Gerry bought a Conveyancing Practice in 1993 which had access to $1m of investor funds. He has since grown this to over $31 million, all by word of mouth referrals, and I am very proud of this.
There is a need for private (i.e. non-Bank) mortgages for a one year term with monthly interest only payments. Mortgage applications arrive from all over Australia on a range of housing, units, vacant land, commercial and industrial properties. An independent valuation is arranged and a maximum of 70% of this is lent. The lender holds the title, registered mortgage and insurance policy – just like a Bank does when lending.
The current (Feb18) interest rate is 7.5% which is 2-3 times what can be obtained by leaving funds in a Bank. An example would be a $250,000 mortgage for a one year term with monthly interest payments of $1,562.50. There are no fees to the lender.
Thank you Gerry. We now have a much clearer understanding about the principles of investing in the provision of mortgage finance.
The meeting then went on to discuss the future for the Rotary Club of Hyde Park Charitable Trust with members asked to consider filling Board Positions about to be vacated by retiring long service office bearers.
To conclude, a new Club banner was presented from member Rodger Thomas who had them made through contacts in the Rotary Club of Bandung Braga Metropolitan (RCBBM) in Indonesia.
Mtg 1777 - 1st Mortgage Investing Allen Stanley 2018-02-18 13:30:00Z 0

2018 Fundraising - Entertainment Book

Fundraising with Entertainment™ is here again for 2018-19.
Watch this space for details about how to get your Book or Digital subscription for this years great savings on dining, shopping, accommodation, travel.
20% of your purchase of EB will contribute towards our fundraising!
We look forward to your support of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park.
2018 Fundraising - Entertainment Book Allen Stanley 2018-02-16 13:30:00Z 0

2017 UPS BBQ

Unley Primary School 2017 Celebration Day BBQ

The synergy between Hyde Park Rotary Club and Unley Primary School is alive and well - BBQing for Unley Primary School for their end of year Celebration Day on a perfect calm sunny afternoon. Undaunted by the unexpected activation of the sprinkler system in a "de ja vous" moment reminiscent of last year, the students performed well-rehearsed dance and musical routines and families picnicked to celebrate the year.
The RCHP team of Andrew Sullivan organising setup before departing to celebrate his birthday, Mike McAuliffe delivering the trailer, Peter Whitehouse and Allen Stanley on tongs for sausages & onions and Sue Whitehouse and Colleen Ragghianti setting out serviettes and bread were kept busy for a little over 2 hours while school parents, led by Richard, sold about 500 sausages and many kilograms of caramelised onions with a selection of sauces. 
Champions of raffle ticket sales, Bernie Boxer and Sandy Matz, set up close to the line of sausage buyers, were kept busy selling tickets for our 2017 Christmas Raffle. When it was all over the trailer was taken away by Jim Handley and Lynne to be prepared for use at the Unley Gourmet Gala celebrating the TDU on King William Road in late January.
Merry Christmas UPS. Hope to see you next year.
2017 UPS BBQ Allen Stanley 2017-12-10 13:30:00Z 0

Christmas Raffle - Unley Shopping Centre

RCHP selling Christmas Raffle tickets, fundraising for Rotary Youth and Local Community projects in 2018.

Saturday 9th December 2017 - Gerry Greenway and Allen Stanley (photographed by Geoff , the ghost, Hudson) spent the morning at Unley Shopping Centre  capturing the passing community for their support and the chance of winning the $1,000 First Prize or $500 Christmas Basket Second Prize or $400 Children's Christmas Basket Third Prize.

Supporters usually have something of interest to offer. One lady would buy a ticket if we looked after her dog while she shopped - "but be careful, he is prone to snarl and snap when approached from behind because it was treated badly early in life." We were successful with Lee Camporeale, wife of past DG. Another person wanted to give a donation - we gave her tickets to the value for her generosity.

Several people expressed an interest in joining the Club next year - will be great if it happens.

Geoff rode off with shopping in hand to read the paper then returned to share the afternoon shift with Neville Highett and Andrew Sullivan.

The sunday shifts were taken by Andrew Sullivan and Lyn Pomery.

Christmas Raffle - Unley Shopping Centre Allen Stanley 2017-12-10 13:30:00Z 0

Precious Cargo BBQ 2017

BBQ Picnic at Precious Cargo Fisher Street to celebrate Year End
The penultimate RCHP BBQ event for 2017 proved once again that the friendship between Hyde Park Rotary Club and Myrtle Bank Precious Cargo is mutually beneficial to both organisations.
With setting up under a canopy of Peppercorn trees supervised by Andrew Sullivan before he departed for other commitments, our BBQ chef team of Mike McAuliffe and Yoshi Ikeda kept the sausages and caramelized onions coming for money man Alan Moss and servers Allen Stanley and Cecilie Moss as they fed the Precious Cargo families enjoying a picnic on a perfect mild evening at the Fisher Street facilities on 108Dec17. Thank you so much for helping out Cec - couldn't have done it without you.
While the children were enthusiastically dancing, performing and petting a baby fresh-water crocodile, rabbit, chicken or owl and playing on a Jumping Castle, raffle sellers extraordinaire, Margaret Blake and Bernie Boxer, added to the successful Christmas Raffle ticket sales.
Thank you Precious Cargo, for having us back again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Precious Cargo BBQ 2017 Allen Stanley 2017-12-07 13:30:00Z 0

2017 Christmas Raffle






Details to follow

The Annual fundraising Christmas Raffle conducted by The Rotary Club of Hyde Park is up and running again this year. This is the Club's major fundraiser for support of Rotary Youth and Local Community projects.

The RCHP 2017 Christmas Raffle has three amazing prizes:
1st Prize - $1000 cash
2nd Prize - an adult's hamper values at $500
3rd Prize - a children's Christmas basket valued at $400 stuffed with toys and games
With only 4000 tickets available you have a 1 in 1333 chance of being a prize winner.
Look for club members selling tickets at:
Unley Shopping Centre Sat 02Dec17 and Sun 03Dec17, 10am-3pm
Unley Shopping Centre Sat 09Dec17 and Sun 10Dec17, 10am-3pm
If you can't get to ticket locations and still want to support us please contact the Club Secretary, Alan Moss, on 0418 845 141.
The draw will be conducted at 12 noon on Thursday 21Dec17.
Prize winners will be contacted directly by telephone, email or mail and published our web page at
2017 Christmas Raffle Allen Stanley 2017-12-04 13:30:00Z 0

Michael McAuliffe Honoured

Paul Harris with 2 Sapphires to Michael McAuliffe

 Past District 9520 Governor Jerry Casburn presented a Paul Harris pin with 2 Sapphires to Past President Mike in recognition of the selfless service to Rotary through his tireless efforts to revitalise The Rotary Club of Hyde Park while holding repeated positions as President and Treasurer.
The Club proudly salutes you Mikey. You are every bit the gem in your justly deserved pin and so much more than the face behind the RCHP BBQ Trailer.
Michael McAuliffe Honoured Allen Stanley 2017-11-28 13:30:00Z 0

2017 Presentation to RAWCS

In the wake of the outstanding success of the Cabaret Night of music presented by the very talented local four piece singing group The 60 Four, event organiser Peter Griffith for the Rotary Club of Hyde Park presented a cheque for $6,250 to Jerry Casburn on behalf of RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service).

Jerry then gave a presentation to the meeting about the work of RAWCS, which he described as the best kept secret in Rotary.
Working hand in hand with The Rotary Foundation, RAWCS is a vehicle for tax deductible  donations to support a wide range of projects aimed at the betterment of people in desperate need.
The organisation:
  • manages project funding in excess of $30m per year
  • assists in the development of new projects
  • supports teams going overseas to conduct projects
  • distributes goods collected by Donations in Kind (DIK)
  • supports Rotarians Against Malaria (which may be the next Rotary International project after the eradication of polio)
  • supports Safe Water Saves Lives
  • supports Rotary Australia Benevolent Society
  • allocates Compassion Grants from a $1m fund donated by Dick Smith for projects within Australia
  • supports Rotary Developed Countries Disaster Fund
  • supports project volnteers
  • runs on the smell of an oily rag, only taking 2.5% from donations for one full-time and one part-time employees
Acting President Mike McAuliffe (right) thanked Jerry for helping us better understand the work and value of RAWCS.
2017 Presentation to RAWCS Allen Stanley 2017-11-28 13:30:00Z 0

School of St Jude - Final News for 2017

Posted on Nov 23, 2017
St Jude Brand Mark School of St Jude - Final News for 2017: Cause for Hope
 View online  or download the PDF Version
Click on picture links to view online story details
Cause for Hope
It's the final edition of St Jude's News for 2017. This month, you'll meet people in our community who demonstrate moral and intellectual leadership in all they do. We're well and truly on the way to achieving our dream of nurturing Tanzania's future leaders.
I've recently returned from a whirlwind trip to the USA, where Australian Ambassador, Joe Hockey, hosted an event for St Jude's at the Embassy of Australia in Washington D.C. It was so wonderful catching up with our American friends, and of course, St Jude's graduates studying with the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program - ALA in the USA! Thanks to all who made the visit such a success. 
Finally, Thank you for your amazing support through what has been a sensational 15th year for St Jude's. It is because of you that we are fighting poverty through education.    
Wishing you and yours a delightful Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Victory Beyond St Jude's Vicky passes on the gift of education at her former government school. 
St Jude's Day Celebration 2017 Our school's special celebrations gave everyone cause for hope.
A Desire to Inspire Jackson and Rehema are school captains. They show us what it means to be a moral and intellectual leader. 
Service with a Smile The Smith secondary campus service program gives students the chance to spread St Jude's ripple effect.
Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders Firmin is driven by purpose - an inspiring teacher and role model for all. 
Annual Highlights Gallery Look back at  the exciting year that was 2017!
Sponsor | Donate | Share St Jude Brand Mark
School of St Jude - Final News for 2017 Allen Stanley 2017-11-22 13:30:00Z 0

School of St Jude - Josephina

Posted on Nov 23, 2017
Thanks to Ian Stewart & Sandy Matz for providing the following update about Josephina's Community Service year.
Josephina is sponsored by The Rotary Club of Hyde Park Charitable Trust.
School of St Jude - Josephina Allen Stanley 2017-11-22 13:30:00Z 0

Bandung Update - More Laptop Computers

Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Bandung Street Kids Project Update - more computers


Thanks once again to the support of CALVERT Technologies we have another four laptop computers ready to send up to the Bandung Street Kids Project in Indonesia.


The computers have come from  PARTEK, a leading South Australian building company, who have just upgraded their computer fleet and were pleased of the opportunity to help a worthy cause in preference to sending the old fleet to e-waste.


Club member and International Director Rodger Thomas will coordinate delivery of the laptops to Bandung on his next visit to the project.


Thank you Chris Cook at  PARTEK and Dean Calvert at  CALVERT. Your support helps make our effort worthwhile.


Dean Calvert with the next lot of computers for Bandung.


Bandung Update - More Laptop Computers Allen Stanley 2017-11-16 13:30:00Z 0

Super Sunday Recreation Count

Another Fundraising effort for RCHP

On Sunday 12Nov17 RCHP members Gerry Greenway and Allen Stanley participated in the Super Sunday Recreation Count organised around Australia by Bicycle Network.

With accreditation tickets around their necks Gerry  and Allen spent from 9am to 1pm counting the passing parade of cyclists, walkers, runners, dogs and other in 1hr blocks, noting particular paths being used.

Gerry, monitoring a trail in Blackwood Hill Reserve, had eyes on 1 trail and noted 17 passes. Allen, situated at the end of Gloucester Ave, Belair adjacent Watiparinga Reserve had to monitor 5 trails with 93 passes. The last hour was almost not worth sticking around for.

The day was quite warm, 33C, but a light breeze, partial cloud cover and trees for shade made for a pleasant Sunday morning outing.

Alan Moss who dropped into each site with half time refreshments in the form of a cold Ginger Beer.   Oh! and we raised $120 each to add to funds for our many causes. If 6 more members volunteered next year we could raise almost $1,000! How good would it be if the Club could place more counters next year?



Super Sunday Recreation Count Allen Stanley 2017-11-12 13:30:00Z 0

Heather Earle - Visitor & Potential new member

Heather Earle - from Wonthaggi to Hyde Park

Hyde Park Rotary Club had the pleasure of welcoming Heather Earle to the meeting on Wednesday 8th November.
Heather, a current member of Wonthaggi Rotary Club in Victoria (near Phillip Island), has relocated to Adelaide and is looking for a new club.

President Rob Handley was presented with the Banner from Wonthaggi depicting a bottle of H20 for the Desalination Plant, a Wind Turbine, a Cow for Dairying, a Derrick for Mining and the Male-Female Handshake of Friendship.

Hope you liked what you saw heather. We look forward to your decision in our favour and welcoming you to the action team at RCHP.
Heather Earle - Visitor & Potential new member Allen Stanley 2017-11-08 13:30:00Z 0

Bandung Update - October 2017

Bandung Street Kids Project Update

October 2017

During his recent visit to Bandung, Rodger recent handed over laptops donated by Calvert Technology IT specialists and checked out progress with building renovations and extensions.


Under the guidance of the new programme manager, the shelter and school is progressing at a better than expected rate.


Support from the Hyde Park Rotary Club is gratefully appreciated and regularly acknowledged.





Rodger Thomas handing over laptops donated by Calvert Technology to the programme manager


Rodger Thomas handing over laptops donated by Calvert Technology to the programme manager


Work in progress to establish a bedroom




The completed bedroom



Bandung Update - October 2017 Rodger Thomas, Allen Stanley 2017-10-25 13:30:00Z 0

The Voice of Rotary

Have you heard about The Voice of Rotary
It is worth a listen - Broadcast on 1197AM RPH Adelaide each Tuesday 7.30-8.00 pm

From each Wednesday the broadcast program can be heard on-line at
For details about program details and articles go to

October 3rd Jack Reddin (R.C. of Murray Bridge) - “Mallee Emu Wren”
October 10th RDU Editorial (R.C. of Mobilong) - “Lifting the Lid on Mental Health”
October 17th Robin LeGallez (R.C. of Murray Bridge) - “The Purple House”
October 24th Kevin Lamb (R.C. of McLaren Vale) - “Mock Accident”
Information available from
Wendy Gaborit M. 0418 858 717
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Polio Ute Relay at Bunnings

POLIO UTE RELAY Hits Bunnings Mile End
District 9520 is supporting the Rotary International program END POLIO NOW through the Polio Ute Relay.

A Mazda ute, supplied by Paradise Motors, is the relay baton as it passes through 3 States, starting in  Broken Hill on Friday 15Sep17 and wending its way through Sunraysia, the Riverland, the Murraylands, the Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula before it enters the Adelaide metropolitan area around the 7th October. The 50 Rotary clubs in the district will all be involved as they hold events along the route, designed to encourage community participation and involvement.

On Sunday 15Oct17 Alan Moss, Allen Stanley, Bernie Boxer, Rob Handley and Jim Handley from The Rotary Club of Hyde Park sold raffle tickets along side the Relay Ute while The Rotary Club of Unley ran the BBQ at Bunnings Mile End with all proceeds going to the International drive to eradicate polio from the world.


Please take a moment to check the Polio Ute Relay website for details about this valuable project.


Polio Ute Relay at Bunnings Allen Stanley 2017-10-18 13:30:00Z 0

Donate Life

Donatelife - The next challenge for RCHP

Looking to life after Rotary International's End Polio Now programme, The Rotary Club of Hyde Park has agreed to a new challenge proposed by member Gerry Greenway - a push for Rotary support for a global programme to promote life saving organ donation.

After our Club's approval to support “Donate Life” (previously known as “Organ Donation”), Gerry wrote to the Group 6 Rotary Clubs 6 (Brownhill Creek, Eastwood, Mitcham and Unley) seeking their support  for this very important project which we hope will ultimately reach National and even International status and offering to speak to them to give a better understanding of our aspiration for what we will become a very low cost very high impact programme for RI.

 A recent visit to the office of Donate Life gained a close insight as to  how Rotary can be of assistance.


With South Australia being the only State to show Organ Donation election on Driver's Licences, perhaps a good start would be to get all Australian States to pick up on this life saving initiative.


The DonateLifeSA website provides more information about the invaluable work of the organisation in SA.

Look out for future articles for developments and updates.


Thanks for a great suggestion Gerry.

Donate Life Gerry Greenway, Allen Stanley 2017-10-13 13:30:00Z 0
Lift The Lid 2018 Allen Stanley 2017-09-28 14:30:00Z 0


The Rotary Clubs of Hyde Park, Mitcham and Brown Hill Creek, in conjunction with Road Safety Education, conducted another series of Roadsafe Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) seminars in the Education Building at Flinders University 27 & 28 September 2017 for Year 10 students from Mitcham Girls and Unley High schools.
Despite initial issues with visual aids and some busses being delayed by the closure of Unley Road due to a fire, the sessions went off without a hitch. Students, teachers and Rotary volunteers were presented with a fascinating and sometimes confronting range of interactive lectures supported with video presentations handbooks.
It is not a driving lesson. It is about responsibility, respect, awareness and looking out for your friends and looking after yourself.
All people getting ready to drive should have this experience.
Driving is NOT a right .... it is a privilege.
More details of the program on the website
RYDA_2017 Allen Stanley 2017-09-28 14:30:00Z 0

John Christensen on The Australian Constitution

Hats off to our Federal Constitution

The Rotary Club of Hyde Park enjoyed the privilege of an evening with John Christensen to get an over-site of the fascinating history of the Australian Constitution.
While slowly exploring our great land, John, supported by his wife Marg, is sharing his extensive knowledge about the Constitution with Clubs, schools, community groups, anyone who is interested in the hope that Australia will embrace his idea that the Constitution should be 'relocated' from the English statute books to Australia's statute books.
With the donning of various hat prompts and an occasional song, John was very animated as he led us through the historical drivers and political processes that culminated in the proclamation of the Constitution Act on 1 January 1901.
As the independent colonies of Australia settled in to relatively stable responsible government entities the late 1800s and European territorial ambitions in the Pacific region from French, German and Portuguese interests raised fears of possible conquest, our political leaders (along with NZ) held a Colonial Conference in 1890 which decided to hold a Constitutional Convention in Sydney in 1891. Matters to be decided included levels of representation from the different size colonies, trade protectionism, model for Federation and individual and federal responsibilities.
Drought, recession, bank failures and changes in government saw the process falter through the 1890s until the 1897-98 Constitutional Convention at which d Queensland were not represented and NZ had decided to no longer be considered part of the federation. All colonies except WA approved a draft Constitution by referendum. To give legal status to the Constitution it had to be incorporated in UK statute but commencement of the Bill was delayed pending Proclamation on 1 January 1901, by which time WA had agreed.
Although he does not expect to witness the relocation of our Constitution to Australian statute, John strongly advocates for a success referendum to achieve just that. He would like the document to be printed in one piece to be displayed in a prominent National location (probably Canberra) with the Commonwealth, States and Territories appointing citizens of note to gather at a ceremony and witness the document with their signatures.
Peter Griffiths gave thanks to John and Marg with the presentation of a Rotary coffee mug that we hope he will enjoy using in their motorhome during their travels.
Thank you John for a most memorable lesson in a part of our history that far too many no very little about. We hope that we will have the opportunity to toss our hats in the air to celebrate the success o f your vision for the future of the Australian Constitution.
Thank you Marg for being the driver of these incredibly generous opportunities.
RCHP wishes you both well on the journey of discovery, sharing, education and friendship.
If you get a chance to meet and hear John and Marg - DO SO.
For more information, visit
For a copies of The Australian Constitution:
- go to your App Store
- or your local public library
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RYE - Greetings from Olivia Sep17

Olivia says "Hi and Thanks"

Olivia, RCHP 2017 Rotary Exchange Student, has now settled into her new family in Switzerland and has sent a video greeting to the Club. Despite feeling a bit homesick she is well settled in school, has embraced the German/Swiss language with confidence and is preparing for a couple of small excursions.
Please take a moment to view her video greeting to the Club and keep her in your thoughts for the final 5 months of her experience of a life time. You may have to turn up the volume.
Only 100 days to go.



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Finn Peacock on domestic solar

Finn Peacock - Passionate about domestic solar power

Finn Peacock, guest speaker at meeting 1763 (Wednesday 13Sep17) of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park, is a Chartered Engineer with experience in nuclear power, lives in a hay bail house, and is ultra passionate about domestic solar power.
Through his company SolarQuotes, Finn has helped over 300,000 home owners around Australia to get into solar power with "honest, reputable providers".
The difference between Kilowatts (kW) and Kilowatt-Hours (kWh) was explained - kW is power and kWh is the rate of use of that power or energy.
A good solar panel, costing about $150, will capture 20% of the light falling on it and generate about 1kWh per day (equivalent to pedalling a bicycle hard for 8 hours). In current values that equates to about $3000 worth of electricity over 25 years. A typical house consumes about 16kWh/day and is ideally suited to a 5kW solar system (20 panels) but roof size usually governs the number of panels that can be installed.

The cost benefit of storage batteries for domestic application is still not cost effective, never reaching a break-even point in the life cycle cost. 3-5 days storage capacity is required to enable a house to go "off grid".

Bernie Boxer thanked Finn for his obvious dedication to the benefits of solar power and clean energy generally. The questions asked by members illustrated the level of interest in the topic. It was a pity that question time had to be cut short because of time.
Finn Peacock on domestic solar Allen Stanley 2017-09-15 14:30:00Z 0

ShelterBox Crisis Aid Sep17

Dear Rotary President
More than 1.7 million people have been affected in Nepal and over 8 million in Bangladesh.  The monsoon rains in Bangladesh have been some of the worst to hit the country in four decades, with 1/3 of the country experiencing flooding.
Will you help us provide shelter for families whose hopes and homes have been washed away?
ShelterBox currently has teams on the ground in Nepal and Bangladesh working with local organisations and Rotary Clubs to assess how we can support families.  
Just $50 could buy a water filter to provide a family with safe drinking water.
  $100 could pay for a ShelterKit to repair damaged homes or build an emergency shelter.
Disasters don't stop. Neither do we.
Hurricane Irma is causing chaos in the Caribbean as we standby to help in Haiti, Cuba and other affected islands.

ShelterBox currently has nine active deployments and we need your support.


Category 5 Hurricane Irma is currently barrelling through the Caribbean with sustained wind speeds of 300 km/h. We are sending out a highly-trained ShelterBox Response Team today to understand how we can help families who have lost everything. The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Florida are still in the potential path of this ferocious storm. 


But it's not just these countries who have been affected by adverse weather - the last two weeks have brought devastating flooding around the world. More than 1.7 million people have been affected in Nepal, while a third of Bangladesh is under water. Huge areas of India and Myanmar are also in need of support.

Help us build a world where no family goes without shelter. Will you support us today?



 What does a category 5 hurricane look like? What do the different categories mean? Watch as James Luxton, Special Deployments Lead, talks you through everything you need to know about Hurricane Irma. 




Please donate now to ensure we are able to help families in Nepal, Bangladesh, The Caribbean and Mexico, as well as other locations around the world affected by disasters.
Many thanks for your support.
Mike Greenslade
CEO ShelterBox Australia
   ShelterBox Austalia, PO Box 254, Parramatta, NSW, 2124 Tel: 1300 996 038 
                                                        ABN: 21 143 129 220                                  
Rotary and ShelterBox are Project Partners for international disaster response. ShelterBox Australia is a not-for-profit, independent of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation
Address postal inquiries to:
ShelterBox Australia
3rd Floor
Rotary Down Under
43 Hunter St
Sydney NSW 2150
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Cabaret Night

A night of music from the Sixties with The 60 Four
Oh! What A Night!
The 60 Four (Ben, Kyle, Lachlan & Jordan) brought Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons to Adelaide in grand style on Saturday night at a fundraiser for The Rotary Club of Hyde Park.
A full house at the Unley Primary School Hall was treated to 2 hours of music from the 60s that most in attendance cut their Rock’n’Roll teeth on.
The audience sang along with fondly remembered songs like Sing Sing Sing, Shout, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Twist and Shout, and many more. The music of Benny Goodman, Neil Sedaka, Johnny O’Keefe, The Beatles, Roy Orbison and several others had us tapping feet, clapping hands, bopping and dancing.
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2017 Fundraising - RCHP Cabaret with The 60 Four sold out Allen Stanley 2017-08-30 14:30:00Z 0

Unley Cycling/Walking Plan 2016-21

Satyen Gandhi - "Unley's Walking & Cycling Plan 2016-17"

Guest Speaker Satyen Gandhi, Transport and Traffic Lead, City of Unley presented a very interesting summary of the planned intentions for improvements to Walking and Cycling movement through the City of Unley area.
A walking and cycling friendly city is one with less noise, cleaner air, healthier citizens and a stronger economy. It’s a city that is a nicer place to be in, where individuals have a higher quality of life, accessibility is high and there is a simple route from thought to action to participate in social, cultural, work/leisure activities or buy locally.
Active transport (any form of transport involving physical activity) is therefore not a singular goal but rather an effective tool to use when creating a vibrant city with space for diversity and development. The 2016-17 Plan aims to be World Class and achieve current Best Practice and build on the World Health Organisations accreditation.
Since becoming the only metropolitan council with a city-wide 40kph speed limit the council area has achieved a 20% reduction in crash numbers despite being a "pass-through" zone for 300,000 cars per day for many outer areas. The number of cyclists passing through the Council area doubled between 2015 and 2017.
The Council is striving to establish a seamless network of cycling/walking ways with a rolling programme of filling the gaps between existing routes.
After fielding several questions from the assembly, Satyen was thanked by Peter Griffiths and presented with a Club coffee mug.
Thank You Satyen for letting us in on the grand cycling & walking future in the friendly city of Unley.
Unley Cycling/Walking Plan 2016-21 Allen Stanley 2017-08-28 14:30:00Z 0

Youth Services Update Aug17

Rotary Youth Services News - August 2017


Damian Leach


I spoke to many of you at District Assembly, and I'd initially like to thank your clubs for your continuing support of our youth programs. 
As I spoke about at both of those events, I have been in the process of developing a range of promotional materials you can utilise both within, and outside of your clubs. Click on the following documents to our latest information relating to Youth Services:
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Shelterbox Aug17 Newsletter



eNewsletter August 2017

ShelterBox is proud to be a Project Partner of Rotary International
Open Read More... for
- President's Message
- Lake Chad Basin
- Somaliland
- IRAQ - Displacement from Mosul offensive
- Laen Wilkin - Ballina to Byron Bay Bike Ride
- Recognition for hard-working Ambassadors
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RYE - Olivia Aug17

Olivia is moving

A short note from Olivia -


Thought you might want to see my bag progression after 7 months and my first host family change. From 1 suitcase to 10 ... hope all is well. Olivia


Response from her home based mentor, Allen S -


At least you won't be faced with excess baggage premium for this relocation - unless the host had to get  trailer to move you!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you're not too sad to be leaving family number 1. They will always have a special place in your heart. Good luck with the new family. Looking forward to hearing about them. Will you be at the same school? I just had a thought - how would you feel about recording a short video update for me to show at a Rotary meeting? No pressure though.
Make the most of the remaining summer. We are slowly drifting out of ours.
Cheers. Allen

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Bandung Update - August 2017

Bandung Street Kids Project Update

August 2017

Since Rodger’s recent visit to the Bandung Street Kids Project the following is in progress:


The renovations are well in hand to accommodate doubling the number of children in the shelter by Dec ember 2017.


The RC BBM has started financial aid but obviously want our assistance toward this if possible.


The Banner for RC Hyde Park (once we decide the lettering or format) will be hung in the shelter in recognition for our assistance since the concept of the project.


The procurement of Land for future development will be put on hold at present as the priority is the Girls - the focus being on the girls and their needs.


RC BBM will increase effort on publicity within West Java and RCHP is to do the same with Rotary, Politicians, Industry and Individuals here Australia.


The new Program Manager will submit a report to Rodger in the near future. The report will be in Indonesian as he realised that Rodger can converse with him in Indonesian and he does not speak English.

Bandung Update - August 2017 Rodger Thomas, Allen Stanley 2017-08-06 14:30:00Z 0

Prof Vic Gostin & the Acraman Asteroid

Why can volcanic rock debris be found in the Flinders Ranges?

Members of Hyde Park Rotary Club know, thanks to the guest speaker on Wednesday 26th July.
Associate Professor Vic Gostin spoke about the discovery of the link between fragmental volcanic rock found within the sedimentary sequences in Pitchie Richie Pass, Bunyeroo Gorge and Brachina Gorge in the Flinders Ranges and the impact site of what is now known as the Acraman Impact Crater, some 300km away.
Discovery of the volcanic rocks in the Flinders Ranges in the mid 1980s suggested that a reasonable size volcano may have existed in the area to the west of the Ranges, albeit hundreds of millions of years ago. Forensic development of geological theory based on sample evidence and most probable causes for the creation and sedimentation of particular rock types led Professor Gostin's team to prove that the impact of the Acraman Asteriod into the ice covered northern Eyre Peninsular sprayed debris over an area of approximately 300,000 square kilometers centred on Lake Acraman.

Rock taken from the impact site, previously discovered by George Williams, is an exact match with the Flinders Ranges samples and the thickness of the sedimentation increasing toward the point of impact further supports this origin.

Study of the samples has also determined that the asteroid, probably 4-5kms in diameter, smashed into Earth approximately 580 million years ago, showering debris into the sedimentary basin that was later to be folder and uplifted to form the Flinders Ranges. The resultant blast caused extinction of life as it was and the start of new life forms. Analysis of the asteroid fragments shows it contained chromium, which is not found in any asteroids known to science today.

The findings of Victor Gostin's team were verified by Gene Schoemaker (renowned geologist and planetary scientist and discoverer of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet). Asteroid 3640 Gostin was named in recognition of Vic's leadership in this geologically important discovery.

Samples of the rock findings were shown to the meeting. Julian Lugg proposed the thanks.

Thank you Vic for allowing us to share in your enthusiasm for this inspiring discovery.

Prof Vic Gostin & the Acraman Asteroid Allen Stanley 2017-07-28 14:30:00Z 0

Italian Heirloom Vegetables

Geoff Hudson and posters of Italian vegetable seeds.
Just a quick look into the backyard of your Italian neighbour will demonstrate the importance they place on vegetables. Italy has great regional diversity in food and culture, and this has meant that different varieties of vegetable have been developed in the different regions, and the name of the variety often reflects their origin. Zucchinis called "romanesco", "nero di Milano" and "Genovese" and radicchio called "rossa di Trento" and "rossa di Verona" for example.
The term "heirloom" was originally intended to describe a vegetable variety that was passed down over the generations, but this definition has been weakened to now mean any non-hybrid seed. Many Italian vegetable varieties are true heirlooms with the best example I know of is a melon "Zatta" that is available as seed today, and was described by name and in illustrations in the early 1600's.
Italian Heirloom Vegetables Geoff Hudson 2017-07-12 14:30:00Z 0

Induction of Lyn Pomery

Lyn Pomery is now a member of RCHP

After "trying us out" by attending 8 meetings since May17, Lyn Pomery was inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park at meeting 1756 held at The Goody on Wednesday 12July17 by President Rob Handley, assisted by Secretary Alan Moss for presentation of the prestigious Myer bag of membership goodies. Lyn thanked the members for their welcoming inclusion.
Lyn proved her worth last week selling People's Choice Community Lottery tickets at the Unley Shopping Centre and we look forward to building friendships through her involvement in the activities of our Club.
Welcome to the Club Lyn.
Induction of Lyn Pomery Allen Stanley 2017-07-12 14:30:00Z 0

RYE - Olivia Jul17

A note from Olivia

I am so lucky!!! It really hits you when you're in Germany lying on a pull out sofa in the apartment of your host mum's sister's son's apartment feeling pleasant about how lucky you are to have traveled Europe (technically) on your own at the wee age of 17. I've always believed that every choice we make has a consequence and to leave everything I've ever known and move 14,000km away is the best decision I've made in my life. It's almost impossible to imagine never having met the people I have and never having experienced what I've been so lucky too. I'm so incredibly lucky that I'll get to tell my hypothetical children I bought my first real (Phil Collins!!) vinyl from a little shop tucked away in Frankfurt when I was 17, and I first tasted what love feels like in Europe, and I broke my wrist in the Swiss Alps once, and that it's possible to find a family in complete strangers. If there's one thing I've learnt from these 5 months is that you shouldn't say no to an incredible opportunity because you think it isn't the right time or situation, the consequence could change your life forever (p.s. I'm still thankful for who I have to come home to, I love and miss you guys a lot)

Also an extra thank you to Hyde Park (Allen Stanley) Rotary Club and my parents for making it happen, without you I wouldn't be where I am right now.

RYE - Olivia Jul17 Allen Stanley 2017-07-04 14:30:00Z 0

RYLA 2017 - Jenny Ngin

An RCHP Project since Charter in 1983

Introducing RYLA 2017 candidate Jenny Ngin

The Rotary Club of Hyde Park is proud sponsore of Jenny Ngin
at the 2017 Rotray Youth Leadership Awards.

Jenny is a student at Thebarton Senior College where he is studying English and has been a member of the College Rotaract Club for the past two years.


In her application Jenny said she wanted to have the opportunity of going to RYLA  and getting the experience. She enjoys working with people and is looking forward to the opportunity to develop skills such as communication, problem solving and learning confidence.


New Generation Director, Bernie Boxer, has met with Jenny and she seems to be a very good candidate for RYLA 2017.


Have fun at RYLA Jenny. We look forward you reporting back to the club in October/November after the Seminar.




The 2017 RYLA seminar will be held Saturday 23 September to Friday 29 September 2017. 

RYLA 2017 - Jenny Ngin Allen Stanley, Bernie Boxer 2017-06-29 14:30:00Z 0

President Rob Handley - My Vision for 2017-18

President Rob Handley presents his Vision for 2017-18

The last meeting of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park for 2016-17 was the first for new President Rob Handley. Rob addressed the Club about his vision for the next year.
It is an honour to be President again of this great Rotary Club. I joined our club for
-  friendship,
-  to help other people less fortunate than myself and my family,
-  to have an activity in my life that was different to my wife Erica’s activities so that I could bring home interesting ideas to talk to her about and to invite her to join in club activities and
-  most importantly to enjoy myself.
In his address last year Past President Mike talked about the need for change to help our Rotary club become easier to access for current and new members. I intend to continue the changes that Mike started by
-  changing our meeting schedule so that formal meetings occur on the 2nd and 4th (and occasionally the 5th) Wednesday of the month, social meetings occur on the 3rd Wednesday and no meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of each month. This idea was passed by our Board last year but for various reasons not implemented. This year we will start the new schedule from the 1st of July.
-  the second significant change which is copied from other clubs is to have 3 Co Presidents (Andrew, Mike and myself with me being the lead President). Most other key leadership positions will also have a Main person with and Assistant. I have not appointed assistant Committee Directors as I believe that they can appoint their own Deputy.
This year my Secretary, Alan Moss, and I have created Committees which will once again serve an important role in directing our club. However once they have decided on a particular pathway and gained Club member approval, I am hoping that Activity groups will take the running of an event (e.g. the 64 night, Xmas raffle).
Membership is an ongoing important mission that will always be important to our club and to that end this item is a standard item on the Board’s agenda and something that each of us must be involved with. I will discuss this further at our first Board meeting.
Our club has a long history of members being involved in a wide range of successful activities. This year I am sure will be no exception. However, we need to be careful of not over working each other. Raising money has always been important to our club so that we can give it away. However we must enjoy doing so otherwise we run the possibility of waring ourselves out, losing interest and leaving rotary. Service to others is our motto but enjoyment and social interaction is equally important.
Welcome to the Presidency Rob. We look forward to another successful year under your interested leadership.
President Rob Handley - My Vision for 2017-18 Rob Handley 2017-06-27 14:30:00Z 0

Shelterbox June17 Newsletter



eNewsletter June 2017

ShelterBox is proud to be a Project Partner of Rotary International
The following Newsletter has been copied with the kind permission of Mike Greenslade - CEO Shelterbox Australia
Shelterbox June17 Newsletter 2017-06-27 14:30:00Z 0
Rotary Foundation Last Call Allen Stanley 2017-06-27 14:30:00Z 0

2017-18 Change Over

RCHP Under New Management - 2017-18 Change Over Dinner


This excellent dinner took place at the Hyde Park Tavern with 28 members, partners and guests present.  It was a celebration of President Mike’s term of office and a welcome for incoming President Rob Handley.

Gerry Greenway was the most accomplished M.C. for the evening and kept proceedings on time.  Bernie Boxer gave the Acknowledgment of Indigenous Lands and Andrew Sullivan the Invocation, Toast to Australia and The Rotary Club of Hyde Park.

After the Presidents welcome Iain McIntyre gave a speech and proposed the toast to Rotary International.  Past D.G. Peter Ochota gave the response to the toast.

Guest and Past President Ian Stewart had a special spot to report on the School of St Jude in Tanzania and the Graduation of our sponsored students.

The evening was an informal and relaxed with great banter between Mike and Robert keeping everybody amused.

President Mike gave his report of the Club’s achievements for the year and was pleased that The Club was in a good financial position, had fulfilled its commitments and that membership was on the increase.  He then officially inducted incoming President Rob with his usual aplomb.

Rob Handley gave his incoming message and introduced new Board members who were present

A great night, with a great group of present and past Rotarians and their partners!

Thanks for your inspiring tireless leadership Mike.
All the best for the new regime Rob.
2017-18 Change Over Andrew Sullivan 2017-06-25 14:30:00Z 0

RYE Olivia Update June 2017

Olivia is on Summer Holiday

The following message was sent to Olivia this morning


Hi Olivia. 4 months ago today you departed for your Swiss adventure. It is also Winter Solstice here (Summer for you) and I got a note from Facbook to say we became FB friends 1 year ago today. Who would have thought - how time flies.
Hope the German Language course has set you up for better communication. Would love to hear how it is going.
Big night at Rotary tonight - Change Over for the new year.
Keep well.
Cheers. Allen S



Olivia's response


Hello Allen! I'm sorry I'm so poor at updating you, it's just incredibly easy to get carried away here. I can't believe how fast time has gone, it's crazy. I'm doing very very well. Currently I'm on a sport camp with my school, doing 4-5 sports a day including wind surfing and kayaking. I'm having a blast but not so much fun with sunburn. However, I don't think I've ever been happier in my life. The language course is going very well and I'm learning more every day. I even think 50% in German now!!! I don't have any lessons now till after the summer holidays, and shortly after that the exam itself. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes. I don't know what I'm doing these holidays but I have no doubt they'll be a blast :) I keep meaning to write a massive thank you for helping me out again money-wise, Hyde Park has been incredibly generous and I appreciate it in a way that words can not describe. All the best for the new start!!!
(A very happy) Olivia

RYE Olivia Update June 2017 Allen Stanley 2017-06-20 14:30:00Z 0

St Jude School Update - June 2017

School of St Jude, Tanzania - Graduation of Josephine & Kassim

Marg & Ian Stewart travelled to Tanzania in Africa to represent the Charitable Trust at the May graduation ceremony for Josephine and Kassim.

The following poem written by Josephine on behalf of her and Kassim thanking us for our sponsorship was presented to Ian at the Graduation.

Congratulations Josephine & Kassim. We are so proud of your achievement and look forward to hearing about the next phase of your lives.
St Jude School Update - June 2017 Allen Stanley 2017-06-12 14:30:00Z 0

The Great Debate 2017

The Great Debate 2017

Celebrities Make Good Role Models


For the motion            Unley Rotary Club (David Middleton, Valerie Bonython, Sheila Evans)

Against the motion     Hyde park Rotary Club (Andrew Sullivan, Gerry Greenway, Peter Griffiths)

Adjudicator                 Tony Houey 

The Teams & Adjudicator
Gerry Greenway, Peter Griffiths, Tony Houey, Valerie Bonython, Andrew Sullivan, Shiela Evans, David Middleton

The annual Great Debate between our mother club (Unley) and us (Hyde Park) took place on Unley Rotary club’s home turf at Damien on Fisher on Tuesday 6th June 2017. After a brief introduction to the two teams and the adjudicator, President Ken Haines of the Unley club declared the debate open and the contest was led off by Andrew Sullivan valiantly putting the case against the motion.

This was followed by the first Unley speaker David Middleton endeavouring to make a good case for the motion.

The debate continued with Gerry Greenway skilfully driving RCHP's case further and was responded to by Val Bonython of the Unley club.

The final round consisted of Peter Griffiths, delivering a forceful summing up of the argument against the motion, and Sheila Evans responding.

 The thrust of the Hyde Park strategy was to highlight the fact that the best known people in the world are not necessarily good people even though they excel in their chosen field. This strategy was pursued energetically by our team with numerous examples of wayward celebrities being demonstrated.

In his summing up adjudicator Tony Houey praised both teams for a most entertaining debate and after remarking that it was a close race awarded the honours by 3 points to Hyde Park.

The trophy was returned to Hyde Park who will hold it in safe keeping until next year.

The scores are now evenly balanced with both clubs having won the trophy 5 times.

Andrew Sullivan proudly displays the Trophy
The Great Debate 2017 Alan Moss 2017-06-05 14:30:00Z 0

Bandung Update - May 2017

Bandung Street Kids Project Update - computers for the school

Thanks to the generosity of Dean Calvert, Principal of Calvert Technologies, the Rotary Club of Hyde Park has provided 2 laptop computers  for the education program at the Bandung Street Kids School.

Rodger Thomas, Club member responsible for the BSKP, will visit Bandung in the next couple of weeks to hand over the computers, two flat screen TVs to be used as monitors for the computers and a sizeable donation from the Club in support of the growing work being done on the Project.

Support through friendship of people like Dean and his company is highly valued by RCHP and allows us to commit to ambitious projects like BSKP.
Thank you Dean.
Bandung Update - May 2017 Allen Stanley 2017-05-28 14:30:00Z 0

RYPEN 2017 Kaelah Owens-Fleetwood

Kaelah Owens-Fleetwood has been RYPENed

The Rotary Club of Hyde Park RYPEN candidate for 2017, Kaelah Owens-Fleetwood, was a guest speaker at the Club meeting held on 17May17.
The Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment, held at Woodhouse near Stirling this year, was attended by 90 young people interested in effective leadership and personal development. The program of formal presentations, group sessions and recreational activities addresses leadership, team work, problem solving, communication, public speaking, motivation and goal setting.
Kaelah was empowered by the experience of presentations from inspiring speakers on career counselling, problem solving exercises, group brain storming session about the plight of refugees, making new friends and having fun at a bush dance. The key "gains" for Kaelah from the weekend were new friendships and confidence in public presentation.
Wishing her every success for Year 9 studies at Concordia and continuing enjoyment of her music, debating and drama, President Mike McAuliffe presented Kaelah with her RYPEN Certificate of Participation and expressed a hope that she will take up the challenge of RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) in the future.
Thank you Kaelah. It was a pleasure to have you share you RYPEN story with us.
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Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
May the sun shine on a day of pleasure
Mother's Day Allen Stanley 2017-05-13 14:30:00Z 0

2017 Fundraising - RCHP Cabaret with The 60 Four

THE 60 FOUR in cabaret for RCHP

The Rotary Club of Hyde Park presents
THE 60 FOUR in cabaret
THIS Saturday September 2nd;   7.00 for 7.30pm
at Unley Primary School - Sports & Arts Centre
(Corner Cremorne and Rugby Street Malvern)
Tickets only available on-line from TryBooking
Only 200 available
There is NO AFL (it's a bye) so there is NO EXCUSE
Tickets are selling fast - hope you don't miss out
2017 Fundraising - RCHP Cabaret with The 60 Four Allen Stanley 2017-04-26 14:30:00Z 0

REPLAS Recycled Plastic Products

REPLAS - Recycling plastic for a better environment

Robbie Westley, Director of Awesome at REPLAS SA, addressed the meeting of Hyde Park Rotary on Wednesday 19Apr17 about his passion for improving the environment by producing a diverse range of building and landscape products from recycled plastics.
Driven by the principles of the Pull Through Effect (demand for well designed durable products generating the right environment for a comprehensive supply chain of discarded material to be used as feed-stock for recycling), REPLAS has become Australia's lowest price manufacturer of ethically alternative products made from recycled plastic. Australia collects 200,000t of plastic waste each year, most of which is shipped off shore to China. 3,000t is kept out of land fill to run through the REPLAS plant.
Collection bins for waste soft plastics (bread bags, plastic wrap, etc) at Coles and Woolworths are an initiative of REPLAS in conjunction with REDcycle. Plastic discards from the supermarkets and their customers are the raw material for part of the REPLAS process which recycles plastic type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. Polystyrene, (type 6) is the only plastic that cannot be used by REPLAS.
Companies like REPLAS devote significant effort to encouraging the use of recycled plastic products as alternatives to traditional timber and metal when the structural limitations are not a concern. Products are long lasting, colourfast, aesthetically appealing, generally maintenance free and can be recycled at the end of effective life.
REPLAS products include Bollards, Access Path Panels, Signage, Wheelstops, Speed Humps, Playground Edging, Fencing, Fitness Trail Equipment, Outdoor Furniture, Garden Products, Decking, Stairs, Wharf & Jetty Components. They provide 3-D design and Project Management services for project using their products.
If you need more information about the REPLAS product range, check out their website at
We should all be prepared to take up opportunities to use recycled products.
Thank you Robbie for your enthusiastic informative insight into a world that obviously excites you as it should excite us.
REPLAS Recycled Plastic Products Allen Stanley 2017-04-19 14:30:00Z 0

LoV Zoo BBQ 2017

2017 Ladies of Variety Zoo BBQ

Hyde Park Rotary joined the Brown Hill Creek Club again this year to cook 2100 sausages at the 9th annual Easter Picnic held at Adelaide Zoo by the Ladies of Variety (L.O.V.) for children with disability and their carers.
Our team of four (President Mike McAuliff, Bernie Boxer, Geoff Hudson and Allen Stanley) shuffled 1000 sausages over the BBQ trailer in a non-stop frenzy of activity that ran from 09:15 until 13:00.
Mike Reilly and his team of 20 cooked the other 1100 sausages and many kilograms of onions and served the hungry hoard while the L.O.V. team served hot-cross buns.
Another incredibly enjoyable activity that we hope to be involved in again next year.
LoV Zoo BBQ 2017 Allen Stanley 2017-04-10 14:30:00Z 0

Optometry Services in APY Lands

Taking Optometry Services to the APY Lands

Murray Stanley (left with white shirt) was guest speaker at meeting 1743 on 29Mar17 to tell us about his involvement in the provision of optometry services to the communities of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands.
Twice each year for nearly 20 years, Murray has travelled to "The Lands" with a team of "eye doctors" to check eye health and treat eye conditions for the 2500 indigenous people living in scattered communities of the 103,000 square kilometre self determined zone in the semi-desert north-west corner of South Australia where access is strictly controlled by the local managing council.

Cataracts, trachoma and diabetes related issues are prevalent in the APY communities. The work by the "eye doctors" (Murray the Optometrist, Michael Lane the Ophthalmologist and others before them) has seen the occurrence of trachoma reduced to almost negligible. Diabetic eye damage continues to be a major problem.

Optometry Services in APY Lands Allen Stanley 2017-03-29 13:30:00Z 0

RYE Olivia - Thank you RCHP

Thank You RCHP, from Olivia

Hello Hyde Park,


Firstly I would like to apologise for the lateness of this. It has been truly hectic over here in Switzerland, but I should have addressed this sooner. I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for supporting me thus far, but especially in regards to the two-week German Course that I attended with the other new Inbounds in our first two weeks here. I was stressed over the cost of it, as everyone knows Switzerland is incredibly expensive, but thanks to your generosity it was paid for and took a massive weight off my shoulders. So again, thank you so much for your support, it means everything to me.


Also, I thought you might like a little update. I'm writing this on Saturday the 18th of March, a few days from my two month anniversary and how the time has flown. I can hardly fathom that it has been two months, because every day still feels like the first. Despite this, I have loved every second of my Exchange thus far. Admittedly, there have been some challenges and not every day is perfect, but most are wonderful. I go to a great School (Gymnasium Kirschgarten), have wonderful friends and a lovely Family. It's interesting to see the differences between Australia and Switzerland, but I'm already feeling at home here. I got to try snowboarding for the first time which was fun (but mostly terrifying), and I just happened to fracture my wrist, but all is well! Last Weekend I went on a Rotex organised Winter weekend which was also a whole lot of laughs and fun, and most important, the sun is coming out for the start of Spring!


Once more, thank you so much for your support and I hope all is well in Australia :)


Olivia Barnes, Switzerland.


Here are some photos from exchange so far:


RYE Olivia - Thank you RCHP Allen Stanley 2017-03-18 13:30:00Z 0

Kassim Graduation

Kassim Yahaya Mruma Graduates from The School of St Jude, Tanzania

On May 27, 2017 Past Presidents Ian Stewart and his wife Marjorie will attend the Graduation Ceremony for RCHP sponsored student Kassim Yahaya Mruma and will personally pass on the following letter together with some other items which will help him celebrate this most significant achievement.



1st March 2017


It was unanimously carried that the President writes to Kassim Yahaya Mruma, a student at The School of St Jude, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa whom the Rotary Club have been sponsoring since 2006, who will in May 2017, Graduate with A Levels, congratulating him on this significant achievement.


From left – Alan Moss, Margaret Blake, Gerry Greenway, Julian Lugg, Colleen Ragghianti (front), Andrew Sullivan (back), Peter Griffith, Michael McAuliffe, Neville Highett, Sandy Matz, Rodger Thomas, Alan Bartram (past president & visiting speaker), Yoshi Ikeda (new member), Mark Ikeda (past member)

Kassim Graduation Allen Stanley 2017-03-15 13:30:00Z 0

Induction of Yoshi Ikeda

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Hyde Park Yoshi Ikeda

Yoshi Ikeda was inducted into the Rotary Club of Hyde Park at meeting No. 1741 held at The Goody on Wednesday 15Mar17.

Supported by his wife, Masa, and father, Mark (a past member of the Club), Yoshi, representing Education Agencies, was congratulated by President Mike McAuliffe following presentations of Rotary badge and paraphernalia by Alan Moss.

Masa was welcomed by Margaret Blake and presented with a name badge, which we hope she will use often.
Induction of Yoshi Ikeda Allen Stanley 2017-03-14 13:30:00Z 0

Gerry's Joke

Gerry's Joke 15Mar17

The very first computer dates back to Adam & Eve.
It was an APPLE with very small capacity - it only took 1 byte.
Gerry's Joke Gerry Greenway 2017-03-14 13:30:00Z 0

RYE Olivia Update March 2017

Olivia celebrates Fasnacht skiing in Murren

Hello to all at RCHP!

Everything has been super busy as I settle into life in Basel, Switzerland, trying to balance everything.

I'm currently on holidays for two weeks for Fastnacht, a country wide festival at the time of Lent. I'm in Murren, a ski village for snowboarding and skiing where I'm trying to learn how to snowboard but am not very good yet.

I've yet to attend my host club but my counsellor, Dr Christian Griss, is very kind. Even though I was unable to commit to the Euro Tour for exchange students everyone here seems very intent on sending me so I've signed up for that as well! I'm very excited and very very lucky.

Best wishes, Olivia

RYE Olivia Update March 2017 Allen Stanley 2017-03-02 13:30:00Z 0

Fire of Australia Opal

Alan Bartram talks about the Fire of Australia opal

The Rotary Club of Hyde Park was addressed by Charter Member, Past President and Sapphire Paul Harris awardee Alan Bartram at its meeting held on Wednesday 01Mar17 about his family history in opal mining, processing and selling and gem in their cabinet, The Fire of Australia.
Forced off land holdings in 1936, the Bartram family went in a Model T Ford to Andamooka in the scorching outback of South Australia to try their luck in the opal fields. In those early days of living rough in a makeshift camp digging was done by hand. The families first mechanical digger was introduced in 1948 when they converted an old large post-hole borer into the mining process in Coober Pedy where they became an integral part of what was then a ramshackle collection of dwellings and the first dugout houses developed in spent mine digs.
In 1945 opal was priced at £10/ounce. It is now $3,000/ounce.
The Fire of Australia stone was found by Alan's father, Walter, in 1945 in the first days of the prolific Eight Mile field. Sensing that 8-Mile was to become an outstanding area for opal, Walter convinced many of his extended family to join him in the mining adventure in the period immediately after WW2. Family members not digging spent time providing education to the local indigenous population in outdoor "classrooms". Sadly, Alan's father was shot and killed during an armed robbery at the family home some time ago.
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Yoshi Ikeda

Looking Forward to Welcoming Yoshi Ikeda as a Member

RCHP members have been advised that Yoshi Ikeda, pictured on left with his father Mark, hopes to be the next member of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park.
It has been a pleasure to welcome Mark, a past member of the club, at the last few meetings when he has re-establish many friendships from his time with the Club. Who knows, we may even convince him to return.
We look forward to Wednesday March 15th 2017 when Yoshi will be inducted at our meeting at The Goody.
Yoshi Ikeda Allen Stanley 2017-03-01 13:30:00Z 0

Greetings from Lisa Baier RYE 2005-07

Christmas & New Year greetings from Lisa Baier

The RCHP hosted Rotary Youth Exchange student from 2005-07, Lisa Baier, wishes all from RCHP a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lisa was our Rotary exchange student  from Leverkusen, Germany.

She came to Australia in July 2005 and left in 2007. She lived with Margaret Blake for 6 months and then with the McIntires for the last 6 months. She attended Concordia College.


She has been back to see us 3 times and Margaret spent 3 weeks with her in Passau and Leverkusen in 2013, staying  with her and her mother and stepfather and also meeting with her paternal grand parents and step grandmother. Margaret feels privileged to have been Lisa's host mother.


Lisa's mother and stepfather are both doctors and she is a very smart young lady, completing her first exams as a lawyer 6 months earlier than the rest of her group.


Lisa's letter to Margaret is included below in "Read more".

Greetings from Lisa Baier RYE 2005-07 Margaret Blake; Allen Stanley 2017-02-25 13:30:00Z 0

Greg Campbell on S.Kidman & Co sale

Greg Campbell - the sale of S.Kidman & Co.

Mr Greg Campbell, MD of the S.Kidman and Co and employee of the company for 24 years, addressed a joint meeting of the RC of Hyde Park and the RC of Adelaide Parks at the Hyde Park Tavern on Wednesday 15 Feb17.  He discussed the recent drawn out and often-times frustrating sale of Australia’s biggest land holder and third largest beef producer. 54 Rotarians, partners and friends were privileged to hear the inside information and incites from a man who clearly is proud of a remarkable achievement.

Greg Campbell on S.Kidman & Co sale Allen Stanley, Geoff Hudson 2017-02-18 13:30:00Z 0

Geoff Hudson Induction

Geoff Hudson Inducted as a member of RCHP, 08Feb17

Bernie Boxer talks of meeting Geoff Hudson while selling Christmas Raffle tickets last December while President Michael McAuliffe prepares to induct Geoff into membership of The Rotary Club of Hyde Park.


Welcome to The Rotary Club of Hyde Park Geoff 

Geoff Hudson Induction Allen Stanley 2017-02-17 13:30:00Z 0

Unley Business Breakfast Feb17


Unley Business Breakfast - Feb17



The Unley Business Breakfast held on 14th February 2017 was a very enjoyable event with approximately 75 people attending to hear two speakers talking on the NBN and Artificial Intelligence and the future of the internet.


Mr Chris Gregory spoke about the progress of the NBN and the changes in the way consumers will connect to the internet. For example: - through the Foxtel cable or fiber to the node.

Chris mentioned that the runout of NBN was happening quicker than originally expected due to the use of the Foxtel cable and other methods in many suburbs around Australia, including use of satellites in the country areas. 


Dr John Flackett spoke on Artificial Intelligence and the future of the internet. He took us for a trip into the future discussing how the new world will look with the increased internet speed. It was exciting and quite daunting, especially for people not born in the last 40 years.


The Rotary crew did an excellent job welcoming people at the door, setting up before the event and cleaning up afterwards. Thanks to everyone involved for their contribution.
Unley Business Breakfast Feb17 Jim Handley 2017-02-14 13:30:00Z 0
 2017 Fundraising - Peoples Choice Community Lottery Allen Stanley 2017-02-08 13:30:00Z 0
2017 Fundraising - Entertainment Book Allen Stanley 2017-02-08 13:30:00Z 0

2017 TDU BBQ

Unley Tour Downunder Gourmet Gala event - King William Road

Once again the RCHP was invited to be a part of the Unley Gourmet Gala on King William Road, to supply a sausage sizzle, low priced soft drinks and water to the public.  It has become an important fund raiser for the Club so the event was declared a Club meeting.


The fool hardy arrived with the gear to set up at about 1.30pm with the temperature hovering around the mid 30’s.  They included Neville Highett, Pres. Mike, Andrew Sullivan, Jim Handley and Gerry Greenway.

The event was open to the public at about 4pm and we began the cooking of 350 snags, 5 kg of onions, 25 Loaves of bread and hundreds of soft drinks.  The first shift of cooks/servers included Alan Moss, Peter Griffith, Colleen, Roger Thomas and all of the set up gang.

The crowd of about 20,000 streamed by and as darkness fell shift 2 was added to by Geoff Hudson and Geoff Pitcher.  All went well and the event proved to be a good social event and advert for Rotary.

Things came to a halt around 9.30pm and we packed everything up and loaded the trailer.  Unfortunately we had to wait till about 10.30 to get the trailer out of the event.


The end result after costs was about $850 profit for the Club to put towards its charitable community service program.

A great effort by all involved, very tiring but rewarding also.

2017 TDU BBQ Andrew Sullivan 2017-01-15 13:30:00Z 0

Precious Cargo BBQ

BBQ Picnic in the Park for Precious Cargo Year End
The final RCHP BBQ event for 2016 proved that the long standing friendship between Hyde Park Rotary Club and Myrtle Bank Precious Cargo is alive and thriving. Our BBQ chef team of Neville Highett, Rodger Thomas and Gerry Greenway kept the sausages and caramelized onions coming for the servers President Mike McAuliffe, Alan Moss and Allen Stanley as they fed the Precious Cargo families enjoying a picnic on a perfect mild evening on the lawn by Brownhill Creek in Mitcham Reserve on 16Dec16.
While the children were enthusiastically exploring the Creek, patting a baby fresh-water crocodile or owl and being entertained with music and singing, raffle sellers extraordinaire, Margaret Blake and Bernie Boxer, added to the successful Christmas Raffle ticket sales.
Thank you Precious Cargo for having us back again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Precious Cargo BBQ Allen Stanley 2016-12-16 13:30:00Z 0

2016 UPS BBQ

Unley Primary School 2016 Celebration Day BBQ

Hyde Park Rotary Club responded to the call for community service with the BBQ to continue a long standing relationship with Unley Primary School for their 2016 Celebration Day.
In 36C heat on a bright sunny December 12 afternoon the school community gathered to celebrate the year with a concert and family BBQ. The RCHP team of President Mike McAuliffe and Neville Highett on tongs for sausages, Rodger Thomas on BBQ tool for onions, Allen Stanley on knife unpacking sausages, Andrew Sullivan managing the flow of the process and taking the money, cooked over 350 sausages and many kilograms of caramelised onions for school parents to serve on fresh bread with a selection of sauces. 
Our undisputed raffle ticket selling king, Bernie Boxer, set up close to the line of sausage buyers, was kept busy selling tickets for our 2016 Christmas Raffle. When the feeding frenzy was subdued, Andrew Sullivan manned the Raffle table while Bernie continued sales in the crowd seated on the lawn waiting for their children to perform on stage.
Rodger & Mike, exhausted after the frenzy, cleaned up and ready for the next BBQ event for Precious Cargo on Friday 16 December 2016 at Mitcham Reserve on Brownhill Creek behind Scotch Junior School.
2016 UPS BBQ Allen Stanley 2016-12-12 13:30:00Z 0

Marie Noel Koulemoul 2016 update

Update from RCHP 2015 RYLA delegate - Marie Noel Koulemoul

At RCHP meeting 1730 on November 30th Marie Noel Koulemoul, a young lady 

from Liberia, came all the way from Smithfield to tell us that after attending 

R.Y.L.A. last year she has been selected as a director for next year's R.Y.P.E.N. seminar.

Some may remember her wonderful talk last year about her experiences last.


She wanted to promote the R.Y.P.E.N. seminar. which will be held next April.


If you know of any young persons between the ages of 14 and 17 who 

would like to go to the next R.Y.P.E.N. seminar please let Bernie Boxer know.


By the way, Marie has just completed year 12 at Thebarton Senior College and 

is waiting for the Matriculation results to come out. Then she will decide whether

to apply to go to University or do a further year at Thebarton College. Not a bad 

achievement for a young lass who could not speak English very well when she 

arrived from Liberia less than two and half years ago.


We look forward to keeping in touch with Marie to follow her progress.


Marie Noel Koulemoul 2016 update Bernie Boxer, Allen Stanley 2016-11-30 13:30:00Z 0
20161130 - ARH latest news Margaret Blake, Allen Stanley 2016-11-30 13:30:00Z 0

Joint Meeting With Adelaide Parks RC

HYDE PARK RC & ADELAIDE PARKS RC share at a joint meeting

Meeting No. 1729 for the Rotary Club of Hyde Park was a joint meeting with the 1608th meeting for the Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks at their venue, The Naval & Military Club on Hutt Street. 16 RCAP and 8 RCHP members attended for friendly fellowship, good food and an enthralling talk by Irena White (accompanied by her husband) about her Russian heritage.

Irena's story covered three generations from the time of the Romanov rulers of Russia in the early 1800s through Germany and France in the early 1900s to Australia in the mid 1900s. A well known German saying to define the 3 generations of the multitude of people who experienced Tsarist and Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany and prosperous Australia in that era and which typified Irena's family was explained as:
Die erste hat tod - The 1st has death
Die zweite hat nichts - The 2nd has naught
Der dritte hat brod -  The 3rd has bread.


The story of Irena's family becomes really interesting shortly after 1861 when the Tsar of the time, Alexander, granted freedom from effective slavery to 23m serfs as an humanitarian act to try and improve the lot of the general population. In 1865 Irena's great uncle, General Mikhail Chernyayev (pictured at right), in the army of the Russian Empire under the Romanovs, captured Tashkent in Central Asia. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest generals of Tsarist Russia. The Tsar also infamously sold Alaska to America in 1867 to block British interest. Irena's Grandfather (Alexander), the General's nephew, was a Russian Orthodox priest. During the Bolshevik revolution 1917-1922, Irena's paternal Grandfather was executed, in part because of the link to the Romanovs through the General. The family was then forced to live in a lean-to room on the back of what was originally their own home. After the defeat of the Tsar's White Army in 1922, Irena's Uncle fled to Biarritz in France, where he drove taxis.


The lean-to room at rear of the family home.

The newly ordained Orthodox priest.





Irena's father, Ivan (an Engineer), also attempted to flee from the Ukraine part of Russia (close to where the Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down) to join his brother in France but was captured by the Germans and forced to work in a coal mine until the end of WW2 when he ended up in Berlin. The repatriation of people displaced during WW2 was shared by the three victorious nations (Russia, England, America), with each nation being responsible for zones decided by lines drawn on a map of Berlin without any thought about the ethnicity of the people. The lines split families and friends - if it passed across the middle of a table around which a family was sitting, the two sides were sent in different directions. Ivan, still wanting to join his brother in France, happened to fall in the Russian sector but was able to escape to the American zone from where he decided to get to Australia.

German prison accommodation - American Liberation






As a 40year old single displaced person Ivan's chances for getting into Australia would be improved if he was married so he set about finding a wife by randomly selecting a single Russian Orthodox woman about his own age from the area in which he was living by referring to the local "book of names" which listed all people in the region. The woman selected, Ursula, became first his pen pal with permission from her father, then his wife and eventually Irena's mother. As a newly married couple Ivan and Ursula left Berlin in 1948 to settle in Sydney where he worked for the Sydney Water Board laying pipes.


As was the case for many of the repatriated migrants, they worked very hard and saved diligently so that they could establish a new life of prosperity. Before too long they bought land on which they lived in a shed while building the family home. They struggled with the idiosyncrasies of the English language as "she is spoke" in Australia. On one occasion when asking for Arnott's NICE biscuits, Ursula was told "All of the biscuits are nice".


Irena grew up with her mother after the parents separated. Ivan retired from the Sydney Water Board in 1972 at 65 and died soon after.


Irena, thank you for sharing an amazing story of tragedy, survival and hard earned prosperity.

Joint Meeting With Adelaide Parks RC Allen Stanley 2016-11-23 13:30:00Z 0

2016 Muscle Car Run

The Leukaemia Foundation Aussie Muscle Car Run Breakfast

The RCHP got into community service again on the morning of Saturday November 5th cooking egg & bacon sandwiches for The Leukemia Foundation's annual fundraiser. With a sense of Mt Panorama, the peace of Torrens Parade Ground was disrupted by the burble of powerful V8s ready to start off on the SA leg of The Aussie Muscle Car Run.


Rob and Andrew met at the Torrens Parade Ground at dawn to set up the BBQ trailer (surprisingly Pres Mike slept in).  We were then joined by fellow cooks Jessica, Roger and Rob.  Bernie went to the wrong venue, but eventually arrived to sell many Christmas raffle tickets.

The Leukaemia Foundation provided 4 volunteers to serve.

It was a stunning morning and a pleasure to represent the Club at this event.
2016 Muscle Car Run Andrew Sullivan, Allen Stanley 2016-11-05 13:30:00Z 0

Dr Raj Singh-Rai on Prostate Awareness

Dr Raj Singh-Rai updates RCHP on Prostate Awareness

The encyclopaedic credentials of Dr Raj Singh-Rai (South Terrace Urology) were summarised by Gerry Greenway to introduce an informative update on prostate awareness at the RCHP meeting on Wednesday 26Nov16.


The gathering was held spell-bound as Dr Singh-Rai simplified the statistical, diagnostic, prevention & screening mysteries of a part of men's health that is so often ignored or kept behind closed doors.


126 men in every 100,000 will experience prostate problems, a disease of aging males. The mortality rate is falling thanks to the findings of continuing studies and methods of diagnosis and treatment, with around 5% succumbing to prostate cancer, the 2nd most common malignancy in males.

There are no proven natural or dietary means of prevention and chemoprevention is inconclusive.

Studies have arrived at various opinions about the benefits of screening and at a recent gathering of field experts, the Melbourne Consensus Statement suggests screening is beneficial. Screening, generally with PSA & DRE occasionally supported with mpMRI to refine decisions relating to need for biopsy, is very important for early detection and greatly improves the chance of survival. For PSA readings below 10 the risk of having prostate cancer is generally considered to be low. When symptoms are serious it is generally too late to affect a cure.

RISK FACTORS include age, family history, race, diet.

Any decision to proceed with active intervention is based on PSA readings, Stage and Size of the prostate, personal body characteristics and life expectancy. Treatment options include active watch, watchfull waiting, surgery, radiation, cryoablation and focal ablation.

The aim of surgery is to maintain continence, maintain erectile function and prolong life. Radical prostatectomy is a 2-3hr operation requiring hospitalisation for 1-7 days with a catheter for 1-2 weeks. Full recovery takes 6-10 weeks. Regular checks are required for 5yrs. The side effects of surgery are bleeding, infection and erectile dysfunction. Any decision to proceed to surgery is generally only made after patient assessment has been done by a multidisciplinary team (urologist, GP, counsellor, physio).

In response to a question from Jim Handley in his vote of thanks about the preventative effects of frequent ejaculation, Dr Singh-Rai indicated, with tongue in cheek, that 25 times a month may help.

Thank you Raj for helping us feel more at ease with the "elephant in the room", prostate cancer.

Dr Raj Singh-Rai on Prostate Awareness Allen Stanley 2016-10-25 13:30:00Z 0

PDG Jerry Casburn on ARF

PDG Jerry Casburn and The Rotary Foundation

Past District Governor Jerry Casburn addressed RCHP Mtg 1724 on Wed. 19Oct16 about The Rotary Foundation. Introduced by Pres. Mike McAuliffe, Jerry told us of the US$26.50 start to the fund in 1917 which has grown to be one of the worlds significant bodies dedicated to international understanding and world peace with well over US$1b in contributions to date, including in excess of US$250m in 2015-16.
The current major project supported by the Foundation is the global eradication of polio. When started in 1988 the world had 350,000 cases of polio each year. With only 48 cases in 2015, it is anticipated that polio will have been wiped out by 2018.
Understanding the success of the polio eradication program, we were encouraged by Jerry to embrace a sense of ownership of our Foundation through contributions to the Annual Programs Fund, the Permanent Fund, and the Rotary Peace Centres to enable the Foundation to continue its progress on the Future Vision plan and align service projects with the six areas of focus, namely:
  1 - Peace and conflict prevention/ resolution
  2 - Disease prevention and treatment
  3 - Water and sanitation
  4 - Maternal and child health
  5 - Basic education and literacy
  6 - Economic and community development
Only 5% of donations is used for administration, 95% goes directly to the work of the Foundation. Australian donations are tax deductible.

Continuing the Rotary Club of Hyde Park support for The Rotary Foundation, Peter Griffiths thanked Jerry for his address and handed him our 2016 donation cheque for $1500 to be deposited in the Annual Fund of The Foundation.



A moment of levity for the evening came when Rob Handley broke ranks and had a Chocolate Sunday for dinner when all others had steak or roast or pizza or squid. (apologies for the blurry face Rob - you must have shaken your head due to brain freeze!!!)

PDG Jerry Casburn on ARF Allen Stanley 2016-10-21 13:30:00Z 0

Jaguar Drivers Club BBQ

Steak Sangers for SA Jaguar Drivers Club Annual Event

On Sunday 16th October an intrepid band of Hyde Park Rotarians led by President Mike McAuliffe braved challenging weather conditions at the Torrens Parade Ground and set up the BBQ trailer and serving tents for the Jaguar Car Club annual event. The rain and wind steadily increased throughout the morning and into the afternoon whilst the undaunted willing Rotarians did their best to deliver hot food to the hungry participants.

There was a varied and interesting display of Jaguar cars both old and new and their owners went to great lengths to protect their precious vehicles – even to the extent of trying to put them under cover whilst their owners shivered in the wet and windy conditions!

 The BBQ was a success given the weather conditions and the subsequent smaller than expected number of participants. Thanks go to the efforts of President Mike, Rob and Jim Handley, Alan Moss, Jessica Arabia, Andrew Sullivan, Margaret Blake, Colleen Ragghianti and Neville Highett who worked tirelessly throughout the day.

As an added bonus Margaret and Jessica sold a good number of raffle tickets to get our Christmas fund-raising off to a good start.

Jaguar Drivers Club BBQ Alan Moss 2016-10-17 13:30:00Z 0


.Christmas Trailer Raffle:
Merry Christmas and thank you to all who participated in our raffle
XMAS TRAILER RAFFLE Gordon Wilkinson 2015-12-11 13:30:00Z 0


For the past several years, Hyde Park Rotary has been providing a Sausage Sizzle for the local Precious Cargo Child-care Centre. The events are well attended with many children - as you would expect - and their parents totaling around 400. Kids love sausage sizzles. Friday 11 Dec saw the most recent catering and a strong club effort with limited personnel numbers. It was also a wonderful opportunity with a captive crowd to sell tickets for the club's Xmas Trailer Raffle. Maybe it was due to the weather, or the club's reputation for good service, that this year saw a larger attendance than previously. Well done to those who slaved and sweated on the night.
PRECIOUS CARGO - XMAS WIND-UP Gordon Wilkinson 2015-12-11 13:30:00Z 0


THEBARTON SENIOR COLLEGE - 2015 Graduation & Awards Ceremony
Congratulations to Bernie Boxer on this well-deserved recognition for volunteer service at Thebarton Senior College over many years. Presented to Bernie by the Hon Susan Close, Minister for Education & Child Development.
Abridged text of the citation by College Vice Principal, Phillip Davies:
"This year, we were invited by our state government to nominate a volunteer for outstanding service to the college. And given that this award is from the Minister for Education & Child Development, what a perfect opportunity to ask her to present this award today.
As someone who has supported in so many classes over the years including mine, I take great personal pleasure in calling up Bernie Boxer to receive the Volunteering Award for Outstanding Service.
Bernie has volunteered to support English classes for many years, especially to help students’ reading and pronunciation. He also takes a genuine interest in the students’ lives, helping them to develop conversational skills. His presence and encouragement has been a great motivation for hundreds of students.
Bernie has also worked tirelessly with our Rotaract students to support their attendance at Rotary Youth Leadership camps through his Hyde Park Rotary Club and attended countless Rotaract meetings here at college to support students with matters relating to Rotary and Rotaract. He is truly deserving of this Volunteering Award, selflessly giving his time for the benefit of others. Congratulations Bernie. Thank you Minister. "
Melbourne Cup Luncheon - 2015 2015-10-14 13:30:00Z 0


Posted by Robert Handley on Jul 22, 2015

 Meeting 1704: Club Member participation in preparation for the debate
Meeting 1705:  Annual Debate with Unley Rotary club - Photo below of President Mike receiving the Ron Schubert trophy from  Steven Baker, President Unley Club.
PREVIOUS MEETING Robert Handley 2015-07-21 14:30:00Z 0


Posted by Gordon Wilkinson on Jul 14, 2015
Rotarian Margaret Blake and Rotarienne Nereda Wilkinson were 'caught' by last week's Courier/Messenger photographer - Nereda volunteering at Uniting Care, Norwood and Margaret at Unley Salvos. Nice work ladies!
LOCAL LADIES HELP NEEDY Gordon Wilkinson 2015-07-13 14:30:00Z 0
THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Neville Highett 2015-06-24 14:30:00Z 0


APOLOGIES & GUESTS: Please advise Alan Moss by Tuesday morning if you are an apology, a (Rotarian) visitor or bringing a guest to the week's meeting.
REMEMBER: If you are on roster duty and can't make it, then it's your job to arrange a substitute and advise President Mike of the change. Advance notice of roster duties can be seen in the Club Calendar.
Meeting 1704: 11 members    Guest: Megan Williams - previous Hyde Park Rotary Science School Student
                                                         Ewan Mitchell guest of Sandy Matz
Meeting 1705:        Guests: Unley Rotary Club members for the Annual Debate.
APOLOGIES & GUESTS Alan Moss 2015-06-17 14:30:00Z 0


Posted on Jun 18, 2015
Note: All of the dates outlined by Robert Handley at the Club Assembly have been uploaded to the club Calendar
SPOTS Neville Highett 2015-06-17 14:30:00Z 0


Actually it's NOT our final Bulletin, but it IS the last edition to be emailed to you. It's not that the Bulletin doesn't exist, but moving to the digital age, and in line with most media outlets and younger members' tastes, there is now no need for weekly email-outs or even weekly reminders. Like online news, the Bulletin is dynamic. It is updated continuously and not on a weekly cycle like a printed copy.
You may be aware that the Club's Bulletin is assembled from the club's website stories (listed under Menu: Activities>Club Events) which in turn are updated continuously, as and when information becomes available, (and when the travelling webmaster can get internet access). This means that in any given weekly cycle, the Bulletin news can change daily or even more frequently.
The most recent version of the Bulletin is ALWAYS available directly from the link on the Club's Home Page. And in addition, it, along with archived copies, can be viewed at the following permanent link address: <> both of which you can access at any time convenient to you.
It's like using the App on your smart-phone/iPhone or tablet/iPad where you read your favourite magazine or newspaper - you look at it when you have the time and inclination. There is therefore no need for a regular weekly emailed copy of the Bulletin, nor are regular weekly reminders required. This avoids cluttering up your inbox unnecessarily, but more importantly you get the most recent information.
Many of our friends like to keep in touch with the Club's activities but don't necessarily want to read the Bulletin every week. They prefer instead, to read it when they have the time. We value their interest. Now they can do that and not worry about missing out on club news as not only is the latest Bulletin there, but the link provides easy access to back issues. Whenever you wish to view any Bulletin, and at your own convenience, simply go to the above link. <> {For the internet savvy you may like to create a shortcut icon on your desktop that takes you there with one click}
There have been occasions in the past when, after the Bulletin has been emailed, later updates have been received which have missed the deadline. The new procedure ensures you get the best and most up to date news at the time of your choosing. As always, we will have a few 'hard copies' of the current Bulletin available at the registration desk for each meeting. We hope you welcome the change and convenience.
By the way, if you do happen to lose the above direct link to the Bulletin, you can retrieve it by browsing to the club's website <> and under Menu Newsletters, click on Club Bulletin. There's also the direct link to the latest Bulletin on the Home Page. Why not try it now?
OUR FINAL BULLETIN Gordon Wilkinson 2015-06-13 14:30:00Z 0


Posted by Margaret Blake on Jun 14, 2015
Many Rotarians will know Valerie  Kirk, twice Chair of the Rotary Health Indigenous Scholarships Committee (joint 9500-9520) and was current chair having taken over from Geoff Bailey. Sad to relate that she passed away last Thursday having recently returned from the RI Convention in London. Born in 1941, she was a member of the Rotary Club of Walkerville, D9500Heavily involved in Rotary Against Child Slavery - RACS - (from the RI World Convention, Bangkok, Thailand), she will be terribly missed by all of us.
CONDOLENCES Margaret Blake 2015-06-13 14:30:00Z 0


SA Science and Engineering Challenge, South Australia. 2015
Monday 15th June to Friday 19th  June at Mawson Lakes (UniSA Campus) and
Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd July at Tonsley (Flinders Uni Campus)
Call for Volunteers
This year’s Science & Engineering Challenge is nearing.  This year we will start at UniSA, Mawson Lakes campus on Monday 15th June for a week; and a month later go to the new Flinders Uni campus at Tonsley on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 July. 
As always, if you are able to help we’d be most grateful, so if you are around during that time, I’m keen to hear from you. And if you’d like to bring a friend, they’re most welcome too. 
I also attach here the newsletter (in low-resolution), wrapping up last year’s Challenge in SA. 
This year’s details:
Volunteers are sought to help supervise this popular, fun competition for schools.
What is the Science and Engineering Challenge?
Science and Engineering Challenge is an outreach program conducted nationally by the University of Newcastle, designed to inspire high school students to study science and engineering at a senior level and to increase their awareness of related careers.  Students compete in school teams, participating in a series of exciting activities that are designed to demonstrate the varied and practical elements of the science and engineering industries.  Now in its 15th year, the Challenge takes students out of the classroom and provides them with a memorable day of fun, teamwork and discovery.
What does a Volunteer do?
It’s the volunteers at the events who make it come alive. Volunteers not only help set up for the day, but encourage the students in their tasks. A little encouragement, without actually telling them the answers, helps the students get started on their projects and figure things out for themselves.
“With a little support via asking them questions in a way which enabled them to think it through for themselves, they succeeded without me showing them how to do it. To say they were over the moon is an understatement.”  Pat Christie – Rotary Volunteer.
About 20 will be needed each day from 8.30am to 2.30pm, working in groups of 2 or 3 depending on the activity. No prior experience is required. Full instructions will be provided. Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided. There is plenty of free parking.
Many volunteers enjoy it so much, and feel so well looked after on the day, that they come back year after year to do it again. It’s a chance to see how focused, even intense, the young people become on their tasks, and how amazed they can be at what they achieve.
Please leave your name and contact details (email address and tel no.) with Ruth Conry at  or mobile 0401 719 975. Ruth will provide full details and a map to the venues.
Ruth Conry, Local Organiser, SA.  Science and Engineering Challenge. Ph 0401 719 975
2015 Dates:
Mt Gambier: 12 June; Mawson Lakes: 15 – 19 June; Pt Pirie: 23 June; Whyalla: 25 June; Tonsley: 22 & 23 July.
SCIENCE & ENGINEERING CHALLENGE SA - 2015 Gordon Wilkinson 2015-05-10 00:00:00Z 0


It's been in the pipeline for some time now,  What has? Why the new Rotary MASTERBRAND Signature.
 And what's that, that's so great? It's a common branding theme for all Rotary materials. That is, it's to be used on all documents, brochures, pamphlets, banners, letterheads, marketing, &c ... you 
name it.
     It's simple and conveys a common easily recognised identity for Rotary world-wide. The logos, and there are several versions available from colour to B&W, come in different sizes, formats and resolution. They are 'customisable' to include club names, for instance. Visit: <> for a preview of what's on offer.
     The new branding was clearly evident at the recent District Conference in Ballarat and reflected a more modern image. Don't you think the logo looks really great, smart and cool? For your conveneince, Rotary and Club customised graphics are available in the 'Club Documents' area of Club Runner, filed under 'Miscellaneous' subfolder 'Masterbrand Signature'. {Or if you are lazy, you can simply right-click on the images above and save to your favourite folder - but the resolution won't be as good as from the website.}
ROTARY BRANDING Gordon Wilkinson 2015-04-02 00:00:00Z 0


Rachel Ward talks about Rotary's "Days for Girls" at the International Rotary Convention in Sydney on Vimeo video
What is Days for Girls? 
Every girl in the world deserves education, safety, and dignity. We help girls gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness, by direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits, by partnering with nonprofits, groups and organizations, by raising awareness, and by helping  communities around the world start their own programs. Thanks to a global grassroots network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on 6 continents, we have reached women and girls in 76 countries on 6 continents.  It's working. You can help us reach the rest.
RACHEL WARD EXPLAINS "DAYS FOR GIRLS" Sandy Matz 2015-02-14 00:00:00Z 0


This year Bernie Boxer  wrote to some seven primary schools about our Club's Citizenship Award, but only one school - Goodwood Primary School - responded and took up the offer. The Goodwood Primary School selected “Lucia Ebeling” as their winner and the citation for the win, in her own words, was:
  • "I was a Traffic monitor and gave up some time before and after school
  • "helped out at goody patch
  • "MC for goody patch open day
  • "kidscaf, a charity group which raises funds for an orphanage
  • "performing arts leader
  • "I gave up my lunchtimes to be a play-at-lunchtime leader
  • "I represented my school by playing soccer, came second in discus at SAPSASA and went to beach volleyball
  • "I give up weekends to volunteer at my riding school
  • "I have locked up the bike shed, put up the  flags and put out the bins all year."
Lucia was presented with a club recognition certificate (below) and a set of three classical novels (donated by Bernie Boxer) at the school’s final assembly on Friday 12th December by Bernie, on behalf of President Andrew. Thanks to Alan Bartram for printing the Certificate and book plates.
ROTARY CLUB OF HYDE PARK CITIZENSHIP AWARD Bernie Boxer 2014-12-12 00:00:00Z 0
RI Convention - Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 2015 Gordon Wilkinson 2014-07-05 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Gordon Wilkinson on Apr 05, 2014

     The Centurion Programme is for all Rotarians to enable regular contributions to the Rotary Foundation. $100 (AUD) is donated annually and is tax deductible. Contributions can count towards a Paul Harris Fellow. Not so long ago, RC Hyde Park was a "100% Centurion Club" where all members made the regular commitment. If you feel you would like to be a 'Centurion' then download the individuals form from our 'Download Files' area or let Pres Sandy know and she can add your name to the club's Multiple List Form. Remember, The Rotary Foundation is YOUR charity and YOU get to say how the money is spent. Further information can be found in your District Diretory and from PP Margaret Northcote, RC Campbelltown

WHAT IS THE CENTURION PROGRAMME? Gordon Wilkinson 2014-04-05 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Gordon Wilkinson on Dec 02, 2013

     During this festive season Rotarians in SW England have been working to release a Christmas song to hit the charts and the hearts of millions around the world to support the increasing humanitarian work they do globally. Rotary is asking you to “click, click”: click to download the single and click to share!

OFFICIAL RI CHILDREN'S SONG Gordon Wilkinson 2013-12-02 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Robert Horn on Sep 09, 2013
     It started 22 years ago. In 1991, DG the late John Hardy, challenged presidents-elect to take up Trees for Life. I
brought back this challenge to Community Service Director Mike McAuliffe. And the club is still planting trees and re-vegetating after 22 years! What a determined and dedicated commitment to the project. 
     The numbers following refer to the photographs in the Club Runner Photo Album, accessible from the Home Page using the TREES FOR LIFE - WANDILLAH  quick-link down the left hand side. (Or you can click here if you are so disposed.) Click on each photo for an enlarged view.Image
2 Seedlings. Mike made up some strong tables and Andrew and Jennifer Love offered to nurse the seeds and seedlings over summer. Propagation was done adhering to Trees For Life guidelines. A slow and laborious process, but providing a good opportunity for club fellowship.
3 Tables Enthusiasm for the project was so great that members requested the opportunity to follow the project through to the planting stage. This a long association between the club and Ken and Mary Adams of the Herbig Homestead, Springton, who were developing and revegetating their property in the Barossa Valley.
8 Tiverton Just south of Burra, became involved through a club connection between Kathryn and Theo Kruys and the owners, Murray and Jan Tiver. The propagation system was streamlined as Theo Kruys and Geoff Pitcher now grew the seeds, providing about 600 trees for each property per year, with high survival rates once in the ground.
9 Wandillah Another property of the Tiver family east of Burra and intended for development by Andrew Tiver until his tragic fatal accident, was lying idle with severe erosion problems and only sparse vegetation. An offer by Murray Tiver to Rob Horn led to Rob’s restoration of the original homestead.
10 Homested Aside from a few trees surrounding the homestead, Wandillah is 3000 acres of bare rolling hills. Rob decided that he would like to put something back into Wandillah, by planting some trees.
11-16 First planting in fenced area The first planting at Wandillah was an enthusiastic weekend, with 500 seedlings planted in a small fenced area.Image
18 Lunch Lunches at Wandillah are a friendly affair. 
One week later, the dreadful news arrived: - the seedlings had been eaten by kangaroos! 
19 Andrew Love Andrew Love was determined to proceed, and planted a small group of trees with each surrounded by chicken wire. But Rob had another more ambitious idea. Robert Horn – what was your response to this setback?
Planting each tree in a 200 litre drum. This involved bringing over 1000 drums on site. I developed a giant tin-opener to remove the bottoms of the drums.
20-23 Drums
24 Erosion The decision to use drums meant that trees could be planted anywhere, and the obvious locations were the erosion gullies appearing on the property. 
35 BBQ
36 Fire
40-41 Electric fences Later, Land Care grants were received to place an electric solar powered fence around gullies lined with newly established trees after the drums were removed. Robert, how successful have the electric fences been? They have slowed the roos, but not proved as efficient as the drums. The combination of drums and electric fences has been best of all. James Heyworth and Richard DeGaris have also assisted in propagating the seedlings in more recent times.
42 Rip line Murray Tiver has made rip lines in the soil, which greatly assists our planting efforts.
44 Before and after – Original planting What has been achieved?
49 Best example This conservation and environmental emphasis of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park has generated great enthusiasm as the results of our efforts can be seen and many members have participated actively, enjoying good fellowship throughout.

Rob Horn

THE WANDILLAH STORY Robert Horn 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Gordon Wilkinson on Aug 15, 2013
     A little-known aspect of Rotary is its recreational & vocational fellowships. This is where you can switch off from Rotary and share your interests with other Rotarians, world-wide. Some have membership fees, some don't. Have a look a the latest Directory to see if there is one (or more) that interrest you. No compulsion bur to share in the fun. There's something for everyone. From Amateur Radio to Yachting, and everthing in between: Classic Automobiles, Cricket Lovers (can you guess where the Chair comes from? Why India of course!), Tennis, Doctors, Flying, Wine, and there's even a fellowship for Singles!. There are over 70 fellowships. Some in the club are members of a fellowship (I wish I knew who they are). DID YOU KNOW?
ROTARY RECREATIONAL & VOCATONAL FELLOWSHIPS Gordon Wilkinson 2013-08-15 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Alan Bartram on Aug 14, 2013
Image     Donata Galluccio introduced Reg who has been supported by the club over the last three years on his way to achieving a degree in Physiotherapy which is a 5 year course.
     Reg received 2 distinctions in his studies so far and is looking forward to lots of hands-on training in his final years with perhaps a possible masters later on.
The club is committed to supporting Reg again this year and we wish him well in his future studies.
REG CHARLES - OUR INDIGENOUS SCHOLAR Alan Bartram 2013-08-14 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Gordon Wilkinson on Nov 09, 2012

The weekly duty rosters ensure meetings run smoothly. They are determined by the Programme Officer. It is essential therefore, if you are rostered for duty, that you perform the simple tasks conscientiously. In the unfortunate event you can't attend the meeting, then it is your responsibility to arrange a substitute, else the task doesn't get done. If you are unsure of what's required there are convenient summaries in the Club Documents area of ClubRunner (you need to login).

ROSTER REMINDER Gordon Wilkinson 2012-11-09 00:00:00Z 0

SOS Indonesia Street Kids.

Posted by Gordon Wilkinson on Apr 19, 2012

ImageROTARY CLUB BANDUNG BRAGA, West Timor has initiated a project that aims to make a change in the lives of 20 homeless girls and in those of 60 poor children at risk of school drop-out and homelessness.

The homeless girls will be given a loving home, social and health care and an education. The poor children will be provided with social support, health care and an education.

By strengthening their educational and self-reliance skills, we aim to prevent school drop-out and homelessness and decrease the risk of exposure to drug abuse, HIV infection and pregnancies.Image

Our Rodger Thomas has recently returned from visiting Indonesia and RC Bandung Braga and promised club support for the programme. Here are some photographs from his visit.

Drawing on his own vast expereince with projects of this kind and working in 2 languages, Rodger was able to assist in developing the project plan, in suggesting a methodology where funding asssitance can be sought and in preparing the presentation to organisations including UNESCO and ADB.

This is a big project and the club will be working on its role in assistance over the coming months.
Read the project aims in the Download Files area:  and if you need the fine print view:  

 Image  Image

Bandung Street Kids - literaly sitting in the gutter. 

 Group Education - school of the (open) air.


SOS Indonesia Street Kids. Gordon Wilkinson 2012-04-19 00:00:00Z 0



ShelterBoxLogo  One of the many projects of the Rotary Club of Hyde Park is our support of ShelterBox Australia.

  The ShelterBox Tracker  has  been moved to the menu bar: Links>Club Links>ShelterBox Tracker.

  Call there regularly to see where our ShelterBoxes are being deployed.

SHELTERBOX TRACKER 2011-08-04 00:00:00Z 0