At our dinner meeting at the Goody on Wednesday March 11th in a capacity room full of current and former members, those in attendance were treated to a very colourful presentation by past member Graeme Kennelly. Graeme recalled his days as a Hyde Park Rotary member and offered humorous  analogy between his past days at the door with Alan Moss where they were likened to the Muppetts Characters Waldorf and Staedtler.

Mostly retired in Willunga since 2008, Graeme and his wife Cathy enjoy sailing and  share shenanigans with Graeme serving  since 2004 as a committee member for CINEMALLUNGA , a group of eager, like minded citizens that hold fund raisers and locally produced cinema events to raise money to help re furnish and equip the local hall. This may come in the form of state government grants, community events and fun themed movie nights shared by the locals and their families.
The hall comfortably holds 170 people and 220 “ uncomfortably" often with standing room only.
Colourful tales of fancy dress evenings, parades , banners and community frivolity, aroused within the absorbed listener a longing to be a participant in one of these highly popular local events, which encourage neighborly interactions and friendships resulting in cash funds of up to $ 56,000..
With 5 shows a year, some of the attractions organised have been Bohemian Rhapsody, The Blues Brothers, The Wizard of Oz, along with a wedding which was celebrated in the middle of “The Sound Of Music”. These have all been sell-out events.
Matinees for children are also organised with prices generally between  $ 10-$15.
The group does its own marketing with Graeme involved with promotions.
The hall is multifunctional and can be rented out for varied events making it a worthwhile heritage feature to be cherished and nurtured. If ever there was a reason for a sea change this would be in the offering. The idea of living in a close community whose members work in solidarity for the betterment of their community and the friendships and bonds realised .
I am sure that everyone in the room that evening let their imagination take them to the little hall in the country and will at some time in the future pay a visit to for a coming attraction they might attend.