Public Image of Rotary

At our last meeting our guest speaker was Regional Rotary Foundation member and former 9520 District Governor Sam Camporeale who is a current member of the Rotary club of Mitcham and whose wife Lee is past president of that club.
Sam told us that he joined Rotary for the simple reason that he wanted to be a part of helping his local community and that he remains a member because of his belief that in today's world, the things that Rotary does is even more critical – developing  Peace Scholars, improving health, providing clean water are just some essential needs of our international communities.
Sam would like to enhance the public image of ROTARY and offered several suggestions as to how this might be accomplished.
Sam found himself asking three basic questions.
1  Why is it important?
2  What tools can we use to help us ?
3  What is the public image Rotary projects that people believe to be true?
Sam believes we should go by the heading of "People of Action" and there is a need to increase public awareness of our beneficent  intentions and help people realize that there is more to Rotary than fundraising. We need to gain the public's trust and retain our credibility.
Coke cans were used as an example of how one particular brand labelled with the same logo can still produce four different products? An analogy of the Rotary logo which although the same in most ways can be embellished with personal creativity to best showcase a club’s strengths and individuality.
To sum it up Sam suggests that our "Plan of Success" should include the right team selection, a well thought out budget, good training and the use of branding such as banners, impactive videos and updated club merchandising. At present 60% of people polled don’t recognise the Rotary wheel and assume that only older people join Rotary.