Travelogue From The Holy Lands

The Adventures of Robert Handley OAM.
At our meeting we were given a wonderful journey to the Middle East through the colourful and enthusiastic words of Club member Robert Handley as he spoke of his recent holiday to Jordan and Israel, giving us a kaleidoscope of colourful imagery talking about the old silk trail, the archaeological digs at Pella, the Roman ruins of Jerash and the Dead Sea scrolls.
He spoke of nomadic Arabs who settled in cities, of the Romans who built dams and aqueducts, of delicious meals, spices, of desert dunes and the highly salty Dead Sea.
Robert also took us to the Golan heights, Asana, Petra and spoke of the citizens of the Gaza strip who have no hope of a future.
Robert’s adventures were led by professor Bob Stone who was able to guide the adventurous group through the wonderment of our ancient past, satisfying Robert's deep thirst for history which in turn gave we enthusiastic listeners an insight into biblical facts and current issues and perhaps reasons which connect the two.
Robert was enamoured by Petra and they walked through the valley to the Treasury which had been hidden from the world  for thousands of years.It was riddled with holes made by attempts of robbers to steal its hidden riches.
By the end of Robert's talk we were left craving for more and  finished the evening  more educated about areas we seldom tend to put on the top of the list when planning vacations.
Thank you Robert. We look forward to hearing more of your story in the future.