Posted by Bernie Boxer on Apr 13, 2019

Organ and Tissue Donations

Our guest speaker was Dr Ken Purcell , a PhD (Physics) graduate from Melbourne University. Ken had worked for the Australian Defence, Marconi, Telstra etc He joined Rotary  in 2003 Ken’s wife, Dianne was also a Rotarian. Sadly Dianne passed away very suddenly last June which lead to Ken’s involvement with “donatelife”

He explained that his wife had donated a kidney to their daughter before she died and after her death donated at least three organs therefore saving three or more lives.
Donatelife is sponsored by Medicare and the State Government. Rotary became involved last year He gave us many statistics in his Power Point presentation stating that there were1400 people on the wait list and more than 10,000 on dialysis. Ken explained that there was no age barrier in organ it tissue donation
Last year in Australia there were 554 doners and 1544 recipients which was only about 40 per cent of the population South Australia has a 70 per cent of donors.

Rotary now runs a two day seminar for High School students to make them aware of the importance of donating organs. He certainly made us aware of the importance of donating and that people should decide early by marking their driver’s license or putting it in their wills. The final decision however involves the family who must agree before any organs can be used. Ken asked us to make our decision count.
Bernie Boxer gave the vote of thanks with the statement “Don’t take your organs to heaven. Heaven knows we need them here”

He thanked Ken for making known of the desperate  need for more people to donate Bernie told us of a video which he later sent to members  that evening.
Ken distributed information about the facts and myths of donating.