How To Stay Healthy And Be A Rotarian At 100

Guest Speaker Dr Rob Ruston-Smith
The good doctor gave us an entertaining insight into keeping fit and healthy.   
Topic: How to be an Active Rotarian at 100!
Visit Japan
  1. Aged persons are treated with respect and the city of Tokyo has the second oldest profile on the planet.
  2. Choose your family
    Genetic plays a major role in our longevity
  3. Study the population groups who live to be 100
    Peru has a high percentage of person well over 90 years of age. They are active in a mountainous region so their muscles are constantly pumping blood up and done through their legs. They marry at a young age and have 70/80 years of marriage. There is a strong community focus with assistance provided in times of need.
  4. Maintain Mobility
    Muscle strength and balance are important. In Japan great notice is taken of how long it takes a person starting from a sitting position to travel ten metres. It is seen as a key aspect of health.
  5. Life style factors
    Eat slowly and chew thoroughly with a focus on phytonnutrients from fruit, vegetables, nuts, red wine (hooray), dark chocolate (Cheers Lyn), bananas, berries, green tea, garlic, ginger, salmon, avocado and mushrooms.
    Risk factors:
  6. Identify Health Risk Factors
  7. Males with a waist greater than 92 cms (danger above 100 cms), females with a waist greater than 84 cms.  Weight for the young 22- 25 BMI but greater than 70 years of age BMI 25- 30
  8. Regular dental and Medical health check-ups
    When visiting you GP for a check-up get a full “set of bloods”. Check Vitamin D level as one in 3 men over 70 years of age suffer from Osteoporosis.
  9. Maintain passion
    Have reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Do things that excite you (Stay active in Rotary!).
  10. Exercise your brain
    For some this is continuing some forms of work, volunteering, for others crosswords etc.
  11. Realise your Dreams
    Travel and realise your dreams and undertake those things that excited you when you were young but too committed to family or career to undertake.
  12. Live in Bhutan
    The people in Bhutan are some of the worlds happiest. They have a happiness indicator which is monitored and a very high percentage of the population is over 90 years of age with an even higher percentage by world standards of healthy people over 100 years of age.
A very interesting presentation and we thank Dr Bob for coming to our club. Even though our numbers were down those there enjoyed the information presented as was evidenced by the questions that followed.