Meet our two newest members Harjas Kler and Peter Opa, who were inducted at our July 10 meeting.

Harjas Kler has been a real estate investor since 2012, with a focus on the San Bernardino area.  She is an avid traveler and has lived in Spain and India, where she went to an academy boarding school in Dehra Dun.  She will complete her bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from the California State University Los Angeles later this year.  She has been tutoring at School on Wheels on Skid Row and aspires to open a tutoring center or home to help children in need where she invests.

Peter Opa is a writer, environmentalist and public speaker, originally from the Benin Republic in West Africa.  He is the President of Rethink Africa and Director of the Ajara Project, which provides books to his home village in Africa where there is a great need for access to education and academic materials.  His Food for School (FFS) initiative has helped more than 40 orphans and dropouts graduate from elementary and high schools.  He is the author of the bestseller “Jesus Would Vote for a Black President.”


  Sponsor Peter Lattey pinning Peter         Harjas (right) with sponsor Louise Oliver




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