RCDTLA is supporting Vision To Learn with a $250 donation as part of a larger Reverse Grant Project.  In addition, we have an opportunity to do hands on volunteer work (vision screening for the kids) on Thursday, January 23 between 8:30 am – 2:30 pm at Para Los Ninos Elementary School at 1617 E 7th Street, Los Angeles 90021 (downtown LA). Spanish speakers especially helpful.  Club member Angela Fisher has committed several volunteers already.  Contact RCDTLA President Kathleen Copus (Kathleen@rotarydtla.org) or Rotarian and VTL Coordinator Nora Maclellan (310-489-0160 cell) to sign up.  Remember to wear your Rotary!

Vision To Learn (www.VisionToLearn.org) began operations in March of 2012.  Since that time they have provided over 12,300 free eye exams and over 9,300 free prescription eye glasses to elementary aged children enrolled in Title 1 schools and or living in the low income communities in the Los Angeles Area.  This month they began operations in Sacramento.  Students with vision problems tend to have lower academic performance as measured by test scores and grades.  Low income and minority students are disproportionately affected by untreated visual impairments.  From a recent outcome study conducted by UCLA on Vision To Learn it was found that having corrected vision children almost immediately are:

·         More confident and have better classroom participation,

·         Improved attention and classroom behavior,

·         Improved academic performance, and

·         More ease with homework. 




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