RCLAM's ongoing fundraiser in response to the Haiti earthquake has so far raised and donated $500 to ShelterBox USA. And in response to the recent Chile earthquakes, ShelterBoxes and ShelterBox staff are now deploying to Santiago. (UPDATED March 12)

NEW DEVELOPMENTS: 1,000 ShelterBoxes en route to Chile

Original Chile ShelterBox response follows:

An initial consignment of 448 ShelterBoxes is being sent to Chile in response to the massive earthquake that hit the country.

ShelterBox is utilising all its global resources to respond as quickly as possible to this latest disaster. ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members Pat Prendergast (UK), Tom Lay (UK) and Traci Oliver (US) are currently en route to Chile's capital Santiago. On arrival the team will join up with local Rotarians and the Red Cross to establish where the greatest need for emergency shelter is.

The team will be joined by 448 ShelterBoxes, enough aid for up to 4,480 people. The boxes are being sent from prepositioned stock in Melbourne, Australia. ShelterBox has a network of strategic locations around the globe where boxes are stored to allow a speedy response to any disaster wherever it may strike.

Head of Operations, John Leach, said: 'The full extent of the damage in Chile is yet to be seen but there'll undoubtedly be a need for emergency shelter.

'Our first response team was mobilised as soon as news of the earthquake reached us. We're now sending ShelterBoxes form Australia and once our team arrive in Santiago they'll be working closely with Rotarians and other aid organisations to make sure the aid reaches the people who need it most.'

Please visit the donation page on this website if you can help support ShelterBox in any way, greay or small. Thank you.

Urgent donations needed

With the earthquake in Chile following so soon after the earthquake Haiti, the need to support ShelterBox could not be greater.

General Manager, Lasse Petersen, said: 'We're responding to the massive disasters in both Haiti and Chile as well as other disasters across the world that aren't making the headlines.

'Whenever disasters strike they inevitably leave devastated families in their wake, families who lose everything through no fault of their own.

'We urgently need donations to fund our disaster relief efforts, to help us respond to the current disasters and to acquire more tents and life saving supplies in readiness for future disasters.

'I'd urge you to please donate and support our relief efforts and to help build our disaster response capacity to help those most in need.'

Haiti ShelterBox response follows:

LA Morning Rotarians, friends, and family,

In response to the 12 January earthquake that devastated the island nation of Haiti, the Rotary Club of Los Angeles Morning is now accepting funds to be donated to ShelterBox USA. If you are not familiar with this organization, here is a brief description of ShelterBox USA and the invaluable relief they provide:

Since its inception in 2000, ShelterBox has provided shelter and dignity following over 100 disasters in more than 63 countries, bringing the organization to the forefront of international disaster relief. ShelterBox instantly responds to earthquake, volcano, flood, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami or conflict by delivering boxes of aid. In many cases "ShelterBoxes" have made the difference between life and death.

Each "ShelterBox" supplies an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and lifesaving equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless. The contents are tailored depending on the nature and location of the disaster, with great care taken sourcing every item to ensure it is robust enough to be of lasting value. Highly trained ShelterBox Response Teams distribute boxes on the ground, working closely with local organizations, international aid agencies and Rotary clubs worldwide.

(Additional information about the ShelterBox project is available at www.shelterboxusa.org.)

Update from ShelterBox regarding aid to Haiti (updated on February 12):

Follow the link below for a recap on ShelterBox's first month of aid to Haiti. Several good videos including Time.com coverage are available for viewing:
Haiti Earthquake: One month on.

We are continuing to accept funds for our club's donation to ShelterBox USA.

Online donations are now being accepted via PayPal. Please click the "Donate" button below:

Checks or money orders may be made payable to the "Rotary Club of Los Angeles Morning" with "ShelterBox" in the memo line. Please mail checks to:
PO BOX 71043

Donations of any size are appreciated. Please note that as the club will be pooling these funds to be donated en masse, your donation may not be tax-deductible. If you wish to make an individual, tax-deductible donation, please visit ShelterBox's website at www.shelterboxusa.org.

Please keep the residents of Haiti in your hearts, minds, and prayers during this difficult time.

Many thanks,
Club President Alex 

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