On Saturday, July 29, the Downtown Los Angeles Club and the Crenshaw/Watts Club attacked the front yard of Mama Hill’s Help on East 92nd Street with a rototiller, shovels, rakes, hoes and other implements of destruction.

We dug, we rototilled, we mulched, we raked, we watered, we fertilized and we planted. Boy, did we plant. We planted corn, we planted five kinds of tomatoes, we planted six different kinds of chili peppers, we planted thai and sweet basil, we planted watermelons, we planted lavender and we planted cucumbers. From 8:00 till 1:00, we worked with Mama Hill's kids to build a beautiful vegetable garden for Mama Hill and the kids of South Central LA.

When we were done, we had transformed a harsh patch of struggling grass into a lush vegetable garden. It wasn’t just Mama Hill's kids who learned how to create a garden, many of our Rotarians learned to appreciate the smell of good compost and the skill of driving a rototiller.
But guess what? Gardens need planting, they need watering and they need WEEDING. So on Saturday, August 13, we went back to show the kids how to weed. We will be back regularly to help the kids tend the garden and to share in the fresh vegetables.
Before   After  
Many of the kids in this area have never dug in the dirt, planted anything, seen vegetables grow or picked a fresh tomato from the vine. This garden was built to show the kids just how easy and how rewarding a garden can be and how cheap and good fresh vegetables can be. We have already inspired one girl to start a vegetable garden at her grandmother’s house. We hope to inspire more. There is room in South Central LA to grow tons of vegetables. We have started with a small plot on one street and hope to inspire many more garden plots.


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