Los Angeles Morning's inaugural entry into the Rotary Family Picnic's cardboard boat race does swimmingly well (so well in fact, no swimming was actually required).
In an amazing showing, the Rotary Club of Los Angeles Morning finished in 4th place at the District's Family Picnic Cardboard Boat Race. The number of boats may have caught Boat Race officials off guard, as there were an unexpected two heats of races. RCLAM's boat came in 2nd place during the first round, and finished 4th overall. The winning boat was from the Rotary Club of Colombo-Americano, with their cardboard kayak, which easily won both rounds.

RCLAM's boat was designed and constructed by Henry Leong. The boat was named the Miss Fortune, and did very well through both heats. When told of the great finish Henry explained "my head swelled and chest puffed out as well as I was quite pleased. My mom said she was all worried that you guys were going to sink, so she was very relieved."

It is important to note that not only did the boat place fourth, but the boat was in such great condition that Alex and Ginny were able to enjoy a leisurely cruise around the lagoon after the race.

It was a great afternoon, and next year's boat race should be even more exciting as the district's clubs seek their cardboard boat bragging rights.



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