Seiichi is the owner of Yokose World Exporter, Inc. - Wild Live Fresh Fish.  He moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to establish his company after working at various fish wholesale markets in Japan, including the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo.  Prior to his move to the U.S., he served as an executive at Yokose, his family’s over 150 year old fish wholesale business based in Toyama, Japan.  
As the first born son he was expected to lead the family business after his father, but instead chose a different path, which he feels will protect the legacy of their seventh generation business in innovative and exciting new ways.  In the midst of present challenges in the Japanese fishing industry, he hopes to contribute to its revitalization through his presence in the U.S.    
With his motto “In every age and in every place, strive to protect tradition,” he looks forward to the further growth of his company.  He is inspired by the great potential and unique strengths he sees in American culture, which convinced him his future - carrying on his family’s heritage - belonged here. 


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