Marie received her M.A. and Ph.D. from UCLA in Romance Linguistics and Literature and teaches Spanish language and literature at USC.  She also speaks French and Portuguese and is proficient in Italian and Modern Standard Arabic.  Her dissertation explored nationalism, myth, and gender in contemporary literatures from Spain and the Maghreb (Morocco and Algeria).  Her research addresses the portrayal of North Africa in contemporary Spanish literature within the context of Orientalist discourse, colonial architecture, and visual representations of postcolonial North Africa.  She has lived and studied in Mexico, France, Spain and Morocco. 
Marie is passionate about teaching, promoting peace and understanding through cultural exchange and protecting the environment for all to enjoy a sustainable future.  Other interests include architecture, design, music and the arts.  Through Rotary she hopes to help create lasting and positive change in Los Angeles and Downtown in particular - in public transportation, environmental health (air quality, trees, green spaces), and access to quality education.  Marie is originally from Seattle, Washington.


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