by Peter Lattey, Past President, Rotary Club of Downtown Los Angeles

The power of Rotary clubs joining forces is bringing water to schools and a clinic in Kenya.

The Rotary Club of Downtown Los Angeles, has spearheaded a project to provide a clean reliable source of water and clean latrines for four schools and a clinic near Migori, Kenya, led by Peter Lattey. This project is the result of a year long collaboration between Peter Lattey and Ben Onam, the past president of Suna Migori.  Ten clubs in District 5280, District 5280, the Slinger Allenton Club, District 9212 in Kenya and the Suna-Migori Club all contributed funds.  The Rotary Club of Downtown Los Angeles contributed $1,690, and LA 5 contributed $1,500.

This project will provide clean water to the 1,450 students who attend four schools in Osingo, Kenya and to the Ayego Clinic and will benefit many of the 5,000 families who live in Osingo.  The Osingo Primary School currently gets water from a nearby creek at the bottom of a small valley.  This water is not clean and in the dry season it is difficult to find.  The students are the carriers, who must spend time fetching water when they should be in school. This source of clean water will help curb water borne diseases and help eliminate school dropout by girls.

An important benefit of this project is the improvement of the educational opportunities for the girls of Osingo.  By having a clean source of water at the schools, the girls will be relieved of the task of walking miles every day to get water. They will instead be able to spend that time in school becoming better educated.  Numerous studies have shown that educating girls and young women is a critical factor in economic and social development.  When you educate a girl, you have educated the whole community. The new toilets will also provide a critical facility for the young women to enable them to attend school during their menses.

This $40,000 project is in progress and will be completed by the end of November 2014. The Suna-Migori Club has delivered ten 2,500 gallon tanks, built two concrete towers, poured concrete slabs, placed the tanks on the slabs and installed roof gutters.  The parents and students are digging the 20-feet deep latrines.

Downtown Los Angeles Club Past President Peter Lattey is travelling to Migori in the middle of October to assist with the construction and to audit the completion of the project.

Rotary Clubs and Rotarians, working together CAN make the world a better place.



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