The garden we planted last August at Mama Hill's Help was a great success.  It produced a bumper crop of tomatoes, corn, strawberries, basil, peppers and beans with a few cucumbers and even one lonely watermelon.  Mama Hill's kids learned about gardening and there was plenty of food to go around.  For most of the kids, this was their first opportunity to grow something and to eat fresh, organic vegetables.  They loved it.  But, seasons pass and the crops were finished.  Now it is time to replant for the next growing season. 

This time will be a lot easier.  No rototilling is needed as the ground was already prepared last year.  We will just be turning the ground over, fertilizing and planting.  The crops for this season are tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, basil, onions and beans.

Once again will be partnering with our friends in the Crenshaw Watts club to grow Rotary in South Central LA.

Please come out again and help Mama Hill's garden to flourish once more.  Planting will commence at 9:00 AM on Saturday, January 28.  The address is 755 East 92nd Street, Los Angeles 90003.

Come Join Us! 



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