A new meeting time, People Reaching Out (PRO), Park(ing) Day, and Tree Planting Survey make for a busy week at the Rotary Club of Los Angeles Morning.
Many thanks to all club members for our 100% attendance Club Assembly on September 3! As discussed, please note our new regular meeting times:

7:30am: Meeting begins with fellowship (Your attendance kindly requested to help our guest speaker(s) feel the LA Morning love!)
7:45am: Program begins
8:45am: Meeting adjourns (An extra 15 minutes to get to work! Enjoy!)

Thursday's meeting features Peter Davis presenting us with information about this year's PRO (People Reaching Out) clothing drive. Clothing pickup locations have yet to be announced, so hold onto your business attire for now. Let's match last meeting's perfect attendance figures for this important presentation! :-)

As you may recall, this Friday is Park(ing) Day! RCLAM members and fans alike are encouraged to attend one of the local Park(ing) Day events: one is located in the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles on the southeast corner of Olympic & Flower; the other is located in Harlem Alley (between Broadway and Spring) just south of 4th Street. Take this opportunity to explore these otherwise urban settings transformed into recreational park areas for the day, or just use them as a peaceful spot to enjoy your lunch.

Our monthly Tree Planting Survey occurs this Saturday morning. This month we'll shift our focus from noting all unplanted tree wells to scouting likely locations for our first round of tree planting. Also, note the meeting location change: This month we'll meet up at the Tiara Cafe (www.tiara-cafe-la.com) located on the north(west) corner of 9th & Los Angeles Streets, at 10am. It's worth noting that Tiara Cafe serves coffee as well as full breakfast (so feel free to arrive early) and also happens to be the current President's Palatable Pick of the Week. Club members and friends of the club alike are welcome! :-)

Topping it all off is Sunday's Rotary Family Picnic at Seaside Lagoon at Redondo Beach. Come and cheer on LA Morning's first entry into the cardboard boat race, built by Club member Henry and piloted by members Ginny and Alex. Here's to everyone staying dry! (Additional event info here)



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