Phoenix Arcadia Rotary Club

PARC volunteers at Welcome To America Clothes Closet




This smiling and well-scrubbed group of PARC volunteers arrived early on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at the “Welcome to America Project” Clothes Closet, located in near west central Phoenix. In keeping with the Welcome to America mission of providing basic necessities to newly arrived refugees, the Clothes Closet offers Phoenix-based refugees, on this day mostly from Iraq and West Africa, a chance to meld more easily with local residents by choosing suitable clothing for work, school and play. Our Rotarians were quickly divided into clothes sorters, display artists and even one well-placed personal shopper, all to help young mothers and daughters clothe their family warmly and attractively. Our helpful Project representative, Ophelia, told us “You handed out more clothing faster than anyone else ever has!” Well, we ARE here to serve.