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On Tuesday, September 15th, unknown vandals broke into the organic Garden at Davidson, turned the cameras away, and proceeded to tear up much of it.  On camera, you could see a shadowy image that appeared to be an adult but could not even tell if was male or female.  On Wednesday, Davidson removed the doors for repair but on Wednesday night, the deer ate the plantings down to the nub.  Lori Davis of Sanzuma not-for-profit and one of her Board members had been working for five weeks to get seedlings to the right state to enthuse the kids, and had succeeded.  So now, Lori has managed to get donations of chicken wire and stakes, and she and her husband covered the soil to ready for new plantings on Saturday the  19th to try to protect the plants that are left.  Today (Thursday the 24th), Davidson has installed a temporary gate and, per Harriet Maclean who has been working closely on the garden repair, has now offered to pay for chain link fencing to deter additional vandalism.  
     Lori said "I just used it as a teaching opportunity to explain to the students some of the possible problems that happen with URBAN FARMING, so they just pitched in and started helping clean up the mess and start over."   Way to go, Lori, Harriet, and Davidson Administration!
    President Bev says we will, of course, be scheduling a work party sometime this year so we can help, too.  Meanwhile, we financed some of Lori's wish list for supplies and equipment.  Please go to see the 3 minute video if you have not yet done so:

   Our Yard Sale on Saturday, October 10th, earned $2,500 for our Club.  


Kramer trying on merchandise!

Kramer Herzog...the bunny!

Barbara Weldon

Barbara Weldon, having just finished loading the tables

John Noerr and Bev Shwert

Bev and John..taking a well earned break

Rose with Stacie in background

Rose with Stacie in background


Equally importantly, we re-learned how much fun we have working together.  On the Sunday before the event, Chair Carola Detrick started us off with Jim Carriere, Judi Cooper, Susan Lundy, President Elect Hugh Murphy,  President Bev Shwert, Brigette Waterbury, Helen Abe, Chris Major, John Noerr and outside-of-Rotary friends showed up to help price, enjoy wine, and have fun.   On the Friday afternoon before the sale, Judi, Bev, Susan, John, Helen, Hugh, Brigette,  and Carola met again to arrange the items on tables, finish pricing, and make sure the morning would go smoothly.
   The BIG DAY started at 6:30 am with  much of the same crew mentioned above plus work and appearances by Carol Scott, Barbara Weldon, Carla Chapman (Susan's guest), Misha Murphy (Hugh's daughter), and Helen Abe's sister Rose and friend Darlene, who stayed ALL DAY and handled the cash register.  (THANK YOU, HELEN, for having such a giving "service-above-self" sister and friend!).  Also handling the register was Willa Speck and occasionally Susan, Judi, Carola, or other members.  Our treasurer Cindy Stameroff along with Tom Sutton for IT worked several hours getting our account set up for Paypal Mastercard/Visa (Carola's great idea and research got this started) so we were ready, set, and able to handle payments.
    In attending other Clubs, Judi Cooper got a wonderful set of furniture from...are you ready for this...a GUEST and prospective member of a fellow Rotary Club!  We were blessed with donations above our wildest expectations.  
   At the end of the day, some of our remaining items are going to Gigi Noerr's family who lost their house in the Middletown fires; Brigette's and Kris Edward's trucks went to Goodwill, and a few designer items are saved for our Ebay Foundation listings.   All in all, it was a lot of fun, and made us really proud to be a part of such an active, hard-working Club.

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Speaker Margaret Hallet, October 19

Speaker Margaret Hallet, Marin Family Services Agency, October 20th, reminded us of the good we do each year for the clients during the Holidays and throughout.


Two days after the sale, District Governor Leah R. Lambrecht spoke movingly to our Tuesday morning Breakfast Club meeting.

Clothes and more Clothes!!!

Willa running credit cards, checking out, and in general making everyone feel welcomed and happy.

Read more... is that time of the year again... MarinScope Newspaper's SALUTE TO ROTARY appears in late October.  The rates start at $155 for a business card and go up from there (see below).  If anyone owns a business and wants to advertise, please contact PR chair Jennifer Clark at her email address:  Susan Lundy is also on her committee but she is gone next Tuesday the 29th so can answer questions October 6 or 13th.
Harborites totally enjoyed, and were REALLY ATTENTIVE, when Warren Simmonds described his philosophy of organic landscape architecture could work with a drought-prone environment such as we see now in the Bay Area.   From left to right... Dr. Barbara Weldon, Aref Ahmadia, Jeff Allen, Steve Villa, Brigette Waterbury (hidden behind) Hugh Murphy, Karen Hansen, John Bottari, Tom Sutton, Jim Carriere, Helen Maclean, and Chris Major.  Not shown but here:  Kramer Herzog, Carola Detrick, John Noerr, President Bev Shwert, Treasurer Cindy Stameroff, and photographer Susan Lundy.

Warren produced an interesting powerpoint slide show of "before and after" pictures for commercial, multi-family, and residential landscapes.  Here is one example of how he moved from water-intensive landscaping to natives:  
Overall, we enjoyed hearing how his firm has changed so many major commercial areas to be drought resistent, and how his residential work has created such an "outside living" feeling for upscale homes in the Bay Area.
BELL RINGERS:    As predicted, Harriet Maclean provided a bell ringer for her birthday again this year.   
Other Happy News:
   Hugh got back from Northwestern, where his daughter is safely and happily enrolled as a freshman.
   Aref was happy that this morning, after missing our "Polio Can" for several weeks, we got $65 donated with the "pass the can".
   Bev Shwert also announced she was working on us giving out food on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving...perhaps with Interact too.
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The Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor meets from 8 to 9 am, Tuesdays, at the Jackson Cafe of Whistlestop Wheels, 930 Tamalpais Avenue, San Rafael CA 94901.  Free parking  is available in the chain-link fenced lot across the street from the Cafe.  
                                                                                Email:  Info@HarborRotary.Org