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Gisela Zebroski  spoke to us about The Berlin Airlift ~ The greatest humanitarian aid of all time!. Giesla has devoted her life to discovering the truth about her background and herself. Her research turned into two historical novels: THE BARONESS and MEPHISTO WALTZ, covering two generations of her Baltic German family. She documented the events starting with the Russian Revolution that led to their demise. Her childhood during WW II, the painful aftermath following the defeat of the Reich, and her recovery in California are a miracle. Her little known facts and stories paint a novel picture of the wars that changed the world forever. In her memoir – a work in progress – she sums up the events of the last fifty years where a less bloody revolution moved this nation to accept itself. Her journey of self-discovery through reflection, studies and cool reasoning add common sense to her approach to life. Her presentation is riveting, inspiring and beyond memorable…

In 1948 Stalin blocked all land access routes to the city of Berlin. That left 2 million Berliners and 8,000 occupation forces without sustenance. A forceful breakthrough of the blockade could have ignited WW III. Instead, Harry Truman ordered: “We shall stay! Period.”


On June 25, 1948 General Clay established an airlift: Operation Vittles. Over the following 11 months American and British bombers became transport aircraft that flew 300,000 missions and delivered 2.3 million tons of supplies. This operation deterred Stalin’s invasion of Berlin and Western Europe.

The RI Board of Directors recently recognized three new Rotarian Action Groups. Each of these RAGs has a unique area of expertise and is available to provide any support that Rotarians may seek regarding their areas of specialty.
For information about all Rotarian Action Groups, go to this announcement:
BELL RINGERS:   Jim Carriere was so happy we worked with him on handling the Marin Civic Center Senior Day Parking Lot traffic control that he donated a bell ringer ($100 or over).  He also mentioned that for $20 donation to Shelterbox USA, we could specifically offer the Luminates box, which he brought and lit.
OTHER HAPPY NEWS:   President-Elect Hugh Murphy said it was 70 degrees in Chicago when he visited his daughter at Northwestern Parents Weekend.  He is also elated she got a part-time job at Mollie Stones!  
    Steve Villa celebrated his birthday with a fine/donation.
Finally, we welcomed as a guest former member Karl Dannacker.
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The Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor meets from 8 to 9 am, Tuesdays, at the Jackson Cafe of Whistlestop Wheels, 930 Tamalpais Avenue, San Rafael CA 94901.  Free parking  is available in the chain-link fenced lot across the street from the Cafe.  
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