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Deepa Williingham
Sep 15, 2015
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Flea Market/Garage Sale fundraiser for Club
Oct 10, 2015
Board meets with DG Leah
Oct 12, 2015
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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September 14
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September 15
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September 26
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September 4, 2007
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 FLEA MARKET, Yard Sale, Garage Sale...whatever you want to call it, we are having a fun event on Saturday, October 10th, at 15 Debes Ranch Road, San Rafael (Los Ranchitos area, Terra Linda).  We are accepting volunteers and member

Facebook has more details and registration

This SeptemberRotary Basic Education and Literacy Month, Rotary International is celebrating our progress and reaffirming our commitment to help attain universal education! Here are just a few examples of club service projects helping improve education and literacy:   Aref conducting quizzes from the January 2015, "Dictionary" project delivery at Bahia Vista Elementary                    
From left to right:  Aref Ahmadia quizzing 3rd graders when we delivered the free Dictionaries this January;  Susan Lundy and Kramer Herzog at the 211 Canal Installation of Little Free Libraries in March; and Laurel Dell Elementary's "Relay for Reading" in spring of 2014 (weather canceled 2015 but it is back on track for 2016, per Principal Pepe Gonzalez.
The last month has been a virtual cornucopia of speakers offering sound wisdom in how to make improvements in appearance and business. From most recent to earliest,  Tuesday, September 8th, Cindy Marion Walker  speaks about "Time Management for Dummies."  Last week, Jill A. Lublin spoke on how to "Get Known Everywhere"  
On August 25th, Sally Bonkrude gave us a jazzy and inspiring set of how to make great presentations (more details later); and on August 11th, Diane Kluft  discussed how to transform our personal style (in order to) ignite our confidence.  For those of us who recall the March 17th Jenny Bailey's "What does your wardrobe say about you", we now are totally, completely, happily prepared to conquer the world.
Marty is Whistlestop’s Marketing and Communications Specialist.   He was going to talk about "Helping Marin Age with Dignity and Grace" but the interactions with us beforehand made him decide to instead discuss the proposed Whistlestop building, the Jackson Cafe itself, and the opportunities for volunteers to help.  He made several great suggestions, including that we as a Club might want to commit to a Jackson Cafe time slot and help serve the seniors, say, one lunch a week or so; or that we may want to volunteer on the now up-and-running Care Pool program, where we would pick up a senior, accompany them to the grocery store (and up and down the aisles if requested), or to the doctor's office (and wait inside), etc.  Finally, Mission Rotary is already partnering with the Rotary Home Team social service program, and Marty suggested we join them:  The Rotary Home Team Program will identify seniors in the community who would benefit from volunteers visiting their homes to do minor repairs, including: changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries, fixing leaky faucets and repairing squeaky or broken door handles (at no cost).   Many questions were asked and we were delighted to have Marty visit.
In the past month, we've received multiple bell ringers or BR, (more than $100 given to the Harbor Foundation) and lots of birthdays, anniversaries, and life event celebrations.   Jim Carriere (BR) and Nancy saw Joe off to college...happy and sad at the same time.  Kris Edwards celebrated her late Dad's Birthday (BR), and Aref Ahmadia (BR) gave money for (oops, cannot read my writing)...Hugh Murphy doing something, but I cannot make out what he was glad Hugh did.  Oh well..thanks for the money if not the memories, Aref!   In addition, Karen went fishing (skunked), Hugh went on a picnic, Susan paid $250 for the extra Little Free Library (but not a bell ringer...since that is what it cost to begin with).   Harriet MacLean (she will be a BR for this), Helen Abe, and Linda Sutton all celebrated birthdays in August and September, and John and Elizabeth Bottari celebrated 18 years of marriage on Aug 18.  Harriet MacLean, Jim Carriere, and Aref Ahmadia all celebrated joining Harbor Rotary in August and September.
   Job changes:  Jennifer Clark has left the Pacifics after the season ended and joined the Center for NonProfit Leadership as Executive Assistant..  Congrats, Jennifer!
Chris has been a Rotarian since 2010 and with life changes, he chose to join our club.  Welcome Chris!
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The Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor meets from 8 to 9 am, Tuesdays, at the Jackson Cafe of Whistlestop Wheels, 930 Tamalpais Avenue, San Rafael CA 94901.  Free parking  is available in the chain-link fenced lot across the street from the Cafe.  
                                                                                Email:  Info@HarborRotary.Org