A month after the final commercial flight out of South Vietnam, Pan Am organized a mercy flight into (closed) Saigon Airport to rescue its staff and more than 400 others.
Pamela Borgfeldt Taylor  was Pan Am Stewardess that was on the last plane out of Saigon Vietnam during the war: a mercy flight to evacuate the Pan Am employees stranded in Saigon.  Several of us were using the napkins to wipe our eyes as she described the young children, teenage Am-Asian boy, and Vietnamese workers who desperately wanted to leave South Vietnam.  Hours before the fall of Saigon, the Boeing 747 managed to take off with almost 500 passengers.  Their plane was blocked by a fighter that had crashed on the runway, but pilot Bob Berg got South Vietnamese bulldozers to clear the runway and they took off, amid machine guns firing at them, on April 30th, 1975.    For those readers who were unable to attend but want to review her riveting story, a version appears here:  http://clippercrew.com/my-story-of-the-last-flight-out-of-saigon/
PICTURED: Left to right.  CATALINA WILKISON, JUDY O'SHEA, PAMELA TAYLOR, (Harbor President) HUGH MURPHY, LAURA MARCOUX (of RC of West Marin), and HELEN ABE of Harbor.       Pamela is holding our Certificate of Appreciation/Donation in her name to Polio Plus.