A couple of years after Tom Sutton and John Bottari attended the District 5150 Blue Angels Fundraiser, our own Jeff Allen offered his powerboat, the Tangoroa, to get the Blue Angel perspective from the Bay.  The boat holds 20, but Capt'n Jeff had on board his first mate son, Michael, 3 of Michael's friends, and Rotarians Jim Ring and date (visiting), Chris Major and Joanne Pugh, Susan Lundy and Jim Spellerberg, and Hugh Murphy with Marjan.  We learned the unpublished history of Sausalito and Belevedere's coastal residences that only a multi-generation resident could know, and then saw the French, the Blue Angels, the United Airways, and various other acrobatic air escapades while drinking beer and eating lunch.  Only Jeff had to work the entire time, being totally alert in a VERY crowded bay.  Thanks, Jeff...you gave all of us a wonderful memory and your generosity in providing the boat, the work, and the history is very appreciated by your fellow Harborites.

Rotarians enjoying Blue Angels

left to right, Jim Ring, Capt Jeff Allen, Hugh Murphy

Photo by Marjan of Jim Ring, Captain Jeff Allen, and President Hugh Murphy


Photo by Marjan of Jim Spellerberg and spouse Susan Lundy

Chris and Joanne

Photo by Susan Lundy of Chris Major and Joanne Pugh.

Photo by Susan Lundy of Hugh Murphy taking Marjan's picture
MMichael Allen (with broken arm)
GGB. photo by Marjan.