We worked at Davidson Garden instead of meeting at our regular Jackson Cafe and...wow!!...the garden is really thriving.   Lori Davis of Sanzuma described the progress toward full organic, sustainable gardening.  Aaron, a sixth grade student, was there to help explain why celery tastes better from one bed than from the other beds.  Then, some of us (your scribe excepted), rolled up our sleeves, stuck on our garden gloves, and pulled weeds and cleaned up.  FUN!.


Working, reviewing, meeting.

Carola Detrick, David Peters (shovelling now), and Jeffrey Allen pulling weeds.

David Peters with the shovel, Cindy Stameroff (back to us) and President Bev Shwert.

John Noerr, Barb Weldon (back to us), President Bev Shwert, and Helen Abe