Dec 04, 2018
Linda Cence, Susan Lundy, and Helen Abe
Who I am; Why I joined Harbor

Each person speaks for 10 minutes.   Find out something new!  

  I'm going to be filling this in with 3 people per program once or twice a quarter...just so we can learn about each other.  You might consider these topics:
Something you really don't know about me is ......d in something unexpected...such as "If
Why I chose to join Rotary when I did .....
Why I chose Harbor Rotary instead of a different Club...
Why I still love Harbor...(if you do)  or   What I want to change about Harbor...
Or add in something unexpected...such as "If I could be stranded on a dessert island with anyone in past, present, or fantasy...I would choose... (and why).
In other words, whatever you want to say for 10 minutes.  (Except of course religion or politics!)