Speaker Date Topic
Community Service/Harbor Foundation Projects Aug 22, 2017
Sponsoring Harbor members recommend local and/or international projects for funding, and local work.

We need to choose what work days we will participate in, and what projects we will fund.  Possible "work days" include the following events we have participated in at sometime in the past, plus any new ones suggested this morning:  Costal Clean-up, Senior Parking, Christmas Gift delivery for LITA, Jackson Cafe servers and waiters, Salvation Army bell-ringing, Davidson Garden clean-up, Dictionary delivery, Davidson Career Day, San Rafael High Resume help, and next summer's Make a Splash graduation.

We also should recommend to the Board our favorite Community Service funding for projects for 2017-2018.  Funding requests have been submitted (and copies will be mailed with the Agenda) for the following beneficiaries:  Noushin Sharif-Murphy Scholarship, Shazuma, Senior Access,  Shelterbox USA, Sierra Murphy (books), and Costal CleanUp.  The following projects have been supported in the past and will likely be sponsored by a Rotarian Harbor member:  Make A Splash, Opening the World, Family Services Agency, Interact Homeless dinner, and the Novato Chess Club.    Each project MUST have an active Rotarian sponsoring it, and that person will be the one to recommend funding at this meeting.  

Fall ASSEMBLY!!! Aug 29, 2017
Carola wants to preview the year and have Board members give their own expectations!

Carola is ready to get all Harbor members on Board for the wonderfully wild ride through 2017-2018:  doing lots of things, sponsoring lots of projects, socializing with each other and Rotarians, and recruiting new members while keeping all old members involved and active