Speaker Date Topic
NO Breakfast Oct 23: Senior Fair Parking Oct 24 Oct 24, 2018
October 23 Social at Iron Springs 430...
Lunch with Interact Club 1220 to 1300. SRHS Oct 31, 2018
Jane Hall, Guest, No breakfast meeting 10/30

Jane Hall, 2014-2015 President of RC of Mill Valley, is a whirlwind of activity and an awesome volunteer.  She has traveled abroad not only for Rotary but for other service organizations as well, building houses, working with youth, and putting service above self!   She retired after working her life with youth, and we are looking forward to hearing her bring up up to date on peace-bridging-building and youth service.

Hugh Murphy, John Bottari, Steve Villa Nov 13, 2018
RI Foundation
Food Pantry Nov 20, 2018
Canal Alliance

Two days before Thanksgiving, let's come with our hearts full of gratitude for things in our lives, our loves, and our minds that make us truly thankful.  Then, let's share these thankful thoughts with our fellow members at the Canal Alliance.

Goal:  Leave breakfast knowing at least one new thing that makes you happy and grateful that you had not thought of before.  In times of stress, division, and even Shelterbox-challenging disasters, taking time to share some of the wonderful things in our lives will help ourselves and our fellow Harborites enter the Thanksgiving Holiday with a true feeling of gratitude.  Come prepared to be uplifted!

Linda Cence, Susan Lundy, and Helen Abe Dec 04, 2018
Who I am; Why I joined Harbor

Each person speaks for 10 minutes.   Find out something new!  

  I'm going to be filling this in with 3 people per program once or twice a quarter...just so we can learn about each other.  You might consider these topics:
Something you really don't know about me is ......d in something unexpected...such as "If
Why I chose to join Rotary when I did .....
Why I chose Harbor Rotary instead of a different Club...
Why I still love Harbor...(if you do)  or   What I want to change about Harbor...
Or add in something unexpected...such as "If I could be stranded on a dessert island with anyone in past, present, or fantasy...I would choose... (and why).
In other words, whatever you want to say for 10 minutes.  (Except of course religion or politics!)
Holiday Party Dec 11, 2018
San Rafael Joe's