Speaker Date Topic
2016-2017 Year In Review Jun 27, 2017
Review of Hugh's year and Harbor Foundation request review

President Hugh Murphy will summarize his year.  Any member who wants to present a Harbor Rotary foundation request (NOT the RI Foundation) please complete the form and get to Hugh before Friday, June 23rd.

Allen Ng from RC Marin Evening Jul 11, 2017
Personal journey thru Central Asia Sinkiang Province, China; Hunza Valley, Pakistan Wakhan Corridor.

Allen is the immediate past president of the RC of Marin Evening.  He retired from 40 years of service with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture where he worked in the Food and Nutrition Service, overseeing the operations of the Food Stamp Program, the School Lunch Program and the Supplemental Food for Women, Infants and Children Program in the western U.S. and the Pacific.  Allen was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal working with farmers promoting the Green Revolution after finishing at Harvard.  Allen was born and raised in NYC.

Susan with Hugh, Bev, and John B. Jul 24, 2017
Atlanta RI Convention: Public Image "in Action" roll-out, etc.

Break-out sessions were interesting this year, and the general sessions revealed the future of Rotary.  Susan will begin by discussing the new Public Image campaign of "Rotarians in Action"  (oops...no more shots of the audience, or the dinners, or even of handing banners or gifts and shaking hands!!!).

Bev, Hugh, and John will then share what each found useful for sharing.   Finally, time permitting, Susan will discuss the best session she attended:  "How to Evaluate Club Service Projects" and share the easy way to measure what to do!