Join us Friday September 6, 2019 at the Dunnville Golf and Country Club! Proceeds to support the Dunnville Hospital and Healthcare Foundation!
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The Rotary Club of Dunnville is proud to support education, both internationally and locally. Our scholarship acknowledges that community service is an integral part of the education process. The value of this scholarship is $1000.
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You already know about Rotary. You know it benefits our society, there are thousands of clubs in the world, you know it promotes good works in your community and internationally.
Maybe, you don’t know Rotary develops leaders:  Networking, leadership, public speaking, working in groups, public service, brain storming, how to run a meeting, project management, financial reports, serving on a committee, and ....
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Club Origins

The concept of a Rotary Club of Dunnville was discussed by three local business men in 1990  on a cold Dec 3rd in the bowling alley at Grimm's (now Mudcat Alley). They decided that Rotary was needed in Dunnville and that Des Rasch would be Secretary, the late Leo Brown would be Treasurer, and Archie Merigold would be the new Chartering President. The three continued to meet at Grimm's, recruiting members one by one until enough existed to satisfy the criterion to formally charter a new Rotary Club.
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Duck races are fun and profitable. We have 4000 plastic ducks available to rent to service clubs and non-profit groups in Southern Ontario.

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The Rotary Club of Dunnville enriches the local and world community by providing humanitarian service and youth development.
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