Rotarian Julia Marchese is dreaming bigger with her "Care - A- Closet!"
It started with an annual Christmas dinner for those who wouldn't otherwise enjoy a family meal. And then it got bigger! Julia's Old Fashioned Family Christmas has fed hundreds of community members and has provided a merry Christmas for local families.
When COVID-19 and the pandemic hit it meant an end to the traditional sit-down meal. That didn't stop the creative Julia Marchese. She bought a van and brought Christmas to those who needed it most.
Julia is always dreaming bigger. That's how "Julia's Care - a - Closet" came to be. The van is still on the road, but now there is a physical location for people to go and get clothing and household items, all for free.
Check out Julia's Care - a - Closet at 722 Broad Street East, beside Fred's Workwear. Call 905-906-3924 for more information!