The nominating process for officers to serve in our 2020-21 year (starting Jul 1, 2020) is now open.
Nominations may be made until noon on Wednesday Jun 10, 2020 and should be sent in confidence to
Please note our rules provide for self nomination, this is called volunteering. If you want to nominate another person, please get their permission first. Candidates for all positions will be afforded 5 minutes to express their vision for our great Club on Jun 11, at our regular meeting. This is optional of course. 

The following positions will be subject to a electronic secret ballot on Thursday Jun 11 (after the meeting) with results announced the following day. 
President  (nominated so far Greg Segui and Carissa Ready)
Vice President (nominated so far Lynn Spencer)
Secretary (nominated so far Al Elliott)
Treasurer (nominated so far Bob Perry)
Club Service & Grants (nominated so far John Upshall)
Youth (nominated so far Lois Chrysler)
Membership (nominated so far Wes Moodie)
Any member who would like a fuller explanation of the roles and responsibilities, or other questions, please contact Pat or Nyree.