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Our Club meets on the first three Thursdays of each month. The first two Thursdays are a lunch at noon - 205 Church St. The third Thursday lunch is at Julia's Bistro- 217 Niagara St. Please check calendar link above.
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A Duck Race is an enjoyable and financially rewarding warm season, outdoor fundraiser suitable for service clubs and other organizations. The Duck Race is normally scheduled to complement a fair or similar community event. Numbered plastic ducks are set out on a water racecourse and floated to a finish line where winning duck numbers are recorded. Tickets with a corresponding duck number have been pre-sold, with prizes awarded for the winners.

The floating plastic ducks, necessary equipment, and a trailer to hold everything is available for rental by service clubs from the Rotary Club of Dunnville at reasonable rates.  

To ask questions about this type of fundraiser, or make arrangements for rental, please use the contact us button at the top of this website. Our DuckMaster will be in touch with you shortly! 

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