On Tuesday, February 13th our speaker was Dr. Phil Wood. Phil has been teaching throughout his life, first in high school, then at Michigan State and McMaster; has also been an administrator for much of his career 

While shared his ideas about the 5 P’s of being a great teacher: personality, presence, preparation, passion, and professionalism. He recognized how humbling and difficult it was to to talk about teaching in front of so many educators in our room. Aspects he highlighted included the importance of authenticity and emotional intelligence. He noted that preparation can compensate for other deficiencies.

Phil said with the best teachers, their passion is both love for the subject matter and the students.

As Phil retires after 40 years of teaching it is clear that he exemplifies the 5 P's...and perhaps more than anything it is his love for teaching, and the students, that is most clear! You can see video from Dr. Phil's last class and read the lovely thank-you note from McMaster's Engineering Department here. https://www.eng.mcmaster.ca/chemeng/news/thank-you-dr-wood