On Tuesday, October 29, we welcomed Renée Wetselaar, Executive Director of St. Matthew’s House
Renée began her talk outlining her personal concerns for her 92 year old mother. Although those worries are very real for Renée and her mother, Renée is comforted knowing that her mother has a comfortable place to live and many supports.
This is not the case for many isolated seniors within St. Matthew’s service area who may live very harsh lives. In under-resourced Code Red neighbourhoods, many people live 20 years less that Hamilton’s richly resourced because of three common elements:  (1) Poor housing; (2) low income; and (3) poor food security.
With this reality, St. Matthew’s House had recently shifted its focus to provide a deeper engagement with isolated seniors whose health and emotional wellness are severely compromised. Wrap-around services, such as the Food Bank, are targeted to the isolated senior’s need.