Our meeting last week was cancelled due to a mix-up/locked door at the golf club...but in the meantime here is a great update from Bob Morrow on the presentation of donation from our club in Portugal.
With many thanks, and credit given, to the board and the club of Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club, last night, I was able to present 200Euros towards the purchase of 4 uniforms for the local volunteer “bombeiros” or fire fighters who have been battling terrible fires in the Algarve, in Portugal.
The evening was interesting as a fundraiser as well...dinner was 35 Euros (cost to the club was 25 Euros), the wine was all donated by the winery, and through a raffle and sales of the wine, they raised quite a bit of money in one evening and had great fellowship at the same time.  Several people indicated they would contribute amounts to every bottle of wine sold. For example, my Rotarian friend and VP of the Wine Appreciation Fellowship, Claire Larson, gave 25 cents for every bottle sold that evening...the winery gave 30 cents, and one other individual gave 45 cents...so, for every bottle of wine sold, they were getting 1 Euro.  I calculated (and I admit it was a rough guess), that they sold 400 - 500 bottles of wine following the dinner.
Great fundraiser, really good fellowship, and, again the Dundas Valley Sunrises Rotary Club looked great.  MANY people came up to me afterward and thanked the club for its contribution.
The “wine room” at the back of the restaurant (this is one half), was completely full. 
 And, this is what we raised money for...

A sample of the wines ... some of which are available at the LCBO

And, last, but not least, the presentation of the donation from the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club