Our guest speaker on June 4th was Julie Shea. Julie is the Director of Operation for Centre [3] – for artistic + social practice at 173 James street North in Hamilton. Julie is also Art Samson’s daughter-in-law and spoke to us last year about “Telling Tales” along with Susan Jasper who, coincidentally, was with us today. Julie is also President of the Hamilton Rotary Club. 

Centre [3] is one of the anchors of the Art Crawl and Julie joined its Board about 10 years ago. Center [3] started out as an artist run centre. It has large printing presses which can be used to make large prints.

They are also able to make screen prints and produce tee shirts in bulk. (Julie’s only pitch was for us to consider them if we are looking at a tee shirt order). 
The main gallery attracts artists from all over the world. Centre [3] currently has 200 members that pay $50 per year. Their budget is on the order of $1.2 to $1.5 million annually and they rely heavily on grants. The do several public art installations and use art for social change. She talked about the many programs offered by Centre [3]. They are best described here: http://centre3.com/community-arts/. They also run a conference series called “Function Keys”.  
Since 2016, Centre[3] and the Mental Health Rights Coalition have partnered to present Sitelines, an ongoing project that offers access to the arts for adults with lived experience of mental health and/or addiction by providing free art-based workshops, courses, and open studios. This project aims to have a lasting impact for participants via artistic and cultural enrichment. For a visual picture of the program, check out the video in this link  http://centre3.com/comm-arts/sitelines/