Jan 23, 2018
Janelle Hinds
Helping Hands
Helping Hands is on a mission to increase youth community engagement through building technology and in-person activities. 
Using technology:
Helping Hands is a platform that matches students with volunteer organizations using a skill development based matching model that both provides the students with a way to gain valuable employable skills and provides the volunteer organizations with eager volunteers. Helping Hands consists of three main, interconnected features: volunteer matching, volunteer tracking, and volunteer feedback.

For the grassroots side:

Our initiative will provide education, equipping young people with cognitive skills that support active engagement and foster a sense of civic responsibility.

More simply put we have 5 actions:
  • Conduct workshops on importance of volunteering and improving communication skills
  • Provide matching services
  • Blogging initiative to showcase youth in the region and provide educational resources
  • Community Volunteer Fair
  • Youth Advisory Committee