Speaker Date Topic
Derek Price and Don Davidson Sep 26, 2017
Noon Meeting - St. Joseph's Villa

Note that the regular breakfast meeting today is changed to a noon meeting at St. Joseph's Villa.

Rankin MGillivray Oct 03, 2017

Our club welcomes back Past President, Rankin McGillivray, president of NRAY in Dundas who will tell us about a venture that he has been involved with for almost 30 years...but which has just come to the forefront in the last little while.

No...we are not telling you what this is about!!!!  You have to be there to get the full story.


Alan Hansell Oct 10, 2017
Stewards of the Cootes Watershed
Lynn Dykeman Oct 17, 2017
Kurdish Initiative
Tammy Hwang Oct 24, 2017
EcDev in #HamOnt

Tammy Hwang will speak about some of the exciting opportunities in Hamilton, the local entrepreneurship scene, and learn some tricks of the trade using social media marketing for economic development. She'll be updating you on some of the economic development initiatives that the City is undertaking and how we're spreading the word about them using social media and other digital marketing tactics.

OFF-SITE VISIT Oct 31, 2017

Today's meeting will be held at Circle of Life, 100 King Street, East, Dundas.  This is behind the Pioneer gas station on Cootes Drive, and near the Air Force Club. There is no reason for anyone to stay longer than 8.30 a.m......we hope!

TBD Nov 07, 2017
Remembrance Day Presentation
Joe Morgan Nov 14, 2017
Youth Exchange

Joe was our "outoing" youth exchange student in 2016 - 2017; he went to Japan. Interestingly, Joe also visited Japan as part of the "Kids for Kaga" experience.  Recently he spoke at a local event commemorating the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

No ONE Nov 21, 2017
Makeup day!!!!

Today, there is no speaker...not even a meeting!  We will all be visiting another club (either locally or internationally, whatever you prefer, in the two week period from November 13 - 24th.  The rationale is to give members an opportunity to see "how another club operates".  With the loosening of attendance requirements, members all over the world are doing fewer makeups. One of trhe downsides to this is a bit of "isolation" on the part of members who rarely, if ever, experience how other clubs operate .... and they ALL are different.   




Jessica Brennan Nov 28, 2017
Club assembly

Actually, this might involve most of the members of the club.....you shall see!!!!!!!

Wayne Fyffe Dec 05, 2017
Rotary International Convention - TORONTO 2018
Rotary International Convention - TORONTO 2018

Wayne Fyffe of the Brantford Club is the coordinator of promotion for the Rotary International Convention in Toronto in June, 2018.  Prices go up on December 31!  Wayne would like to encourage as many of us as possible to be involved in this incredible event.

No speaker ... just HANDS UP! Dec 12, 2017
Our annual Christmas auction

Our annual auction is a bit of a tradition in the club.  We hope you can bring our relatives and friends to help raise some money for local needy charities.

We are hoping to have Bruce Eccles wondrous methods to help us assist in raising the money....just a reminder...watch your spouse or signficant other to make sure you are not bidding against each other.

No morning meeting today Dec 19, 2017
We will be having our Christmas Party this evening
No meeting today Dec 26, 2017
Hangover Tuesday
No meeting today Jan 02, 2018
See December 26 for rationale
Paul Johnson, Director, LRT Project Jan 09, 2018
Hamilton's LRT Project
Hamilton's LRT Project

Paul Johnson – Director, LRT Project Coordination

Planning and Economic Development Department

City of Hamilton


Paul Johnson is the Director of LRT Project Coordination for the City of Hamilton.  In this role Paul leads a project team responsible for working collaboratively with Metrolinx to ensure the completion of the Hamilton Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project. This project is a major urban renewal project for the City of Hamilton and will also require significant engagement with a variety of stakeholders.


Paul joined the City of Hamilton in 2010 to spearhead the development of the City’s healthy neighbourhood initiative.  Now called the Neighbourhood Action Strategy, the City of Hamilton is working with residents, business and other key institutions to build neighbourhoods across Hamilton that are great places to live, work, play and learn. Most recently Paul was the Director of Corporate Initiatives for the City of Hamilton.  In this role Paul worked with the Senior Management Team to implement strategic priorities. 


Born, raised and educated in Hamilton, Paul’s background includes work in the non-profit sector as Executive Director of Wesley Urban Ministries and in the private sector with Compaq Computer Limited.  Paul is in his 28th season as a basketball referee and has officiated at the local, provincial and national level.

Jeff Bonner Feb 06, 2018
Hamilton Mundialization Committee

Jeff has been very active in the Hamilton Mundialization Committee.....don't know what that is?  Well, here is your opportunity to find out...and maybe even get involved.

Dr. Milena Head, Professor of Information Systems Mar 06, 2018
Ethical Considerations re data analysis and decision-making
Ethical Considerations re data analysis and decision-making

Dr. Milena Head is the Professor of Information Systems, Wayne C Fox chair of Business Innovation and Academic Director of the EMBA Program at McMaster University.  

Although this is NOT Vocational month, Dr. Head's schedule precluded her from attending in January.  However, we look forward to her insights into this interesting topic at this time.