Speaker Date Topic
Janelle Hinds Jan 23, 2018
Helping Hands
Helping Hands is on a mission to increase youth community engagement through building technology and in-person activities. 
Using technology:
Helping Hands is a platform that matches students with volunteer organizations using a skill development based matching model that both provides the students with a way to gain valuable employable skills and provides the volunteer organizations with eager volunteers. Helping Hands consists of three main, interconnected features: volunteer matching, volunteer tracking, and volunteer feedback.

For the grassroots side:

Our initiative will provide education, equipping young people with cognitive skills that support active engagement and foster a sense of civic responsibility.

More simply put we have 5 actions:
  • Conduct workshops on importance of volunteering and improving communication skills
  • Provide matching services
  • Blogging initiative to showcase youth in the region and provide educational resources
  • Community Volunteer Fair
  • Youth Advisory Committee
Club Member Jody Beck Jan 30, 2018
Professional Profile (aka Classification Talk)
Jeff Bonner Feb 06, 2018
Hamilton Mundialization Committee

Jeff has been very active in the Hamilton Mundialization Committee.....don't know what that is?  Well, here is your opportunity to find out...and maybe even get involved.

Dr. Goran Calic Feb 13, 2018
Creativity at Work: Is it worth the Effort

“Creativity involves the development of something (a product, strategy, or way of doing things) that is novel and useful. As such, creative ideas can have significant benefits for the individual, an organization, and society. Creativity also involves significant risks. Creative ideas are often met with skepticism and the very nature of these ideas is likely to cause reluctance about their implementation. Acknowledging the benefits and costs of creativity presents the question: Is creativity worth the effort? In this talk I define what it means to be creative and provide a framework for thinking about the benefits of engaging in creativity.” 

Research and Study Interests

Google Scholar Website

  • Creativity
  •  Cognition
  •  Innovation
  •  Strategic Management
  •  Entrepreneurship


  • 2015 Max Boisot Award
  •  Krannert Distinguished Teaching Award
  •  Purdue Teaching Academy Award
Kathy Starodub/Tom McLeod Feb 20, 2018
Professional Profiles
Jessica Brennan and Barbara Busing Feb 27, 2018
Club Assembly
Dr. Milena Head, Professor of Information Systems Mar 06, 2018
Ethical Considerations re data analysis and decision-making
Ethical Considerations re data analysis and decision-making

Dr. Milena Head is the Professor of Information Systems, Wayne C Fox chair of Business Innovation and Academic Director of the EMBA Program at McMaster University.  

Although this is NOT Vocational month, Dr. Head's schedule precluded her from attending in January.  However, we look forward to her insights into this interesting topic at this time.

Dr. Andrew Coburn, DDS Mar 20, 2018
An Ethiopian Adventure
Dr. Ellen Ryan Apr 03, 2018
Aging and Community

This presentation focuses on meeting the needs for resilient aging through facilitating interdependence, encouraging older adults to build mutual support networks, and needs for alternative models for housing (including shared housing, cohousing, coliving, etc.).

Ellen Ryan is professor emeritus at McMaster University and leads Hamilton Aging Together (www.hamiltonagingtogether.ca), a local mutual support Aging in Community group.