Speaker Date Topic
Mike Ulmer Aug 01, 2017
The Power of Storytelling
Robert Morrow Aug 08, 2017
20 Years and Counting
Dr. Christopher Swartz Aug 15, 2017
Process Optimization in a Changing World
Nicholas Scime Aug 22, 2017
Recreating oneself to achieve "The Good Life"

Motivational speaker Nicholas C. Scime shares his stories and experiences and on how he recreates himself to achieve the Good Life. Nicholas uses his formula of partnerships (interdependence), passion, emotional intelligence and focus or perseverance. 

Nicholas' achievements in his life of adventures and endeavours are:  

hosted a TV show, 

worked with Buddhist Monks and is a director of Friends of Drepung Gomang Monastery, 

Certified Aromatherapist, 

H&R Block Tax Instructor, 

Movie and TV Background Extra. He is in over 40 movies, 

Owner and Chef of the Five C's of Cooking Educator (has taught over 1000 people in the last year alone).

Children’s Author - published Over the Mountains in 21 Days with Buddhist Monks as Illustrators, and Pogo's Adventures in the Junkyard,  

a Mystery Shopper for SQM, 

Red Leaf Coordinator for 12 years bringing over 200 students yearly and organizing home stays, educational English class, and recreation each summer. 

worked for the City of Hamilton for 35 years as a Community Development Business Consultant, retiring in 2012 . 

Nicholas recently became a Travel Agent for ExpediaCruiseship Centers on Upper Wentworth passing his TICO exam at age 59 and is also a Licensed Wedding Officiate (Designated Minister) for All Seasons Wedding . 

Of all these accomplishments Nicholas is most proud that he was single father who has raised his 3 sons to become great men giving back to society .

On a yearly basis, Nicholas hosts huge events at his home, cooking for 40-50 people coming together to play volleyball in July, bocce in August and in November (with his second wife Caroline being American) they now host American Thanksgiving with a huge football game in the park.

Nicholas is an avid traveller who annually travels with his wife Caroline. Since retirement 5 years ago they have travelled each fall for 50 days at a time to locations such as India, Morocco, Russia, Germany, Greece, Sicily, England, Ireland, Panama, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Austria, Cuba, Mexico, the Olympic Games in 2010, as well as Food and Wine Tours

Nicholas has the ability to connect people or situations which have offered him the opportunity to constantly reinvent himself.  His formula of living the good life is a combination of 15 % partnerships (interdependence), 15% passion, 20 % emotional intelligence and 50% focus or perseverance. Using this formula he will detail his experiences with some great stories. 

Paul Iacoviello Aug 29, 2017
Fireworks in Photos

A friend of George's  will bring photgraphs that he and others have taken of our fireworks display.

Paul General Sep 05, 2017
History of Six Nations
District Governor Reg Madison Sep 12, 2017
District Governor Visit to Club
Jessica Brennan, Club President Sep 19, 2017
Club Assembly
Derek Price and Don Davidson Sep 26, 2017
Noon Meeting - St. Joseph's Villa

Note that the regular breakfast meeting today is changed to a noon meeting at St. Joseph's Villa.

Rankin MGillivray Oct 03, 2017

Our club welcomes back Past President, Rankin McGillivray, president of NRAY in Dundas who will tell us about a venture that he has been involved with for almost 30 years...but which has just come to the forefront in the last little while.

No...we are not telling you what this is about!!!!  You have to be there to get the full story.


Alan Hansell Oct 10, 2017
Stewards of the Cootes Watershed
Lynn Dykeman Oct 17, 2017
Kurdish Initiative
Tammy Hwang Oct 24, 2017
EcDev in #HamOnt

Tammy Hwang will speak about some of the exciting opportunities in Hamilton, the local entrepreneurship scene, and learn some tricks of the trade using social media marketing for economic development. She'll be updating you on some of the economic development initiatives that the City is undertaking and how we're spreading the word about them using social media and other digital marketing tactics.

TBD Nov 07, 2017
Remembrance Day Presentation
Jessica Brennan Nov 28, 2017
Club assembly

Actually, this might involve most of the members of the club.....you shall see!!!!!!!

Dr. Andrew Coburn Dec 05, 2017
Ethiopian Adventure