President Judith's August Message
As we enter the month of August in Santa Barbara, we begin to experience those sights, sounds and aromas of Fiesta in Santa Barbara….the ringing of the bells of our beautiful Old Mission Santa Barbara, Flamenco dance music, colorful dance costumes, the crack of cascarones full of confetti, prancing horses, children tossing flowers, the tantalizing aroma of food in the Mercados and the shouts of “Viva la Fiesta!”…”Long live the party!”…in the air! 
It’s Fiesta time….time to celebrate the history of Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara…the time when Spanish was the official language. 
Santa Barbarans have long been proud of our City's heritage from Spanish founders and from the Spanish, Mexican and North American pioneers who first settled here and built the city. The tradition of colorful music, dance, and song together with a spirit of friendliness, hospitality and tolerance are part of this heritage which the Fiesta "Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara" seeks to preserve and perpetuate.
When reflecting on the 98 years of our Old Spanish Days Fiesta celebration…and La Presidente Maria Cabrera’s theme “Todos Juntos en Familia”…”All together as Family”, I am reminded of another long history and tradition, the history and tradition of Rotary and the “family”, warm fellowship, and lifelong friendships that that are a part of Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary Club.
In 1995 I received a very special gift…the gift of Rotary membership. I consider that to be one of the greatest opportunities that I have every received!  I’m so proud to be your President this year! 
Viva La Fiesta! Viva Sunrise Rotary!