Sunny Spreads Sunshine Wherever He Goes
When you are bestowed with Sunny, Sunrisers are charged to do something small (or big) that makes the world a better place. They are to take Sunny along on their adventures and document the good work. This past week Sunny spent his time with honorary Sunrisers, Kirk and Jann Greene. 
Kirk and Jann take Sunny on their bike ride stop for coffee at Reunion Kitchen + Drink.
Kirk, Jann, Dude, and Sunny at the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden for Dude’s first garden visit.
Jann shows sunny the Channel Islands and tags along the tour of the Santa Barbara Cemetery and Chapel.
Kirk and Jann celebrate the 2nd wedding anniversary at Assaggio Restaurante in Seattle, where their romance began. Sunny stayed home to babysit Dude. Kirk, Jann and Sunny ready to head out on a chilly Seattle bike ride.
Sunny checked out the artwork at the Kirk and Jann's Seattle condo, then enjoyed watching March Madness!
Jann showed Sunny her beautiful anniversary flowers. Sunny was very jealous of the bouquet! He took in the view overlooking Amazon-land, over 12 million square feet of downtown Seattle office space.