Congratulations to our February Student of the Month, Gabriel Torres!
Gabriel Torres was honored with the La Cuesta Student of the Month award for February  2020. The award is given to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic and personal achievement and who are nominated by their teachers.
James Bedard, La Cuesta High School Dean of Students, stated that prior to arriving at La Cuesta, Gabriel was a student at Santa Barbara High School where he struggled. At La Cuesta he has exceeded expectation, works above and beyond, and is enthusiastic about his education. Mr. Bedard said Gabriel is motivated and wants to make his family proud. 
The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise is committed to supporting youth organizations and youth-serving programs in Santa Barbara County. Beginning in 1999, the club sponsored the Student of the Month program at El Puente Community School until the school closed in 2013. This is the third year for our Student of the Month program at La Cuesta Continuation High School.
La Cuesta Continuation High School is a comprehensive alternative education program offering a variety of instructional options to meet the educational needs of students. Classes are kept small to allow interaction and an exchange of ideas between students and teachers and between students themselves. As well as cooperative and collaborative classroom activities, each student’s individual educational needs are recognized and incorporated into the structured school day. The school is part of the Santa Barbara Unified School District and is led by Lauren Berlin, Principal, and Susan Snyder, Guidance Counselor.
Photo credit: Bill Abel